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  2. Thursday 23rd November Automatics

    After a week of fun with the Timex Marlin re-issue I returned to the Farer Beagle today. But as I took a quick and rubbish photo this evening my camera battery died so I had to resort to computer electrickery to produce a fun image. I think it looks OK... but then I have had a few Scotches
  3. Why no 6R15 outsourced?

    Hi JayDeep. I have two Invicta Grand Divers. They both have the NH35A movement. I can only say that for what I paid for these, both less than £90.00 ea, I can not fault either of them. One of them keeps excellent time, same as my Citizens and my Oris, the other is only marginally out by about a minute or two a day. Not that I have looked but I do not know of the higher grade movements in anything other than Seiko's.
  4. Retainers and preferences.

    Leather is my favourite. As many of you know, I make a lot of my own strap and this style is the version I currently favour Points to note: First, this particular one is a work in progress so the edges are not burnished. Yet. Second, just the one buckle hole. I have measured many different straps that fit/don’t fit and know exactly where to put it. I have also found that I can tweak the final fit with different buckles if I able to. Third, just the one, wide, retainer. One thing I can’t cope with is seeing the tail of the strap peeking around the side of my wrist when I check the time. So, I trim the tail end short and then fit the retainer a little further from the buckle than usual. This way it is easier to tuck the tail through it and the shorter tail length means I don’t see it. The “wide” retainer is actually only about 4mm wide; I have found that this width is a happy medium between being easy to sew in place, yet slender enough to blend in with the aesthetics of the strap/watch combo. Happy days. J
  5. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Better smear your timepieces with garlic gentlemen.
  6. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Hahahaha Thank you my child. May you forever burn in the pits at my side. Now fetch me a glass of pineapple juice.
  7. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Easy there big fella! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts! Green meadows, bunny rabbits running around, skittles rainbow in the sky, lifetime supply of ammunition, etc.
  8. moped gangs

    Thank goodness that in Scotland, this is a "piece".
  9. Quartz & alignment issues

    Hahaha I understand that. Without my glasses I see triple of everything not within a meter from my face.
  10. Song Titles Game

    This House Ain't A Home. The Parting Gifts.
  11. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    You know me too well my friend. You've all officially entered into a binding contract with Lucifer himself. Lol You know the funny thing is, my usual screen name for things is some version of, Samael::: God of Broken Strings. Something I came up with many years ago. Samael is the name of the fallen angel later renamed Lucifer, AKA: the devil. I've studied this very extensively, don't even get me started. I call him the God of Broken Strings because he was the first creature documented to have questioned the status quo. The first to cut the strings of his marionette puppet Master, becoming his own master, his own God. The first rebel. The first not to bend a knee to a lunatic dictator and the first to simply question. So I idolize his character and use his name in both idolization and mockery, as I clearly don't believe in any of that supernatural malarkey. I even joined the Church of Satan, created by Anton LeVey, a long time ago. Pretty sure it no longer even exists. It's another hilarious and satirical mockery of belief in anything supernatural by turning faith on itself to point out it's ridiculous absurdities. So yeah, anyway, you have no idea how astute and accurate that observation really is.
  12. Song Titles Game

    There’s a ghost in my house - R Dean Taylor
  13. ...just when you think you know something about watches! I never knew that was one.
  14. Quartz & alignment issues

    Yeah..sorry about that I was probably thinking about my eyesight when I wrote that.
  15. Quartz & alignment issues

    Why just larger? I'm talking every one of them.
  16. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Little do they all know... one day @JayDeep will come knocking at your door and you’ll have you do his evil bidding. You’re all in his pocket now! Argh... he gave me a Parnis DeepSea homage too. Noooooo!
  17. Quartz & alignment issues

    I think anyone with a keen eye would be able to tell if the larger indices were not spaced correctly.
  18. Why no 6R15 outsourced?

    Is it just me? I can't seem to find any third-party manufacturer's utilizing anything other than the low-end Seiko movements like the NH35, which is the 4Rxx if I recall correctly. Do they not sell the higher grade movements out of house? I'd love to pick up a piece with a 6R or better. If I had to guess or assume, I'm left thinking it has to do with cost. I would guess that if they did sell them outside the company that the cost was as high as an entry level Swiss, thus no sense in it and less value in your product if you had used it over Swiss. Thoughts? Knowledge?
  19. Song Titles Game

    Ghost Town. Specials.
  20. Song Titles Game

    Town called malice ...The Jam
  21. Thursday 23rd November Automatics

    Okay okay, back to an automatic. Got some new shoes on it. Pretty sure it doesn't suit the dressy nature of the watch, but I can't help it, that's why I like it, rebellious. The blues match perfectly! I love that seconds hand. It's why a big part of me wants a Sumo.
  22. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Extraordinarily generous
  23. Today
  24. surely the simple answer is one deriving power from a coil...driven via a battery got to be the simplest way of making something move really.
  25. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Very generous, enjoy! J
  26. The fine line between big and too big is 1mm

    Similar for me. My Steinhart is 39mm and that is really about as big as I can go. I’ve tried several 40mm and 41mm watches from a variety of manufacturers and they look, and feel, massive in me. I’ve either sold them on or, if they were tried on in the shop, I chose not to buy. My sweet spot is 36-38mm. J
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