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Vostok help!

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I bought a nice vintage CCCP Vostok Amphibia from the bay. Arrived, a bit grubby with some patina on the dial, but I really like it. Keeping reasonable time. Felt it needed a clean. So I carefully extracted the movement from the case and lobbed the latter plus crown & stem, caseback and gasket into the ultrasonic.

All comes out looking lovely! Movement back in, crown slotted home, gasket in, caseback on and screwed down, running nicely. 

Then I try to adjust it. Crown out, nothing, I can see that the crown is doing its thing right (ie free rotating until engaged when all the way out), but it's not engaged with the winding mechanism. I've had the stem in and out a few times and sometimes if briefly catches, but otherwise nothing. 

Any help appreciated! It's not an expensive watch, but I like it!! 


Many thanks in advance.




I should add that I tried the crown/ stem from my other Amphibia, and the problem persisted, so I think the problem is internal. It's probably an easy fix, but I'm lacking confidence to take it to bits!

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I have found (but only with a newer one), that if there's a bit of lateral play with the movement, sometimes it's hard to get the stem to engage properly.

To solve it, I've had the back off and kept some pressure on the movement towards the crown side before re-inserting them stem.

Just a thought :wacko:

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yes    -  it sounds like "dial and hands off'"    the  more experience  with that proceedure  ---  the better.    a collecter would put a tag on it  and back into  storage.

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Unfortunately as every one says , dial off hands off I'm afraid .

I've done a lot of these ,and if you don't have the stem pulled out in the hand setting position the crown wheel slips down and then its hands off and dial off. 


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Sounds like the castle wheel has dropped down, away from the Return bar ( sometimes called  the " Yoke"). Does the stem stay in the watch, when you pull it into handset? If yes. Then back off the setting lever spring screw or screws ( by only one turn to loosen the setting lever) raise the setting lever slightly and re engage the return bar back into the groove in the centre of the castle wheel. It maybe a good idea to have a look at the action of another watches winding mech to understand how it functions. Hope this helps.

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