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  1. bridgeman

    Saturday Watch Parade ~ 08/12.

    Modern Mondia Quartz....pity it doesn’t have the aeroplane though.....likeable but not enthusiastic
  2. @Boots Go to the category giveaways on the original post and enter the draw!
  3. bridgeman

    Thursday tickers~ 06/12

    Seiko recraft new in this week
  4. bridgeman

    Now here's a train journey !

    “ Bit of tin ,bit of board,drop of oil you got a Ford “.
  5. Come on chaps and chapesses....the secret Santa is alive and well .....needs more to join in ,surprisingly good fun!!!!
  6. bridgeman

    Treehut African Wenge - Blue hands

    Well done @Roddyjb and thank you for the draw. Shame neither me or @Davey P won but suppose in the festive season gifts must be shared around. doesnt stop this being a great forum though!!!!
  7. I’m in please. 2 Bridgeman
  8. bridgeman

    Name that watch.......

    Volna zenith copy late 1950s?
  9. bridgeman

    Name that watch.......

    Seiko 200 meter day date,!
  10. bridgeman

    Camera phone pics

    Lindisfarne so far this week unadulterated I phone
  11. bridgeman

    Tuesday Tickers~27/11

    Starter motorjammed? Old way was hit it with a big hammeR or maybe spanner on a a nut? Starter motor jammed? Clout it with a big hammer or if there is a nut on it turn it with a spanner or get the crank handle on it? Well that was the old way!
  12. bridgeman

    What's the average age of TWF members

    Forgot to mention .......69. TODAY!!!!!!