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Found 204 results

  1. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-06-05/steve-mcqueen-s-rolex-submariner-5513-coming-to-phillips-auction sourced fr Hodinkee https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/phillips-to-auction-steve-mcqueens-rolex-submariner-ref-5513 There’s questions that McQueen maybe wore this 5513 in addition to his trusty 5512, prior to making a gift of it. Article claims that this Rolex was unknown previously, but I call BS; there was an interview with Loren Janes many years ago, retracing the route of the famous Bullitt car chase, and Janes showed the writer his engraved Rolex from Steve, claiming it would never be for sale. Well, all things come to pass. I think Janes was the one who did McQueen’s bike stunts, including the actual jump in The Great Escape. There’s a great documentary on McQueen on the Bullitt Blu-ray disc, I remember watching the interviews with the stuntmen to see if Janes’ 5513 is in view. I think he was wearing a long sleeved shirt. :-\
  2. Hi Im still fairly new to the watch appreciation scene but throughly enjoying it so far. I would like to add an English watch to my collection and as local as possible. After doing a bit of reading (mainly on here) I discovered that Services watches were once in Leicester. Since then I have also discovered that my aunt used to work there. This ticks many of the boxes so I thought that I would try and find a good one without breaking the bank (sometimes like finding the holy grail so I’m learning). After looking on the usual sites I have seen a couple on eBay, a Competitor listed as being from the 50s and an Antimagnetic which does look.ike it is in good condition. The Competitor looks like it has some nice patina on the face but does not look to be sitting straight in the case, I’m assuming that this is not a design feature so I am a bit put off by it. We are taking my aunt for afternoon tea next month for her 80th birthday so I’d really like to be wearing one for the inevitable trip down memory lane but I also don’t want to get ripped off. If anyone could give me any help of steer me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  3. Another Sunday, another old watch! Omega Seamaster 300, cal.552 24 jewels. 1966. Later, William
  4. Hello, would somebody know which kind of watch this is? There are the only pictures available. Thanks! Insert isn't possible it seems, pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/lfl31U2
  5. Another recent restoration...these Smiths Imperial watches were made to impress! How many others are out there? This is an I203 dating to the early 1960s with a cal 0104 19 jewel movement! Impressed with the size of the watch!
  6. Boomerang Watches are thrilled to announce the launch of their exquisite collection of fine watches - The Sunbeam Collection - combining vintage styling with state-of-the-art watch movements. The company is initiating an exciting campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for its development, offering amazing deals on strictly Limited Edition time-pieces. (New York, USA) - Vintage watches are hugely desirable and have a large, global fan base keen to get hold of the most recent vintage release and the latest trend. Watch aficionados around the world hold vintage designs in high regard - now they have The Sunbeam Collection to catch their attention. Boomerang Watches are pioneers in the watch-making industry: The Sunbeam is a bespoke vintage watch - built to a customer’s exacting specifications. The customer can choose from a range of dial-face colors, metal casing materials, and strap designs; to make their limited edition time-piece a truly unique, timeless classic. Boomerang’s exceptional watch-making and the collection’s timeless elegance make The Sunbeam an unrivaled classic that’s sure to become a collector’s piece; designed to satisfy the most exuberant of tastes. The Concept The Sunbeam Collection is inspired by the leading men of classic movies: reviving the Riviera Soul of the 1950s. Harry Attisa, founder of Boomerang Watches, says “We aim to develop one-of-a-kind timepieces - beautiful, luxurious, and bespoke: handmade for vintage watch lovers. Our Limited Edition masterpieces are ideal for the gentleman in all of us.” Boomerang Watches are launching a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter that aims to raise funds to support production and marketing. Funders will benefit from significant discounts and intriguing awards. Backers can show their support by sharing the campaign with their social networks. For further information, and to claim your perk, visit www.boomerangwatches.com today. ABOUT Boomerang Watches are based in New York. The company’s motto is “watch aficionados demand the best - now they have it.”
  7. It is time for your classics made prior to 1990. Omega Seamaster Chronograph, cal.1040 22 jewel automatic. 1973. Later, William
  8. Happy Easter Bunny! It's the Sunday Oldies thread! Citizen Challenge Timer, cal.8110A 23 jewels. June 1980. Later, William
  9. njstockley

