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  1. Lampoc

    Ingersoll quality?

    Hameltons, Reloxes, Bertlings... you name it, they make it!
  2. Lampoc

    ss bracelet tight or loose

    Here you go: It was a lovely watch and I'm still on the hunt for another - this time with the coin edge bezel.
  3. Lampoc

    ss bracelet tight or loose

    I wear mine so they flop about but aren't quite loose enough to spin round my wrist. I also miss my old Hanhart which could be micro-adjusted while it was on the wrist:
  4. Geeks on watch forums I believe. Anyway, check out my new "Mobil" bezel Rolex:
  5. Lampoc

    Help needed for wifes first auto

    Tricky one. All I can find is a pair of Orients. One is without a bracelet and the other has crystals on the dial rather than around it.
  6. Lampoc

    Bremont Supermarine

    I've got a MB3 and it is indeed an excellent watch. Haggle hard or buy 2nd hand.
  7. Lampoc

    Parnis Alternative

    Have a look at Creation Watches for Seiko and Orient - you may get stung by customs and their after sales service is awful but the prices are way cheaper than anywhere else.
  8. Lampoc

    Parnis Alternative

    I'm not sure if you want a dial as busy as the watches above but an Orient would certainly be far better quality: Plenty more slightly different styles/colours to choose from!
  9. Lampoc

    Just wondering (ultrasonic?)

    I've used my ultrasonic cleaner many times for bunging an old Vostok Amphibia in and I've never had a problem. I have also seen someone chuck a vintage Tissot Seastar in one and 5 minutes later the inside of the glass had misted up...
  10. I'd certainly mark the dial down as fake rather than one taken from a genuine Enicar. It just looks too new and shiny compared to the rest of the watch plus the rings around the planet aren't even aligned correctly. Unfortunately Enicar is another one of those brands affected by the "Mumbai-special-vintage-NOS" fake brigade, the worst of which usually feature the good old FHF/ST96 movement. Your movement looks good though. I'm not sure about the rest of the watch.
  11. Lampoc

    Sturmanskie Gagarin

    Neither - it looks like a Ukraine special redial/bodge job.
  12. Lampoc

    Regrets buying an automatic?

    Do you wear this watch every day? If so it shouldn't need daily winding - if it does there is definitely a problem with the watch.
  13. Lampoc

    Heritage diver type

    My favourite from your selection is definitely the Sinn. Have a look at the Precista PRS-82 as well which is based on the original Royal Navy diver: Good price too: £425 for an automatic, Swiss ETA powered watch.
  14. Lampoc

    GMT watches. Why?

    I actually use them. Local time on main hour hand, Zulu on GMT hand. If I'm working abroad I like to have the 3rd time zone set to UK time. I think I own around 7 or 8 GMT watches. Wearing this one right now:
  15. Lampoc

    Cheap Chinese Mechanicals - Further Notes and Sources

    Is this watch really acceptable in any way on an enthusiast's forum? A "homage" (and I use that word very reluctantly when it comes to cheap Chinese watches) is one thing but it's damn obvious that this piece of junk comes from exactly the same factory as the thousands fake of PRC 200s that grace online auction sites throughout the world. Unless of course the "Guanqin" watch brand was founded in 1868 in which case I apologise....