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  2. Sub- folders

    I appreciate its the deeded question to ask but is it automatically set up that you gain access to sub folders after 50 posts or is there a time limit. I have been over 50 for a while now. In case you are going to ask about sales, its more the wanted section I'm interested in. I'm after a decent Tudor Sub and wanted to make the members aware - I suppose I have just done that. Thanks all Fred Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Friday Fun

    Swapping over to these for the evening.. GLYCINE INCURSORE 3804 (200m) & 3762 (100m), Unitas 6497 17 Jewels
  4. Henley watch prize

    Excellent stuff, I like the Henley watch I won from our illustrious leader as well
  5. Possibly Off Topic -- Watch Box

    I think I have a little time yet. Unfortunately, my taste in watches seems to be following the pattern of my taste in cars and ladies -- the ones I like don't seem to come cheap
  6. It's 24 mm. the watch I bought it for is 22mm. Rather than send it back I'm buying a watch to fit it. Any suggestions under £150. All options gratefully received
  7. Where do you keep yours

    Yes. Get some more stuff immediately, or face a possible ban from the most discerning watch forum on t'internetz
  8. Slim Watches

    Nothing slim in my collection either, only big and chunky allowed around here
  9. Henley watch prize

    Well done .....enjoy
  10. Loot boxes changes not applied

    Mel, I haven`t a clue what he`s on about but whatever it is now that I`ve returned home I ain`t got even the slightest of intention ever of leaving again. This sort of thing only goes to prove what I`ve suspected for a long time ie- that most of the rest of the world is completely bonkers
  11. An American Original: The Bazooka M1/M9

    Topic (plus short post by scottswatches) finally posted on 22 September 2017.
  12. To the op have you still had no reply to your email after 5 working days
  13. Friday Fun

    Black insulation tape over the solar panel works a treat. Trim it carefully and it won't be noticed.
  14. Today
  15. Friday Fun

  16. Henley watch prize

    A big thanks to @Roy for this Henley which I retrieved from the sorting office today. It was a prize from one of Roy's many raffles and is greatly appreciated. I think it's a very nice looking watch. After making the bracelet as small as possible... I was planning on wearing it this weekend but I am not getting on with the bracelet so it will be going onto a black rubber strap I think. It should pretty good on that. Have switched to this for my long weekend in the Lake District.
  17. can any of our folk with a knowledge of Seiko world timer movement help me find a replacement for this one please. Have checked hands are free, cleaned contacts etc, but no action. Is there any thing else I could do, or is it a new engine job? Cannot see a number on this so far, maybe on the front? I see cousins have something similar, but not sure if this type is particularly special?
  18. Seiko Raffle

    count me in please ROY
  19. Slim Watches

    None.... slim watches un-nerve me.....
  20. I've sent you a PM Simon ...once it's sorted you can tell everyone what was actually going on
  21. More On Elgin 725...

    I take the opportunity to know if in the future need the part, I do not know the name, that has the wire that establishes the electrical contact, in the Elgin 725, is it possible for someone to have the part for sale? Thank you.
  22. I would have simon2 fix it as most likely it will be a more reliable outcome.
  23. Friday Fun

    Down to the chemists for me prescription and now they do the flu jab too! Tree mans lopped some limbs and cut me bush down to the roots. Stew and chips for tea. And the reliable Apeks on the wrist. Lost me badge on the bus though! APEKS-500m by Paul, on Flickr
  24. More On Elgin 725...

    Good afternoon everyone! I am new to this forum, and from now on I asked for help in the sense of and please, whoever has the Elgin 725 service manual. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  25. Just contacted Obris Morgan regarding a replacement Bezel insert for my Explorer MKII and its $16 plus $5 post. I may well put one in stock.
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