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  1. They still remember you, and you are still barred !
  2. The Grove, Carshalton, earlier the better
  3. Lost 4 nil to Everton today OSG working out well then! https://talksport.com/football/530941/everton-4-0-manchester-united-ole-gunnar-solsjkaer-champions-league-hopes-tatters/
  4. It will be one of Del's dodgy hair dryers or Rahja computers!
  5. Thankfully I didn't keep my old passports it's an interesting time lapse though! And you haven't done so bad!
  6. Looking forward to the pics I have been going through my uncle's estate and he like Seikos, sadly he didn't keep any of the models he bought in Japan in 60's and 70's he threw them away when they stopped working!
  7. Monks tunnels still had lines in them when I was there, son't think the trains were still running though
  8. JoT

    Guilty Pleasures

    I like heritage engineering be it railways, factories, mines, pumping stations, ships I also like Susanna Hoffs Then And now aged 60
  9. As a 7 year old child living in Birkenhead I can remember getting two buses to school and also being responsible for taking my 5 year old sister too. When not at school playing out all day and often wandering a mile or two from home and only returning at "tea time". I remember once as an 8 year old cycling from where I lived in Prenton down to the docks and Camel Laird shipyard to look at the ships, and "spot" the different funnel markings. My father was cycling home and saw me (I didn't see him) and cycled after me keeping at a discreet distance and took a couple of photos of me staring out over the docks. Couldn't imagine this now, we had so much freedom
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