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  1. Dodgy, inebriated xylophonist omits notes.... HAVOC.
  2. But are the helpers experienced? SLIPS.
  3. Viagra enhances slack penile activity... STIFF
  4. Don't worry...it's supposed to rain for the rest of the week!
  5. Looking good, Dave, but help me out here....last time I went to a wedding, the bride carried the bouquet. I hope you tossed it over your shoulder to all your mates to see which one will get married next. What'dya mean they all ran away!
  6. Back to work watch...(only 6 more days to go! )
  7. It's probably one of those Police drugs dogs trained to sniff out 'crack'......
  8. One for Cassie...don't go to the dunny if you ever visit Oz....
  9. Been basking in it for the full four days...a prelude to the next trip to the Algarve in June. Bring it on....
  10. The original and best version....
  11. Already history, Nige...not even you can alter the accepted and proven facts. I rest my case, M'Lud...
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