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  1. Probably on the inside of caseback , that’s where they usually are and yes 375 is 9ct
  2. As already mentioned they wear very comfortably on the wrist due to their design I believe that was one of the selling points in the omega add back in the day. I would say £500 was at the top/ high end as they generally go for reasonable money as they are a bit of a marmite model, but it’s been serviced so that counts for a bit of the higher asking price love mine it was one of my first omegas
  3. Mark is very good imo , I’ve been a member of the watch repair forum for a few years now and found the info invaluable. Haven’t done the courses though , good luck I’m sure you’ll enjoy it
  4. You couldn’t post the link or item no could you please Simon I can’t seem to find it on eBay. Thanks andy
  5. Thanks Simon I’ll have a look regards andy
  6. Hi Simon I don't suppose you have a working Akita 9ac module floating about in your spares box do you? I have a friends Accurst gents dress watch that the module is toast and unfortunately they are obsolete from Cousins many thanks Andy
  7. Looks ok to me , it is an automatic so doesn't really need hand winding in as much as , the mainspring is designed to slip in the barrel to prevent it from winding and winding but the fact yours is only running 7 hours suggests that the mainspring is slipping to easily , this should be rectified with a service hopefully , so it would certainly be worthwhile Hope that helps a little
  8. Or Douglas Hurd ,(possibly more apt) I used to work with a right old cockney lad who was a ex spittalfields market worker he constantly spoke in rhyming slang Ayrton Senna - Tenner Deapsea Diver - Fiver Tom - Tom foolery = Jewellery Going for a Gypsy - Gypsy Lee = Pee I'm sure there are some others come to me , he was a right character and a good boxer
  9. Navitimer again today HAGWE everyone
  10. Yes agreed , I think thats a good idea
  11. Thanks guys for the advice and sympathy truly appreciated , its been in the airing cupboard movement out (within a couple of hours of it happening) and in a covered parts tray and at present is working and keeping time so hopefully fingers and toes crossed we might of got away with it but any sign of a problem and it will be sent away along with the wife
  12. Wife went swimming in it movement is now out and in the airing cupboard
  13. Title says it all really
  14. Surely this is a case of a simple mistake by someone down the ranks , that not only misspelt Constellation but also got the noughts and the decimal point in the wrong place? I’m guessing it should be £870.00 which is a bit more realistic
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