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  2. JayDeep

    Genuine Fortis?

    This is why I never buy used watches, only new. And yeah, everything about the dial on the OP weather looks wrong to me, but maybe that's just because it's super ugly. Gold on gold on gold... Blugh... Puke in my mouth a lot.
  3. JayDeep

    Signature Watch Wearers...

    I know many people with "signature" watches. They only have one watch. I'm sure there are also many celebrities who don't give a rip **** about watches, thus they have only one. I guess I just don't get the point of this. My manager, whom makes about 250k annually at least, wears a junk 1980s quartz Tag. It's his signature watch. Not because he can't afford more or better, but because he just doesn't care. He has way more important things to think and care about on daily basis. A watch obsession has nothing to do with affording watches and everything to do with a connection with collections. I don't just have a couple dozen watches, I have couple dozen knives, guns, flashlights, lighters, shoes, belts, sunglasses and a few other things I'm sure I'm forgetting. It's about personality type. So sure, call it signature all you want, but that's a really pretty way of saying someone else is the average Joe in that one single regard.
  4. JayDeep

    Orient Mako XL

    Oh man, you don't know Japanese watch mods until you know Yobokies.
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  6. Caller.

    When a non WIS purchase...

    My pic above is due in Thailand tomorrow. It's had quite a journey. It was collected from St. Ives on the 7th, the journey to date has been: Launceston - Stanstead - Charles De Gaulle - Sennan-Shi (Japan) - Guangzhou - Ho Chi Minh City. So come tomorrow, it will have been in transit 5 days. I guarantee it will take at least another 5 days to get to me, all of 190km from Bangkok.
  7. maksymk11

    Orient Mako XL

  8. JayDeep

    Orient Mako XL

    Damn, that sucks. Well shoot, it's just impossible for me to help you from across the internet. I'm not at all a teacher. I'm horrible at giving instruction for anything. I try, fail, get super frustrated because I'm not being understood, then blame the recipient of my advice for not getting it. Lol Sorry man, I'm not going to be of any help to you, honestly. Have you checked with Yobokies yet?
  9. I know most here NEED more than 1 watch, but there is always a discussion of choosing just one. These people here have actually kept the same one watch over many years. Not to say that they don’t own others, but they definitely have a signature that they are seen wearing in most pictures. These pictures are of them from younger age to older age. Post up people that you have noticed follow this trend Here is Jack Welch (Irish American), a genius businessman, with a Patek Calatrava…That he has worn for many, many years... Here is Hall of Fame golfer Jack Nicklaus, with his Gold Rolex Day Date... Here is Sir John Major (Prime Minister), with I believe a Patek Calatrava...
  10. chocko

    Tuesday Watch Porn. ~ 11 December.

    Can't sleep either
  11. wrenny1969

    The most beautiful piece of music.

    In keeping with the classical vibe And a bit by Chopin
  12. maksymk11

    Orient Mako XL

    I mean i've already put scratches on it from how hard im trying to put the knife into it, also where are there any mods for a Mako XL? I've found some for a Mako but not for a Mako XL.
  13. JayDeep

    Orient Mako XL

    There are many bezel mods available for this, many are complete replacements. Maybe you're just too worried and being too gentle because of this?
  14. markymark1234

    Cannot attach photos. Help please!

    Ok thanks. I appreciate the responses and information.
  15. maksymk11

    Orient Mako XL

    Is there a chance that the bezel isn't meant to come off?
  16. JayDeep

    Orient Mako XL

    Only 1 I know of.
  17. Good morning...! Bulova Marine Star on Toshi strap.
  18. Yesterday
  19. maksymk11

    Orient Mako XL

    What are all the ways of taking a bezel off though? because I feel like if I pry on it that it's going to break, nevermind that I cant get anything into the gap not even floss.
  20. JayDeep

    Mechanicals on a budget.

    I've had watches with the stutter you mention. It bothered me at the time, but how often, in reality, are you going to be staring at your watch for several seconds and notice this? How often is your watch in this position while on your wrist while you're trying to look at it?
  21. JayDeep

    Orient Mako XL

    There were a ton more videos on it, just keep looking. They can't be all that different.
  22. nevets10

    Pressure testing on the high st

    Haha yes It looks like a seiko auto diver on the advert for battery changes ! The level of ineptitude runs deep in that firm. Looks like the diver place is a good call, the watch hospital sounds good as well - they have quite a few stores up north
  23. Roger the Dodger

    Mechanicals on a budget.

    As you probably know, I just bought a Tauchmeister that is powered by a Miyota 8215 (not one of the ones that Wrench mentioned, I hasten to add) but a budget auto all the same and this particular movement is reputed to suffer from 'second hand stutter' when the watch is in certain positions, mainly vertical. As the hand passes the 12 mark and descends towards 6, because of the way the second hand is driven, the hand sometimes appears to miss a few beats. As it passes 6 and ascends, the weight of the hand keeps the gearing tight and it moves properly. See the vid below. The reason for this is explained very concisely in the article linked to here...http://members.iinet.net.au/~fotoplot/invicta/invicta.html At the moment, my Tauch isn't showing this phenomenom, and the second hand moves perfectly whatever position I hold the watch....and it is keeping perfect time compared to the quartz Apeks I also have. As mentioned in the article above, the 'stutter' does not affect accuracy, it just looks a little disconcerting if you notice it. As to rotor noise...yes, I must admit there is a slight rotational noise coming from the watch if I hold it up to my ear, but again, in normal use on the end of my arm, you can't hear it at all.
  24. Roger the Dodger

    Licence to swill: Bond’s drinking problem.

    Pah!...Our Bond ( @BondandBigM ) does this every day and twice on Sundays...and he's still OK.......I think......
  25. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    Recently, our Vicar explained religion... DOGMA.
  26. maksymk11

    Orient Mako XL

    Youtube is not my friend as prying doesn't work, I have the Mako XL not the Mako
  27. JayDeep

    Orient Mako XL

    YouTube is your friend...
  28. JayDeep

    Mechanicals on a budget.

    Might I add Alpha watches to the mix. Alba watches also. Depending on what you consider budget friendly, the higher end Seiko Prospex line is worth every penny over the Seiko 5 sports stuff. Like a nice Turtle reissue...
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