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  1. Bit different for me ,both make and style....with the METRONOMIC movement....think it’s really one for @rafy1
  2. That’s a great read,fascinating stuff. Thanks for posting .
  3. Beats me completely ..probably about 10 past 10...thats better think it’s just woken up!
  4. Not quite sure which thread Pulsar (seiko)7t62,,,,the cows udders!
  5. Just gorgeous.thanks for showing. Dare I ask about timekeeping ?
  6. The black/black and white hands looks superb to me. ..distinctive in fact..great catch
  7. If you show this watch again I will be seriously distressed. Not a seiko fan but this is stunning. I WANT one
  8. Very best wishes.....chris
  9. Hornblower on repeat last night TV so better go with the Admiralty
  10. Loved my Undone, great fun “playing” with the design with the handset,dial and strap combinations before ordering. excellent customer service too
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