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  1. Adz

    Best Photo

    after many many fudgings !!
  2. Adz

    Best Photo

    A snap i took to finish a roll of film, just quickly while down at portobello beach in Edinburgh [url=https://flic.kr/p/tbNojq][img=https://c5.staticflickr.com/9/8898/17843847924_7885f4519e_k.jpg][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/tbNojq]Be Nice[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/38227125@N04/]chris.bill[/url], on Flickr Taken with a battered old Nikon F4 and F1.8 50mm ( kodak Tmax 400 )
  3. Adz

    Pentax MZ-3 Film Camera

    Hi Mike, I am a film fan as well, and i have purchased a few things from Ffordes , they are currently listing a few pentax slr's . they are guarenteed and you do have a 7 day free return, ( i am not affiliated with ffordes , but have used them on numerous occasions without issue) http://www.ffordes.com/category/Film_Cameras/35mm_SLR/Pentax/AF_Cameras
  4. Adz

    Pebble E-Paper

    that is so cool, will keep an eye on this to see how it develops.
  5. Adz


    having been manufacturer trained ( or brainwashed :) ) i have never seen the benefits of fuel additive, i have however seen the negative effects of a oil treatment which required valve stem oil seal replacement after aprox 2 weeks. i am a firm believer that manufacturers these days design engines/ drivetrains to cope with the worst fuels and oils available for the sectors that the vehicle is to be used for, i also believe a a good hard run every now and again and good quality oil / filter change on a regular basis makes all the difference. just my tuppence forgot to say, this is my opinion and is no way backed up by scientific evidence . But fuel and oil has changed in the last 30 years but the old additives havent ;)
  6. Adz

    Grand National

    Treacle,swing bill,seabass and in compliane as i had a pound left over. :taz:
  7. Adz

    Friday The 13Th Watch.

    modern retro look diver today seiko SNDA13P1
  8. Adz

    My New Arrival - Balls

    that is nice tim,can i ask the dimensions as it does look a big watch ?
  9. Adz

    Competition Time - Win A Watch Book

    well, i reckon you enjoy your work, and ( hopefully) like to get there open up, kettle on and settle in before the shift starts so i am gonna say 5:38 Am
  10. Adz

    Bug Photos

    Having been out in cypress late last year i came accross a couple of insects , the moth i saved from the pool and was happy to sit while he was drying out.... He then moved on to some grass... Then later , when i was tryin to take a pic of a flower , i held a stem to stop the wind moving the flower head around, i must of disturbed the 4 inch praying mantis that was sheltering there. Believe me, i got the bigger fright !!!!
  11. Adz


    i have the feeling its gonna be a long day, will air the seiko ...
  12. Adz

    Oris Advice

    I have an oris also , it does wear slightly small on my wrist, but really nicely finnished and never missed a beat . would definately have another
  13. Adz

    Zeno Watch Basel

    Shoughie , i sent an emil to E.Platts, unfortunately he couldn`t help as he hadn`t dealt with them for over three years , but he came out with the exact same statement as yourself, so i will retry them as soon as i get a chance .
  14. Im needing a new bezel for a Zeno diver , ive emailed zeno (twice) with pics of the watch showing bezel and watch back, 2 weeks later ive heard nothing in reply, anyone else had this issue or is it just me ? i know that there is no zeno dealers in the uk, can anyone point me in the direction of a helpful dealer.
  15. Adz

    Friday Faithfulness!

    Not had the oppurchancity to post on the friday thread for a good while, Zeno today