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  1. Am very limited on what I have as far as cases and dials. Citizen isn't a brand I carry a great deal for. I will go check .
  2. Have shed loads of parts. Just ask.
  3. He for any top ups you may need. Best of luck. Practise, Practise and Practise.lol
  4. A good watch repairer should be able to process that repair to the same standards. At a fraction of the price.
  5. Ebay item # 232733072528 Hope this helps.
  6. Will check it out AM tomorrow.
  7. Got the builders in so sec is a bit behind. Will get it sorted ASAPASAP
  8. There is one for sale on Ebay. Or convert to a miyota 2035 module.
  9. Give me your address details and I will pop one in the post.
  10. Will go see, be back soon.
  11. Does the "O" Ring sit in a channel in the back of the case, or is it fitted to the case back?
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