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  1. futuristfan

    Helvetia 800C Lug Repair

    Excellent post. Heartening to see that you have given that watch the TLC it deserves.
  2. futuristfan

    two incomings - Orient & Seiko

    Both nice looking watches but also favour the Orient.
  3. futuristfan

    Anyone here (in the UK) been married abroad...?

    A belated congratulations from me also.
  4. futuristfan

    Urwerk UR111C - new model

    Strangely I like it but fear the Human interface element will become enslaved by their service department .
  5. futuristfan

    Thursdays treasures.

    Beautiful in its simplicity. Is it a Lemania 5100?
  6. futuristfan

    Thursdays treasures.

    Sportsmatic Deluxe. Old pic but you get the gist
  7. Great result. Reminds me a lot of an old Benrus I had sadly due to PB fiasco I no long have any images to show as a comparison but they look incredibly similar.
  8. futuristfan

    Wonderful Wednesday.

    Superocean today. A watch I have had for many years but still surprises me every time I wear it in a pleasant way of course. Breitling do have their detractors but in this instance I just think they got it spot on.
  9. futuristfan

    Tuesday Tickers

    Thank you it's a 100% 70's beast
  10. futuristfan

    Tuesday Tickers

    Speedmaster 125 today.
  11. futuristfan

    Ladies Gucci 9000l authenticity questions

    Another for the OK camp.
  12. futuristfan

    Sunday Newbies (made after 1990)

    Very nice to see an Automatic version of the "Pre Bond" I once had the DB 396.1042 quartz wish I still had it got rid of it when I went through my naive bigger is better stage. I think the double clasp is a nice touch