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  1. Hi. Have 2 stems sitting here, waiting for your address details. Do you still have the crown?
  2. Lets see the module, or quote some number off the back of the module and I will do my best to help. Got to get it done for Christmas. O your be in the dog house .
  3. simon2

    Swatch Sweep Hand Problem... Or Perhaps Not

    With a quartz module, due to there being no pressure on the gear train. It is possible, when crown is in "Handset" and maybe the fiction wheel is a little to tight ( due to lack of grease) when setting the time, the gear train will run. Turning the Rotor. Noticeable if the watch has a seconds hand. Again, this will not harm the watch. Generally this wouldn't happen if the friction wheel pinion was lubricated. Hope this helps.
  4. simon2

    Swatch Sweep Hand Problem... Or Perhaps Not

    Is this a mechanical or quartz watch? If mechanical, if the watch has run right down and has little or no power on the gear train, this can happen ( sometime called " tripping"). When wound if the watch runs ok. No harm done.
  5. simon2

    Timex Circa 1970

  6. simon2

    Timex Circa 1970

    I will Service it for you. just give me a shout.
  7. simon2

    Vintage Zenith crystal, any ideas?

    If you can get the correct Glass I will fit it. Shout if you need more help.
  8. simon2

    Long caseClock beat

    If , as you say it is a Repro. Then whilst holding the " Pallet Crutch" not the " Suspension Rod", in the vertical position, apply a small amount of downward pressure to one side of the Pallet. ( the pallet it friction fitted to it's arbor and if encourage, with a little push, will move independently to the Crutch. Enabling Beat Setting. Hope this help. Shout if you need more advise.
  9. simon2

    Cleaning on balance hairspring

    Lighter fuel is as refined and far cheaper. Have been using it for 40 Years.
  10. simon2

    running fast after retarding? magnetized?

    that's strange as I receive message all the time, yes I can re-lume hands to match the face no problem, if you would like to e mail me on essexclockandwatch@hotmail.com id be happy to help you get this sent over to me thank you
  11. simon2

    Dial dots

    Dial dots are thin and there should be enough clearance under the Hour hand.
  12. simon2

    Watch repair

    Hello Can I help?
  13. simon2

    running fast after retarding? magnetized?

    A quick degrease of the complete balance and oil to it's jewel holes should improve this. I don't generally offer to do ,part repairs, of this type. But for an inexpensive watch it's worth a try. I would also include a zap in my " very strong" demagnetiser. If your happy to pay the return postage, I'll fix it for you as a gift from TWF.
  14. simon2

    Potential movement issues

    Sounds like the automatic winding mech, maybe dry. You may have had the watch for only a short time, but. It could be much longer, since it was originally assembled. May also have sat in a nice HOT sunny shop window prior to being purchased. I would say that this is a fault, covered by it's warranty.