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  1. This forum does not approve of fakes...
  2. The watch should run between -4 and +6 seconds a day, as it is a certified chronometer. Despite being worn all day, power reserve does depend on the activity. I sit at a desk a lot and don't swing my arms about much at all, so automatic watches don't get wound much automatically when I wear them.
  3. buy it quickly or pass the lead to me looks like it could be the original fishbone bracelet (although these are reproduced, so bear that in mind) Crystals are expensive (£45), and it might need servicing, but that is a bargain price. Is the dial marked near 1?
  4. research is vital. Here is a good place to start http://electric-watches.co.uk/makers/accutron/ Look at the hands and crystal closely, and the reflector ring too. Anything looks off then walk away. It is easy to get an Accutron with a poor dial, remove it and claim it is a spaceview which is what most of eBay do.
  5. welcome, this is a great place to learn (how to spend money!)
  6. If the movement is not coming out then leave it. It it too easy to bend or break a stem prising a movement out of a case to warrant curiosity over a year of manufacture. Never try and lever against the dial, or damage is more likely. Gently warming the watch on a hot water bottle might free up the movement, or the design might be a split stem in which case leave it to someone with more experience. Safety first
  7. I would say 1960s, but if it is hallmarked then that would give an accurate date. Everite were the in house brand of H Samuel
  8. Sunny too at BYW towers 2007 Longines Lungomare chronograph
  9. basically it was a quality mark to show the buyer that no corners were cut in making the watch, at a time where gold had rocketed in value so some people were using gold plate for some items like hands and hour markers in gold cases. It's a good thing, and worth looking for
  10. I've just noticed this watch has a sigma dial - the two Greek letters σ either side of the word Swiss. Have a look at the Hodinkee article here to see what this symbolises https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/what-is-a-sigma-dial The weird thing is I bought a watch yesterday with a Sigma dial, and thought it was the first one I had owned!
  11. Sold my only Patek last week. Already shopping for the next one, but doubt it will involve a trip to Russia Great looking piece @Daveyboyz
  12. Sorry, but that doesn't look right to me. It isn't a Tissot movement.
  13. Zeno make some nice watches. I have had the pleasure of meeting the owner and buying a few of his old stock directly, including Jaquet-Girard (he owned them too). I have a Jaquet-Girard letter opener that was a prototype that I am not selling It doubles as a sharp, stabby thing if anyone undesirable comes in. Burglars, armed robbers, politicians etc
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