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  1. simon2

    Fossil Automatic

    Hi, Pete. At a rough guess I would say. £56 plus parts and return postage. Hope this helps. Regards Simon.
  2. simon2

    Seiko VR35 Date mechanism

    we can only hope that they adjusted the date, outside the danger zone. ( 9pm to 3am). Only by running the watch for a complete mouth can you be 100% sure.
  3. simon2

    Omega MOD service recommendations

    Did I responded to your reply, just asking
  4. Lug

    Hello Simon, I hope all's well..

    I have a Seiko 6105 8119 that I would like to have serviced. All seems fine with it but I have no idea when it was looked at last 

    Would it be ok to send it to you next week?

    Many thanks,


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    2. Lug


      Hi Simon,

      Thanks for the update. Looking forward to hearing from you in due course




    3. Lug


      Hi Simon,

      Thanks for the call and the feedback report; just to confirm that i'm very happy to keep the patina on the dial, lume and hands original and for you to service the movement as discussed on the phone.

      Also very happy with the price too.

      Many thanks,


    4. simon2


      Will shout, when it is ready,

  5. simon2

    What have I done?

    Up grade your case press, maybe.
  6. simon2

    What have I done?

    If you can repair the back. I can get you a new module.here if you need me.
  7. simon2

    What have I done?

    Was the battery the correct battery, for the watch. Was it sitting above the back of the module, or flush with the back of the module? Did you line up the cut in the caseback to accommodate the stem?
  8. simon2

    Broken Hamilton

    Both have arrived. Will inspect them and report back soon. Regards Simon
  9. simon2

    Thomas earnshaw automatic

    If possible. Can you get a picture of the front of the movement?
  10. Here, if you need me.
  11. simon2

    Broken Hamilton

    Will let you know, when it arrives.
  12. simon2

    Re lume / mod help needed

    Can you clarify, Snow flake, style of hands?
  13. simon2

    IWC Independent for Servicing

    £260 + return postage. Here if you need me.
  14. Silly question, but is the battery in . The right way around.
  15. simon2

    Winding mechanism

    There are ways around his " Trade Only" policy. If you have problems, I will get it for you. Apart from the thread size of the Arhor. You also have to consider the length of the threaded part of the key. Some cases are deep and require a longer key, when fully cased up. I'll have a look, when I get back into my workshop. After the 10th of January.