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  1. Same here but I've usually managed to flip the worst drunken acquisitions
  2. My Dad collected watches but sadly suffered from Dementia in his last years and swapped most of the better ones for a load of silver spoons. To be fair, the spoons fetched a good amount after he died but not as interesting as the watches. I did inherit my Grandads 9ct Smiths deluxe and my Great Grandads Hamilton in rolled gold case though and pleased I can appreciate them.
  3. Well spotted. The movement is an ETA7750 and agree about the hands and dial. For some reason I keep reverting to this watch over several others I own and wonder if it is the layout etc which appeals to my subconscious somehow.
  4. Not exactly back to work as I've been retired for a year but wearing my Ollech and Wajs ID3066 chronograph today. By the way, Happy St George's day.
  5. Agree with this. Seems anyone can follow you on Instagram so like Facebook I keep my watches off those sites.
  6. Bet you can't wait Rog. I was in exactly the same position this time last year and can recommend retirement.
  7. Zenith rainbow flyback chronograph for Bank Holiday Monday.
  8. Sunny again here in Devon so wearing the Steinhart Ocean GMT 39 mm today (and possibly for the rest of the weekend as it looks like an ideal sunshine watch.
  9. I'm not usually a fan of square or rectangular watches but that is really something special and a superb Patek to boot. Congratulations on obtaining it and hope you enjoy it.
  10. 20mm looking at my watches. In my vintage phase I used to file the edges of 20mm straps so they would squeeze fit 19mm lugs. This gave me more choice of straps and often gave a fuller looking result on the watch.
  11. My turn today. Only watch bracelets but already the question has been asked.
  12. Out with the local real ale society today so wearing my O and W chronograph.
  13. Had builders round all day so keeping a low profile watchwise. Now they've gone I can pour a nice G and T and am wearing my TT Daytona.
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