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  1. ong

    This Forum Is Killing me.

    But not a combination of T'internet and alcohol...
  2. ong

    3 incoming

  3. ong

    WRUW - Thursday 17/1/19

    Steinhart ocean master 'Pepsi' today. Really getting to like this watch and its sort of ironic statement.
  4. As others have said, plusses and minuses for both but I'd go for the Omega. I bought an SMP300 in 2011 and have never regretted it.
  5. ong

    Tuesday Timekeepers 15-01-2019

    IWC 3717 Flieger chronograph this sunny morning.
  6. ong

    Antiques Roadshow - Sunday 13/01/19

    Interesting as AR valuations often seem yon the high side. However some vintage Rolex sports models do fetch top money in unrestored condition and Heuer watches have increased in value in the past few years. I'll have to watch it on Iplayer later.
  7. ong

    Sunday newbs...post 1990

    Breitling Superocean A17360 this morning.
  8. ong

    WRUW - Saturday 12/01/19

    Speedmaster Moonwatch this morning. After all the half century anniversary is this year. Bit strange to think about this as I have full recollection of watching the moon landing on TV as I was convalescing at home at the time.
  9. ong

    New member

    Sorry for your loss. I feel for you as something similar happened to me a few years ago and I know the amount of stuff that needs doing as well as coping with the loss. If you mainly have clocks and pocket watches there is a seperate forum for these on this site where you can post pictures and hopefully get some advice. The forum doesnt give valuations but is useful for identifying and more general assistance.
  10. ong

    Sunday Specials...(made after 1990...)

    Rolex GMT master 2 today
  11. ong

    Recent arrival..

    Stunning watch. I'm an enthusiast of Zenith so especial congratulations if you have a USA 31jewel EP as often watches made for export to the US had fewer to avoid import duty. Hope you enjoy wearing it
  12. ong

    9 watch collection - new years resolution

    I had well over 40 watches at one point. Mainly vintage as this was my passion about ten years ago. Then I decided I wanted a smaller collection of more modern pieces so I sold most of my vintage watches and by a process of buying and selling I ended up with a collection of ten watches that I really like and am proud to own and wear. I also have a few more such as a couple of family heirlooms, A Seiko5 that my wife bought me in 2004 and a birthyear watch. Now I run a one in, one out policy so when I bought an Omega moonwatch I sold one of my Zeniths. I've had a few regrets such as a Rolex Daytona that I bought but had to sell to pay for home improvements but generally I'm happy with the arrangement. It just needs a bit of discipline which is easier said than done...
  13. ong

    Finally ocean one arrived

    Hi Deano3 Look forward to seeing the photos of your new Steiny. I am sure you won't be disappointed. Personally I've never had to use Loctite on bracelet screws as long as you make sure they are done up properly. To use the micro adjuster you'll need a bracelet tool with a pin end or something similar to push in the spring loaded end. The one I use is made by Bergeon and I've had it for about ten years. There are other makes but Bergeon also make suitable screwdrivers. Its worth getting a good quality set as cheap ones sometimes bend and burr easily ( I learned this the hard way)....
  14. ong

    Saturday Display ~ 22 December.

    Omega speedmaster Moonwatch this morning.
  15. ong

    TGI Friday ~ 21 December.

    Steinhart Pepsi again. Seems to be getting a lot of wrist time since it arrived but I'm not complaining.