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  1. I've bought my wife a couple of Gucci watches. The G below was bought about 19 years ago. It's been in the water, garden, kitchen sink. Tough little thing and looks nice, though in a drawer these days. My mum had an older Gucci with a gold and enamel case from 70's which is starting to look vintage. Not sure if I'd buy one for myself as I think they are a younger man's watch though I came close on an auto chronograph in a sale about 10 years ago. IMG_20190416_094622004_HDR by David Wren, on Flickr
  2. Morning @JonnyOldBoy I'm sitting here reading the updates. This might sound pompous, and I don't intend it as such, but if you can spend £3-4k on a watch whÿ not £5k or £10k. For your friend it's a milestone piece, an achievement purchase, likely a one off buy. Arguably if you can't spend another grand or two can you really afford £3 to £4 k in the first place? Tell him to choose what he really likes then work out how to pay for it later. It might be seen as true for Rolex as with other things that once you get out of their peloton watches the options open up for what isn't really that much more. Just a thought I think this is more likely a way to go for me when the time comes, when I eventually reach the summit of Everest. this is cheeky https://www.rolex.com/watches/gmt-master-ii/m126711chnr-0002.html
  3. Which do you prefer? I like my Seiko Monster and it's not actually that big these days.
  4. Just buy it and wear it. Middle finger up-to the taxman. The rate is not that good at the moment though is it.
  5. Lovely, will it be off for a service, straight on the wrist or flipped? What's the plan?
  6. On my dearest other half's wrist, bought a couple of years ago for her in a romantic new year sale Certina. IMG_20190407_084214483_HDR by David Wren, on Flickr I charged the lume up on my Seiko Monster a week or two back with a powerful led mini torch. I knew my wife was the right one when she asked me to do hers
  7. that looks very wearable - perforated straps are growing on me. Congrats and enjoy.
  8. lol, lets ask Roy to close down the sales corner then
  9. Many on here prefer 2nd hand watches to keep the cost down. though I'm sure your were just jesting
  10. IMHO I think a retirement watch should still have a degree of gold. Tudor have some offerings in his price range, though I'm not entirely taken by the strap design. https://www.tudorwatch.com/watches/black-bay-chrono-s-g/m79363n-0001 or https://www.tudorwatch.com/watches/black-bay-s-g/m79733n-0008
  11. one pvd the other gold plated I like the way the sun catches them - though I've not really worn the dunhill for a number of years now.
  12. I bought one as a gift for my daughter - its been working fine for 2 years at least - they are pretty good looking for the coin. Similar to the pic above but with a gold mesh strap.
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