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  1. Love these self modded watches. Although most of my stuff is brand names, I still like the individual work of stuff you've done yourself. Keep up the good work.
  2. Glycine airman 9 GMT chronograph (Valjoux 7754) for this afternoon and evening.
  3. https://usa.watchpro.com/seiko-watch-corp-takes-to-basel-with-new-releases-50-years-since-first-automatic-chronograph/ Not sure about some of the price tags though
  4. Same here. I vaguely recall this being part of the mechanical watch renaissance in the late 90s. My Dad never had a watch serviced. He had over 50 and they all still worked well when he passed away in 2009.
  5. Funny old world sometimes. I own a pocket watch bought in 1919 by my great grandad. It's never been serviced in 100 years and still winds and keeps time. A Seiko 5 I had lasted 15 years before it lost so much time I had it serviced. My rule of thumb is don't try and fix what isn't broken...
  6. Thanks. Basically you've answered your own question so that decides it for Rolex. But just because they use 904 surgical steel so easy to polish and anti allergenic but otherwise similar in properties to Steinhart's steel, what does build quality mean to you who posed the original question?
  7. Basically it doesn't in my opinion. The steel quality is good but not Rolex standard. Caseback fit is good but doedssit higher than a Rolex. Water resistance works as I went Kayaking in my Ocean One, fell in and all good. I could be more specific if you can explain what build quality means to you?
  8. Steinhart are quality watches and you won't go far wrong. The 39mm case is a good size and the bracelets are a cut above others in the price range. Time keeping is on a par with some of the best as well. Here's a couple of photos of my 39mm Pepsi bezel and a 42mm cased Ocean one I had previously.
  9. I used to ride a motorbike and never gave a thought to the automatic watch I was wearing. Today I was sawing up some tree branches, then took them to the recycling centre (tip), came home, tidied up and am now sitting on my sofa. Still wearing an automatic watch that hasn't missed a beat.
  10. Looks good on that Strapcode. I really can recommend the Steinhart on all counts. Best few hundred quid I ever spent on a watch in my opinion and I've had a few in my time.
  11. Lovely old Navitimer, better than the modern iterations in my opinion.
  12. Steinhart ocean gmt for Monday and possibly most of the week as I have a busy one (in a retirement sense).
  13. First watch I bought from the USA which looked like a bargain until the VAT etc got put on top. Few weeks later I saw the same watch discounted in a local jeweller
  14. Lovely sunny morning here, complete change from yesterday and speaking of complete changes here's my newly acquired Glycine Airman 9 with Valjoux 7754 movement. Remember these being quite expensive when new so pleased to pick this up for a reasonable price. Full box and papers too so quite chuffed really.
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