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  1. Resurrection but perhaps best together. once had 3 of these beauties ,stupidly flipped ,realised couldn’t live without one so arrived yesterday Black croc original strap changed for light sand suede but awaiting 23mm similar,may try a mesh but 23mm is uncommon.. love it
  2. bridgeman


    I think sellers should pay a fee to forum upkeep. sales forum works well as is..auctions could cause complications
  3. Excellent again , memories indeed, but what I always wanted was a Minox spy camera, believe they used special film cartridges loaded with negative size same as 16mm film....tiny.
  4. cheating a bit well a lot actually but it does say 1957!
  5. Snap on the Dreyfuss 1925....just arrived
  6. From back of the cupboard......way back.....
  7. Now I can set it .Technos early 1980s lcd pseudo analogue.....state of the art!
  8. Sorted, simples (when you know how) pull and hold crown under tension.....short few seconds......hour hand moves quickly around dial with minute hand feint in the background whizzing round like billyO. release crown at hour before required then lesser pull on crown moves minute hand one step at a time.which also adjusts the hour hand appropriately. so thank you all for looking and advice given ,great forum is this
  9. As this says 1957 not really sure which thread to post in, but CCCP Time Sputnik 1 ..with disguised movement......
  10. Pulling the crown and holding then partial release does indeed alter the minutes ,but can’t fathom the hours. Thanks Martin, yes have seen that .think it might be just a case of keep trying. Fortunately it’s set to the right time.
  11. New in but issues.....please read on. Excellent condition with 1980 state of the art movement known as the golden quartz but properly titled ESA 932.051. Also known as pseudo analogue! The case is used by other companies and particularly Certina who called the movement 792 quartz. there are 4 lcd dots in the corners of the screen ,each one flashes for 15 seconds then stops and the flashing goes to the next dot in sequence, after 4 corners flash the minute “hand” advances.. its small at 32 x 25 but still wears well and the adjustable 20 mm period strap is probably original. unusually perhaps it only has the one crown at 3 to adjust hours and minutes and I think continuous advance as well. Now ,the problem is despite contact with the seller I don’t know how the crown adjustment works. I have pulled ,pushed, waited pushed and pulled again but can only get the minute indicator to move. Hours spent trawling the net. Has anyone any ideas?????? Please.
  12. Help please . Esa 932.051 lcd known as the golden quartz...first released 1980 single crown operation, pseudo analogue...that is the lcd make analogue hands. It’s in a Technos just acquired .Spent ccouple of hours trying to find setting instructions. pulling crown will alter minutes, but don’t know how to set the hours other than altering the minutes,it’s supposed to have quick set hours and continuous advance as well. state of the art in 1980 . any ideas to help with setting?
  13. Not in the country,not in the draws!....you know the rules. have a great time,
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