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  1. Silly question @Nigelp...... Of course the Bimmer should win. Sleek, sexy and an engine that purrs like a pussy-as-in-cat in heat. Great value retention on some models as well. Like this example.
  2. When this picture was circulated, it reminded me that Joan of Arc was beatified by Pope Pius X in 1909 at Notre-Dame. Her last words as she was put to death at age nineteen.
  3. I'll follow suit with my 2232-80. Omega Caliber 1120. ( Click for Hi-Rez.)
  4. Exactly right. Firefox sends warnings but Chrome doesn't. Go figure.......
  5. Robo-Spamers mining for information. Out of the 42513 members indicated, how many are real or active members? 75? 100 at the most.....? I had the same problem on my Aviation Blog. Took care of that with a captcha. and spending lots of time getting rid o the garbage..
  6. BlueKnight

    Mafws Game

    First in line to Hell. DEVIL
  7. You just need to click on the picture. It will open to a larger size. Click again for extra large. FYI.
  8. Harsh....I had to Google it. At least the watches aren't falling to bits from 35000 feet. And they smell good. he he he...
  9. Bead blasted O&W Cougar II. 2824-2 Automatic.
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