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  2. NOBODY but me touches them
  3. I always have to remove 2-3 links , the butterfly clasp is a nightmare either loose or tight pity theres no micro adjustment on them.
  4. Antique Smiths Watch

    Thanks Woodrat
  5. Automatically Thursday...

    Morning all, looking at some lovely bright watches here.. makes me REALLY need an ORANGE MONSTER !!! seiko monster 21st Sept 2017 by sulie preece, on Flickr Cheers all
  6. Automatically Thursday...

    Still too dark for a new photo.
  7. Automatically Thursday...

    Wow.... I like this beauty ;) Orca on Croco for me today ;)
  8. Thurs 21st Sept automatic watch parade

    Pay attention at the back there, boy! The auto thread has already been started...
  9. Already at the beach on croco strap
  10. Today
  11. Thurs 21st Sept automatic watch parade

    Blimey its like groundhog day, I posted in the one above then went back to check and checked your post and thought I was loosing my marbles because my post isn't here
  12. Automatically Thursday...

    Playing petanque (boules) this morning so should wind it up nicely. Old pic as my camera battery has died.
  13. My wrists are small and so very hairy! Not a good combo!!
  14. Automatically Thursday...

    Frankie for me.
  15. The Trouble With Bracelets.......

    Nice watch Roger, very different I suppose it says 5 to 8. I very rarely need to take links out which is a problem with pre-owned watches I have bought.
  16. New GO Senator "Excellence"

    Very sophisticated
  17. New GO Senator "Excellence"

    Couldn't have put it better myself, lovely watch
  18. Japanese Giant Goes Missing: Ricoh Watches

    I love this topic. I've seen a few Ricoh's on eBay and didn't really know anything about them but after reading this I feel a little more educated. So thank you all for this interesting read
  19. New GO Senator "Excellence"

    A classic, very nice indeed.
  20. New GO Senator "Excellence"

    Great looking watch and good specs too Hope you enjoy it.
  21. New GO Senator "Excellence"

  22. The Trouble With Bracelets.......

    Wrists like a sparrows leg,always have to adjust bracelets,don't know how to do it, Go to watch shop £15 or so
  23. The Trouble With Bracelets.......

    Mine are too small, under 7"... I always have to take links out, I think it was five out of my Ocean One 39mm when it arrived. Thankfully I have a few good quality tools these days and can usually sort it out myself without needing to go to a jewellers at a weekend. Id prefer larger wrists. Not just so that I can get bracelets to fit more easily, but so that I can also get away with a wider range of actual watches too! J
  24. New GO Senator "Excellence"

    Very clean and elegant, enjoy! J
  25. Would you

    Yep have been swimming in all my watches. None of them are vintage and they all have decent wr so why not?
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