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  1. martinzx


    Minus 9 degrees this snowy morning... Maurice Lacroix Moonpsae Chronograph
  2. martinzx

    WRUW - Thursday 17/1/19

    Greetings watch fans, a vintage Kienzle TV dial automatic lump from the 1970's, called an 'Artistokrat' lol...
  3. martinzx

    WRUW - 16/01/19 (humpday)

    Greetings watch fans, a vintage Helvieta Beatmaster today
  4. martinzx

    Song Titles Game

    What's going on - 4 non blondes
  5. Both great choices and both great watches imho. With having smaller wrists consider the lug to lug length is more important that just the size of the watch. How is sits and wears on the wrist. I suggest you go and try them both on, and that will help you make the right choice for you. Cheers and good luck! Martin
  6. martinzx

    Tuesday Timekeepers 15-01-2019

    I recieved this yesterday, a vintage Helvetia 28800 automatic, circa 1970's, I am still smitten
  7. martinzx

    New in, Fortis Official Cosmonaut

    What an interesting addition to the collection! Well done. Cheers Martin
  8. martinzx

    Monday 14-01-2019

    Greetings watch fans, I am wearing this new to me vintage Helvetia 25 jewel hi-beat automatic
  9. martinzx

    WRUW - Saturday 12/01/19

    Afternoon change over to this full size SMP automatic
  10. martinzx

    WRUW - Saturday 12/01/19

    Have you tried just pasting the url into the post, to see if that works? Cheers Martin
  11. martinzx

    WRUW - Saturday 12/01/19

    Have you tried insert other media, and then insert image from URL, bottom right?
  12. martinzx

    WRUW - Saturday 12/01/19

    Greetings watch lovers, have a great weekend. I am wearing this vintage Omega Seamasters circa 1984 And a song from the same year, I was working behind a bar in 1984 and this song was alway on the jukebox
  13. martinzx

    Friday Selection 11.01.19

    Have a great Friday watch fans, I am wearing my vintage Tissot T12 automatic on this snow covered day.
  14. martinzx

    "It's all Rob's fault"

    Very well done Alan, what a great addition to an excellent collection Cheers Martin
  15. martinzx

    Monday Watch Parade ~ 07 January.

    Another change over to this Vintage Zenith Respirator X circa 1972