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  1. Just a small addition to this one, we received the official photos from our photographer this evening and WOW, we are blown away, she did a brilliant job of capturing the day I'll sort a few out, and post them on here tomorrow
  2. Pretty unlikely that will happen on here mate... And anyway, it's my competition, and therefore I make the rules, so... I declare that @Teg62x is the winner, and will receive his prize as soon as I can be bothered to go to the post office
  3. And we have a winner! Thanks for the nice comments mate, that is really appreciated
  4. Well, I'm back to reality now, and am happy to report that the big day was absolutely fantastic and we had a blast. We will be collecting the official photos later tonight, so I'll post a few up on here when we've seen them. In the meantime, here are a few taken by various friends and family, starting with the church which looked amazing, thanks to a couple of our local ladies who were kind enough to decorate it with beautiful flower arrangements, bows, and trailing ivy: Ruthie looked amazing as well, and I was so proud to have her by my side: And I... er... well, I did my best anyway! (caption competition anyone? ) After the church ceremony was finished, we had our reception at a hotel a few miles away, in Whittlesey. We prepared the function room the night before with some friends, working until about 10:30, and it looked awesome. We also had a cake made by one of Ruthie's friends, which looked and tasted amazing: Probably the best part of the reception was our hired caricaturist, who was absolutely fantastic. She drew cartoons of around 46 guests in under 3 hours, and every single one was spot-on. It made a lovely keepsake for everyone who joined us, and was a great talking point as she worked her way around the room, chatting to the guests. I haven't got any pics of her at work yet, but hopefully there will be some on the official photos when we pick them up later. In the meantime, the eagle eyed among you will have noticed my change of avatar... Even the speeches were really enjoyable, although I was dreading mine because speaking in front of a room full of people is probably one of my all time worst fears. However, I managed to bring the house down on several occasions, and ended up really getting into the swing of it, and had a great time (apparently mine was quite a bit longer than Ruthie was expecting, thanks in part to some additional bits that she hadn't seen in my original draft... plus I had to deal with some hecklers, which was always going to happen knowing my friends and family My best man's speech was brilliant, and filled with suitably embarrassing stories from our past antics together. His speech was in the form of a poem, and as our friendship goes back a very long time he had plenty of material to play with... So there you have it, an awesome day, and the start of a wonderful new chapter in our lives together. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.... Mrs P:
  5. Needs a brighter strap mate. Put one of these bad boys on, and it will match your red braces perfectly: You're welcome
  6. Congratulations on the 10 year milestone mate. Here's my winning entry: Before: After:
  7. Thanks very much guys, I really appreciate all the nice comments I'll be wearing this beauty on the big day, mainly because it's still the best in my collection, but also because it matches my wedding ring which is titanium with a carbon fibre inlay: I'll post a few pics up after we've tied the knot, for anyone who's interested to see how well I scrub up in a suit
  8. Black Panther is the only one I like. Price is a bit steep for me though.
  9. Davey P

    Old omega, issue.

    Several people suggested sending it to @simon2 and you should have just done that instead of your chosen route. I hope you get it sorted anyway mate.
  10. Who knew Timex had anything like that in their range...? Makes the Seiko look a bit weedy by comparison, and I really like that Timex. However, it features my pet hate, which is BLOODY UNFILLED HANDS!
  11. Outstanding transformation, I love it mate You mentioned previously about changing the colour of the LCD display, but I would leave it just as it is if I were you, it looks just perfect IMHO
  12. Ah yes, that makes sense now, you clearly have a delicate tiny lady's wrist, and not a gigantic muscular man's one like me
  13. My wrist is also 7.5" (well, the left one is anyway...), and I definitely use men's straps on mine, so now I am really confused... Aye, but ironically Ruthie is as skinny as a rake
  14. Here you go mate, you can borrow one of mine, bought for €4.99 last week in Austria: You're welcome
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