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  1. looks simple enough to make a pin to fit that.
  2. Sorry, but more questions where did you get the name " Sphinx" from. are you able to remove and measure the damaged staff?
  3. simon2

    Ronda 1223

    Are you referring to the Ronda stem system. Will go look. Brb
  4. Do you have a picture of the front plate?
  5. have one here, if you need it,
  6. The second position the stem is pulled into is the instant date change position. allowing the Hour hand to move rapidly around the dial to alter the date. The third position allows for time setting. Set in position 3 and turn till date changes. ( 12pm) Then fit hands. Hope this helps.
  7. simon2

    Old omega, issue.

    Here, if you need me. Just give me a shout.
  8. I may have an old one, for the cost of postage.
  9. simon2

    Omega service

    Can't see an Email, from you.
  10. simon2

    Old omega, issue.

    Does sound like a dislodged "Buffer spring". If you get stuck. Give me a shout. Warning, if you are not sure what you are doing don't touch the movement.
  11. The shape of the Setting Lever Spring is like the watches " Fingerprint". The " Bestfit" catologues documents may of the old Calibres. By comparing your watch setting lever shape with pictures in the catologues, you can identify your watch. Flume3 Has pictures of many movement front plates. Which is yet another way to identify a movement, if it has no numbers engraved on the movement plates. Offering pictures of the back of a movement seldom assist with ID. Hope this helps.
  12. Any pictures of the Module. If the original isn't available, I'm sure there will be something that will fit it.
  13. Lave it ,with me. Be back soon.
  14. That's the Ratchet wheel. It sits on the square of the barrel arbor. Do you know the calibre of the movement. if not do you have a picture of the front of the movement, with the dial off?
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