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  1. I can't fault mine for the reasons others have mentioned. Great design, comfortable to wear and keeps great time. Mine is the bullseye manual wind version. I bought mine off of the forum so would probably be reticent at the price you're quoting from an unknown seller. That said, I absolutely love mine.
  2. After suffering an open dislocation on my finger yesterday I’m not wearing any watch . At least until they sort out whether I need surgery or not
  3. Nice job, the bracelet looks to have come up really well to match the rest. Enjoy
  4. As above if I like it and can afford it I’ll wear it. My only stipulation these days is that if it’s bigger than my SMP or Bulova Accutron Snorkel 2 it’ll be ruled out as a purchase, as too big for my wrist.
  5. Very nice. I like the clasp design, nice clear dial and how the bezel and hand colours match. cool watch
  6. Some crackers today. I’ll be wearing my seiko atlas for the next few days for my time by the sea
  7. Looks great, the strap really suits it. enjoy
  8. I like my Seiko kinetic titanium. It was bought in Gibraltar in the late 80s-early 90s. It was used and abused as my main watch for a long time and has required a single capacitor in all that time. i don’t see them as being anymore needy than a quartz, automatic or mechanical watch. Fix it and wear it
  9. Got to agree that dial looks stunning. Never really considered a red dial before. Other than callers chopard of course.
  10. Well worn Omega Imperial for me today. Keeping great time too
  11. Happy birthday folks. Have a great day. Its the gshock for the dog walk and then nothing for the afternon as I've a veterans rugby match to play
  12. I think I must be in the minority as I like all 3. I probably won't like the prices but if I had the cash I'd love to own any of them.
  13. A big big for my tastes, but I like it overal. Although I'm not a big fan of the gas vials for the numbers (assume they're tritium tubes). I think it would look much better without these and just with normal numbers. Looks a solid beast
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