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  1. Am very limited on what I have as far as cases and dials. Citizen isn't a brand I carry a great deal for. I will go check .
  2. Have shed loads of parts. Just ask.
  3. He for any top ups you may need. Best of luck. Practise, Practise and Practise.lol
  4. A good watch repairer should be able to process that repair to the same standards. At a fraction of the price.
  5. Ebay item # 232733072528 Hope this helps.
  6. Will check it out AM tomorrow.
  7. Got the builders in so sec is a bit behind. Will get it sorted ASAPASAP
  8. There is one for sale on Ebay. Or convert to a miyota 2035 module.
  9. Give me your address details and I will pop one in the post.
  10. Will go see, be back soon.
  11. Does the "O" Ring sit in a channel in the back of the case, or is it fitted to the case back?
  12. simon2

    Old omega, issue.

    You can try. They may not be happy to send it to me, direct. I would prefer it to come back to you, first, incase they have damaged it. Either way is fine by me.
  13. simon2

    Old omega, issue.

    Will let you know, when it arrives.
  14. The watch sounds dry and dirty. The big problem with timex is that the Barrel Arbor bearings wear and the barrel tilts. I will clean your watch and see how it responds. Shout if you need me.
  15. As you can see, in the side view picture of the links marked" open". To the left of the link there is a circle. The end of a straight pin. It can be knocked out from either side, for link removal. if you get stuck. Shout.
  16. simon2

    Old omega, issue.

    What a pickle. Get your watch back, pop it in the post and lets get this sorted. As advised above the watch should be serviced. As it has been many years since its last service and the oil will have dried. The buffer spring/springs many have become dislodged or need replacing. When I have inspected it at my bench I will give you a full report, if possible over the phone so we came talk and understand each other. The cost of this report is free. All I ask is that you pay the return postage. Hope this helps.
  17. Many thanks I will get my sec to prep it tomorrow and send you a proforma invoice via PayPal.
  18. Hi, Richard. Sorry for the last message. latest update is that your watch is now done and ready to come home. I forgot that I had stored the battery bridge and screw, with the case back screws.
  19. Hi Richard Current status of your repair. Having finally sourced a fully charged battery I now find that the battery bridge and one support screw are missing. Due to this module being restricted to Breitling only, Cousins and all wholesalers do not have access to any parts. I am therefore regrettably having to return the watch undone. If you'd like to discuss the matter in greater detail please give me your telephone number and I will give you a ring. regards Simon Hi Richard Sorry, ignore that last message for a moment......
  20. I would look at converting to a more available module, to ensure long term use.
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