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  1. Good looking watch Davey - presume the crown at 10 rotates the inner bezel? They do seem to make (made) some nice watches - enjoy wearing it
  2. pauluspaolo

    Feel Good Friday 30.11.18

    Was this: But now this: Have a good weekend all Happy Birthday
  3. It has to be said that recently I've not really been "into" watches at all. I still have a collection, & an interest, but I've not been actively looking to buy anything new (or even used) & I've been enjoying wearing a few different watches from my collection. Those getting a look in most have been my Seiko 6309 reissue (I can never remember the model number), my Borealis Oceanaut & my Citizen eco-drive GMT diver. However I was at my Dad's recently & happened to be looking at Ebay on my phone whilst the radio deafened me (he's a bit deaf) with the latest bit of Trump/Brexit news. Anyway I happened upon an auction ending in a few mins & this is the watch I won........ a Military Industries USA diver. Think of Omega Seamaster 300 hands/dial in a Seiko 62MAS case. The ridiculously cheap price is probably because the watch isn't exactly in as new condition - lots of micro scratches on the case & a pretty worn bezel. It was accurately described by the seller - he was excellent to deal with in fact - & I don't mind the state of the bezel as it shows the watch has been worn & used whilst the case itself, & the watch as a whole, is presentable enough. I might have a go at re-finishing it (it's brushed all over) but I'll more than likely leave it as it is. The mineral crystal - highly domed & therefore quite vulnerable I'd have thought - is in excellent condition & everything else on the watch seems to work as it should: the unidirectional bezel ratchets fine & lines up at 12, the crown screws down nicely with lots of thread/turns & the timekeeping seems good so far. I've no idea what the movement is, initially I thought Chinese but most people online think it's the Seiko NH35 - whatever it is it hacks, hand winds & has a quick set date. Lume is supposed to be bright but I've not had chance to try it out yet. Overall I'm extremely happy with the watch - it looks good (I think) without being a direct copy of anything & seems well made. It came fitted with a very nice chunky brown leather strap (which will stay on the watch despite me liking Nato straps a lot), the original tin, warranty card & 2 pretty much unused Nato straps - for less than the price of a new Vostok Amphibia I really can't complain. There's a decent review of the watch here: https://www.watchitallabout.com/military-industries-usa-watch-review/ Thanks for reading
  4. pauluspaolo

    Friday Wrist Wear 09.11.18

    Have a good weekend all
  5. pauluspaolo

    The Seiko Prospex Street Series

    I appear to be in the minority on these as I like all three of them & would happily wear any/all of them. Haven't got any spare beans at the moment though but thanks for bringing them to my attention
  6. pauluspaolo

    Fantastic Friday 02.11.18

    Here you go - once again have a good weekend all
  7. pauluspaolo

    Fantastic Friday 02.11.18

    No pic I'm afraid but Seiko 200m auto diver - new 6309 turtle/cushion case - for me. Have a good weekend all
  8. pauluspaolo

    Bezel Work

    Yep like that I presume the exposed brass will tarnish now?
  9. pauluspaolo

    2 new arrivals from the nice people at Seiko

    I've a Turtle on my wrist today (normal black dial version) so it'd have to be the Samurai for me - excellent watches - get them worn
  10. pauluspaolo

    New watch

    Looks good on that strap
  11. pauluspaolo

    Feel Good Friday.

    Don't know about Feel Good Friday - it's I'm Just knackered Friday as far as I'm concerned Anyway it's this rather fine Citizen 200m diver for me as shown in Monday's thread - same watch so the same photo I'm afraid - as it was in the beginning (of the week) so it shall be at the end (of the week). Have a good weekend all
  12. pauluspaolo

    Cheapest Waterproof Watch

    Casio digital (either 100m or 200m G-Shock) or Vostok Amphibia. Both well built, reliable & affordable (especially 2nd hand) but probably not as cheap as the SKMEI. I've no experience of SKMEI watches (how do you say it?) but I'm not sure I'd trust it to last till January even. Having said that I may be completely wrong. Personally I'd go for a Casio with a minimum of 100m depth rating. Good luck with the swimming - sounds decidedly chilly at this time of year!!
  13. pauluspaolo

    Start of the week watches

    Not keen on the mesh I'm afraid There was a bracelet option for this watch which fits the lugs exactly (this possibly also came attached to other Citizen watches as well ...not sure) but they're quite rare/hard to find now I think. They do look good though so it might be worth hunting for one, in the meantime my recommendations would be either a Nato or chunky rubber. This is what the lefty diver on my desk - though it's now a righty diver really - is wearing. Both these straps suit the watch well I think
  14. pauluspaolo

    Start of the week watches

    It seems that leaving this eco-drive on a sunny windowsill through the excellent summer we've had this year has paid dividends & it's finally decided to start working again. It's a great watch, & was a present from a friend, so it's nice to be able to wear it again I do keep checking it just to make sure it's still ticking & showing the correct time though ..... so far so good
  15. pauluspaolo

    Friday Fun 05.10.18

    Only the pip at 12 is lumed (thank goodness) - have to say that I'm not keen on lumed bezels (happy to be in a minority on this one) Lume on the whole is pretty good & the watch is excellent really & pretty much my daily wearer. Whilst in Norway earlier this year I happened across an Anonimo dealer in Stavanger - I only looked through the window (didn't dare go in whilst wearing it's (sort of) twin!) but it was nice to be able to see the real thing. I love the style of case & there's absolutely nothing wrong with this homage I don't think