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  1. Hi, you can either use Vissin screw extractor fluid which you can warm up, or a screw extractor tool, which basically looks like a caliper measuring tool, the caliper locks into the top and bottom of the screw and you tighten the caliper then start to turn it to move the screw As regards the "staff" you can either go for a donor movement or make a staff, unless you can look up the calibre and find a parts list for a Thomas Russell watch I recently serviced a repeater Thomas Russell pocket watch and managed to get that one working, so old parts are out there.............
  2. I personally would not touch the lume as it loses its authenticity and could also affect its value Simon should be applauded for willing to take this on as a lot of repairers would refuse due to the inherent "risks" of working on a radium dialled watch IWC take watches returned back to them in Switzerland with the old lume on early military watches into a special sealed room before they will touch them A nice watch by the way!
  3. A friend of mine put an Omega quartz into Timpsons for a battery change, they told him the watch was bust, a bit suspicious as it was working ok He gave it to me and low and behold the person who undid the battery retaining screw had fumbled with the screwdriver, it had slipped and bentt some teeth on the gear train I actually managed to straighten it out and get it running true, new battery and it was running a treat! One note when changing batteries, always make sure the back of the watch is scrupulously clean from any dirt as you dont want anything falling into the back of the watch, i use an old "dry" toothbrush and gently clean the back of the watch and wipe it before taking the back off
  4. Wow, that brings back memories, i had a Kodak 110 camera too, heaven knows where it is now!! I was happy with mine My grandad had a 35mm Voigtlander with all the lens's, that was high end in its day
  5. Hi, there will be a makers mark stamped into the movement by the large balance wheel Might be a Landeron or a Venus Chronograph movement I have a few spares for Landeron if you get stuck As others have said the "Swiss" makes used generic names and i too have never heard of Lovi, who makes these names up i wonder!! Great looking watch, thanks for sharing it with us
  6. Well thats terrible, hopefully they have registered the stolen watch with www.thewatchregister.com
  7. Christopher Ward is excellent value for money! Of course Oris do some nice divers watches below £1000
  8. Nice job, especially on blackening the case, how did you do yours? Some so use iodine and polish it into the case............ Only thing i can think of to get rid of the staining of the metal parts is either wire wool with some oil, or actually smooth the sides down with 1000 wet / dry with oil as an aid. Only on the top surface though, not on any mating or sliding sections.......as that would affect its interaction with other components
  9. i would double box it and pay extra attention to the balance at the top which is particularly fragile and vunerable The clock itself looks very clean, which makes me think / wonder if it was serviced in the last ten years or so? I have one to service and the movement is black as your hat!! These french movements are extremely well made, some can run upto 10 days on one winding. There is also a year going version that has 6 mainspring barrels, it probably takes a month to wind the thing up! But an excellent piece of craftsmanship!
  10. Definatley Swiss movement. It actually looks like an old "omega" mark, with the world and wings above it, it supposed to be a man lifting the world, very early mark, have seen it before............ wracking my brains now.....
  11. Hi John, i have found that Seizaiken ( Seiko ) Batteries are the best as they dont leak, whereas has had a few bad experiences with Renata, so i use Seizaiken where i can. Am sure others will give a different opinion but that is my preference
  12. Hi and welcome to the forum! A nice looking oyster watch, obviously make sure it keeps good time and best to budget for a service in the near future, i would check that the winder pushes in and the crown screws down as this is a weak point if the watch has been neglected during its lifetime, am sure other members would also like to comment on it
  13. What an absolute abortion they have made of that, i have quite a few spares of Hamilton watches and also new old stock To convert it into a quartz, well am just speechless, even quartz movements you can get them different heights for the hands........... As already said whatever value the watch had being mechanical, easily £100, has been trashed in my opinion............ Am surprised the "watch repairer" did not just drop it into a bucket of petrol and give it a shake!!
  14. Yes, from about 2001 ish onwards they nosedived, it did improve 2008 - 09 but the damage had been done with regard to their image and customer awareness. The cars prior to 1990 ish were absolutley strong and bullet proof, sills and underside was like new Your right, around that time they had gone really rusty and it was like looking at an old Ford Escort or Rover!
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