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  2. Perhaps some forum members who actually own a Doxa would like to comment. @it'salivejim
  3. Any one that spends more than a grand on a watch that is supposedly a "Swiss watch" when there is absolute not evidence whatsoever of Swiss manufacturing is fat-of-wallet in my opinion. I can stand out side the buildings where my three "decent" watches were made and point. If you can't stand and point at a Doxa manufacturing building then spend the money elsewhere would be my advice....
  4. Give it time. There is almost never urgency when buying a watch. If one of them is still on your mind after a couple of weeks, it's probably worth buying.
  5. Lucky you, being between only two watches... I think i change my mind everyday, as to which watch i will go for next... And when i say everyday, I mean at least 3 times - every frigging day!!
  6. doxa watches were most definately a swiss concern back in the 50s 60s......and made some very good quality watches.....don't know if they were bought up at a later date?
  7. not new.....but you can find them on e bay....most dating back to 40s/50s/60s.....
  8. In case anyone else has this issue, the amazon one linked above by @JoT is a perfect match. Many thanks
  9. hopefully not also a buddhist....."all suffering caused by desire"........especially when choosing a watch or a sandwich
  10. Black face on the bracelet every time…….. then buy a decent Leather strap or Nato to change the look and feel
  11. I use Renata mainly as I have found on occasions that Seizaiken haven't lasted very long whereas I haven't had a problem with Renata . I may of just been unlucky as others here seem to favour them , but that has been my personal experience
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  13. That last photo is excellant!
  14. Khaki king, champagne dial vs. black on a bracelet. The Seiko is lush too tho!
  15. Same as this If not, out of interest, which watches are you deciding between?
  16. Sorry to hear that. Loving the Tudor though!
  17. Get the nicer face - that's what you look at innit
  18. Having problems connecting on 4G recently. Works okay on WiFi. Won’t connect on either Google or Safari on 4G
  19. Hi, and welcome to the forum! Now that you've joined, you might want to have a look at some of the other brands on display before commiting...especially in the daily 'what are you wearing' threads, as there are plenty to choose from.
  20. Morning chaps. Off to hospital for a morning's X-rays and tests. [emoji20] Still sticking with Tudor. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
  21. The lad who did all the work for me on my various cars over the last 5 years. Only about 28. Died last weekend after a battle with cancer. Last April he seemed as fit as a fiddle. And did all the jobs on my current 330d. Last time i saw him he was stripping the engine on a porsche 997 911 carrera 4. And struggling because all the bolts were rusted solid on the exhaust. A hard working, talented and genuinely nice lad. With a true flair and enthusiasm for his work and for customer care. RIP Terry. You are sadly missed. The rest of us? Make the most of it and dont worry about things that dont matter. You never know whats round the next corner. Stop fretting about your watches. They will probably out last you. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  22. Assuming the watches pictured are the ones the OP referred to then I'd buy the bracelet version and a good quality leather strap. That way you get the best of both but only one watch.
  23. Hi and welcome to the forum , I've owned the submariner and the explorer polar 2 both cracking watches plenty of advise on the forum have a look at other brands too as plenty off watches similer to the two you like Cartier , Bermont , grand Seiko , iwc etc etc to name just a few
  24. Seiko 007 planet ocean mod for me today
  25. Back on with the Steinhart Ocean 39'Pepsi'. Really liking this go anywhere watch which has become a regular wear and keeper.
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