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  1. Work for me too - but I'll be taking it to the theatre tonight as I'm going to watch a rehearsal of Guys & Dolls which I'm stage managing .......it's on at The Carriageworks Theatre the first week in May if anyone's in the Leeds area & fancies a good night out
  2. This one for me - have a good weekend all
  3. May have to get the same strap for mine Today I am wearing this as I need a bit of brightening up on a dreary Monday morning - have a good week all
  4. I'd certainly have a go at fixing it - have you tried superglue as suggested earlier? Also there are glues available for specifically glueing plastic - we used to have something called Tensol at work which was brilliant for glueing plastic - it was a liquid so you had to brush it on both edges & then press both together & it sort of melted the plastic parts together along the break. If you can glue it & there are bits missing then these could be filled with Milliput - a 2-part putty used my model makers that sets rock hard - also there's a flexible glue on the market now called Sugru, available in a range of colours, which is supposed to stick just about anything. It's got to be worth a go especially if the watch has sentimental value (which it appears to have) though you may want to clean all the gunge/dna out of all the nooks & crannies first Let us know how you get on if you do decide to give it a go - good luck
  5. Hi JoT - strap length to penultimate hole is 20.4mm which is pretty much 8". The overall strap length is 23.5mm (9 1/4"). The lug width is 22mm so many nylon straps will fit. I use the 5th or 6th holes when I wear the watch - my wrist being somewhat scrawnier than yours!! I tried the strap on the penultimate hole & the remaining strap will fit under one of the 2 keepers so should be secure enough. The is quite thick - what G-Shock isn't? - but is very comfortable to wear. I like it
  6. I've been wearing the watch most of the weekend & I have to say that my 55 year old, shortsighted & bespectacled eyes have had no problem telling the time in daylight. The only time I've used the backlight is at night/in the dark
  7. No worries Davey As regards the display being hard to see I certainly haven't found that whilst indoors & I've not really found it to be a problem in the sunlight/out of doors yet either .... though I have only been wearing it a couple of hours & I haven't been out of the office much today
  8. Pretty sure that is the original strap as all I've seen ont' t'internet have had them fitted. Means I can try a Nato .......which I know you love
  9. Hideous - both - but as long as you like them that's all that matters
  10. Enjoy I've had a 5600 negative display watch before but ended up selling it pretty quickly - have to say that I like this one more than that one - not sure it's a keeper but it'll do for now Anyone got any stainless steel/silver bull bars I could try on the watch?
  11. Was this: But now it's this: Have a good weekend all
  12. That looks superb Davey - extremely generous of Jay - enjoy wearing it
  13. My wife has a quartz Tag Heuer. It's an Aquaracer I think with Mother of Pearl dial & diamonds at the hour markers, this was bought for her 60th & was well over £1000. My step-daughter has a quartz Tag (similar to my wife's) & has recently bought a quartz Brietling. I couldn't see the sense at the time but if they like them, & haven't got themselves in debt buying them, then why shouldn't they spend that much on a quartz watch? Quartz watches are, usually, much more accurate than their mechanical alternatives - they're easier to service (simple battery/gasket change vs dismantling of complex movement which then requires cleaning, lubricating, reassembling & adjusting), easier to grab & go (unless the battery's conked out) & are often cheaper than mechanical/auto's. In the case of the above watches the automatic versions were much more than the quartz versions even though they're all expensive watches. I like both types of movement but I'm beginning to see the appeal of quartz. Also many people don't even know that automatic/mechanical watches exist & so don't realise that there is an alternative to quartz. I'm beginning to wonder though if even quartz watches have had their day - I work with students & I'd say that most don't even own/wear a watch (unless it's a smart watch) & just use their phones instead. Bit sad really
  14. Tempted by that but I've just got a Ti divers watch (Helgray TCD-01 in orange) so I'm not really in the market right now. The Helgray is a full size diver (40+mm) with a solid link bracelet but is light compared to a similar size stainless steel diver. According to the balance at work it weighs 110g with bracelet sized for a 6.75"/7" wrist. The auto movement in the Hamtun will probably add a few grammes (my Helgray is quartz) but even so it'll be a fair bit lighter than the auto divers you're probably used to.
  15. Agree with JoT - Scotland played brilliantly in the 2nd half but England were poor in the extreme - never underestimate your opponent even if you're well ahead at the interval. Painful to watch if you were a supporter of either team - painful if you support Scotland as they played so brilliantly in the second half & should have won & painful if you support England as they played so badly in the second half. They never totally gave up though hence the equalising try & conversion deep into extra time. Never has a draw felt so much like a win & talk about a game of two halves agony to watch (from my perspective) but also brilliant too.
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