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  2. I thought you maybe got a Larry Grayson annual as an early Christmas present.
  3. Doh......I walked into that
  4. Vostok Amphibia

    Prices on eBay haven't differed that much, and the greedy sellers don't sell. Still under £50 inc post.
  5. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Great watch and gesture
  6. Save that sort of thing for the "Free Talk" section please.
  7. Song Titles Game

    Heaven In This Hell - Orianthi
  8. Heads up Invicta auto diver 59

    Great watches I have two grand diver which are a few mil bigger. Seiko NH35A. Personally I prefer plain black on silver but each two their own. I mentioned in an earlier post the time keeping on my two is excellent. Got both of mine from Amazon for less than £90.00 ea.
  9. Any one that owns more that 3 watches could be accused of that mate.....
  10. New blood from Staffordshire.

    Welcome from another new member, haven't done many watch repairs as such, but can do simple mods like chsnging dial and hands, bezel inserts and the like. Yes, it can be very relaxing, on cheap watches anyway. The skills required are no different on an expensive watch but I'd guess the relaxing part would go right out the window!
  11. Watches and something different........

    HAQ. That's where trying to find something good right now. Still can't find anything that appeals more than breitling.
  12. I need to stop buying everything i see and like... Theres a watch Ive wanted for a long time and its been beyond my reach... But when i add up my watch box in £££,s I could have bought the watch twice...lol Ive got a week left at work and Im going to be selling 3 maybe 4 watches to fund it... `its just choosing which ones...
  13. Heads up Invicta auto diver 59

    Good watches......got a steel one on rubber. Seiko NH35 a. That's errrrrrr bright Kev
  14. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Invicta-Automatic-Analogue-Multicolour-8928OB/dp/B000JQJS6M/ref=sr_1_27?m=A2OAJ7377F756P&s=warehouse-deals&ie=UTF8&qid=1511472148&sr=8-27&keywords=mans+watch
  15. It's the selling bit.....I can't pick them, don't like selling just not part of my way of doing it ( not sensible I know). I really think looking at kickstarters might be fun.
  16. Why no 6R15 outsourced?

    Indeed it is and Bill Yao of MKII fame currently uses it the Hawkinge http://boutique.mkiiwatches.com/ready-to-wear/hawkinge/hawkinge-type-48-non-date.html And the Paradive
  17. Today
  18. moped gangs

    Don't blame the Police they lock them up and then its is down the CPS and the stupid court system.
  19. Well in that theme.... I would say what if you sold 1/3 of your collection and then bought ONE £3k watch ... that way you could get the best of all worlds.... and it would perhaps take you about 3-6 months to select your £3k watch because I suspect you like to research and for that spend you would put in the mileage ( Also you would have the cash for the watch , so you could get it from a grey for £2.5K ) ... So certainly do not destroy your collecting habits ... but if you did trim then you could open up a new avenue ...
  20. Vostok Amphibia

    Absolute pain on any of them with dates
  21. I meant it a bit tongue in cheek actually but they are different and the originals are becoming difficult to get hold of.
  22. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Gives me a warm feeling.....NURSE!
  23. Must have a look.....Thanks
  24. Kickstarters

    While I’ve never dabbled myself, a friend of mine got in on the pebble watch kickstarter right at the start. Can’t remember him wearing it mind you. Personally I wouldn’t be adverse but generally hear about them too late.
  25. Try to see beyond the physical aspects/aesthetics of a particular watch and start looking at things like brand history or why certain watch models attract a cult following. Sorry if I sound like Yoda! A quick edit and another Yoda reference. You say you "refuse to go high end" and that is why you fail. High end doesn't necessarily mean outrageously expensive.
  26. I find it hard to get too big and frighteningly easy to get too small.
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