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, I hope you’ve been enjoying the bank holiday weekend. My name’s Nick and I’ve joined the forum today hoping to learn a lot from other members. Currently I’ve got a Michel Herbelin that was given to me for my 21st (10 years ago now) but my wife has recently uncovered her late fathers old Omega Constellation - still ticking but in need of a bit of TLC as it hasn’t been worn since 1988! It’s beautifully understated and I’ll be looking to get it restored as it holds significant sentimental value! Nick
  10. My grandad left me this watch when he passed away in 1976.He bought it second hand in a pub in Birmingham UK in about 1930.
  11. I was given this watch in 1976,the case in GAS. I'll try again,this site is very complicated.It won't accept my URL picture, will keep trying! Terrible website!
  12. My new love, a Tourist, 35mm without crown, cal Arogno 151. Guessing mid-50s? Crown not original. In need of service but runs ok. Strap is a Birkenstock Rodeo.
  13. Good evening, I am new here. I am seeking information about my father's watch. Camy 25 jewels incabloc superautomatic red date tessuflex plaque or G stretch strap 17mm ends It has some scratches at the base of the glass but is otherwise in good condition. Any information about age and current value appreciated. Laurence
  14. I bought this mantel clock at an antique store and no one knows anything about it. I know it's Victorian, 1860s. Anything that will point me in the right direction will be helpful.
  15. Hello all, first time poster and hoping your experience and wisdom will help me resurrect this 1950s/60s car clock. It’s a 2” in-dash Smiths, CE 2160/02. It looks complete and the movement looks clean. I acquired as a non-tested clock. I think it’s negative earth, but first question is how to correctly connect it to 12v? It has a single yellow wire - is this for live feed or earth? Other than this it has two threadposts at the rear with knurled nuts and washers. I huess these fix it into the dash but are either of the threaded posts at the back for 12v positive also? All pointers appreciated. Many thanks.
  16. BigRossiB

    Pagol... your thoughts

    Hi all, I really like the look of Pagol Watches and think the Palm Tree on the face is a really cool feature. From what I can find out they were Swiss made but mainly for the Asian market. what is the general consensus on them? I'm just getting in to watch collecting and have a really tight budget but quite like the small niche brands like Titoni, Pagol etc... I could swing a small amount of money on something I really like. has anyone owned or handled one?
  17. Hello Watch Forum users, My name is Jakob Martin, and I have founded the relatively new watch brand Clairette Watches. We started by releasing two models at the beginning of the year and have now introduced two automatic models we intend to release on January 25th. Now we would like to get the feedback from the users of The Watch Forum! We are at the beginning of our journey as watchmakers but feel that we have been successful with our new automatic watches. In the future, we have already started sketching on watches in a slightly higher "premium" segment where we use movements such as 2824-2 (Top Grade), Valjoux ETA 7750, Sellita SW300 or ETA 2894. Then we will also have a release party in Stockholm, which you are more than welcome to. Sign up for the newsletter or follow us on Facebook to receive an invite. Brief information about our automatic watches: Our latest collection might be brand new, but it captures the spirit of vintage watches from the 1950's. With attention to every detail we are moving closer towards traditional watchmaking by using automatic movements, stainless steel cases, domed hesalite crystals, organic leather straps and many other features. You could say we are vintage watch fanatics who want to share our excitement with you. My own interest started when I inherited my grandfather Heuer Carrera from the 60's and since then it has grown. With our new collection, we offer vintage-inspired watches with automatic watches at great prices. We use Miyota's renowned 9000-series automatic movements, hesalite glass, dauphine hands, painted sandblasted brass dial and vegetable leather from Tärnsjö Garveri. Please read more here: http://kickstarter.clairettewatches.com Thank you for taking the time to read my post! /JRM
  18. [url=https://flic.kr/p/23v54cy][img=https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4612/39710375674_9515076fc6_b.jpg][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/24vYibb][img=https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4615/40376925282_a8c36f29c7_b.jpg][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/24zRs5H][img=https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4704/40420855441_65b14f528f_b.jpg][/url] A 1970* (or so) Grovana (the case possibly not original) on a Di-Modell Jumbo. It looks so good it's making me sick. I never ever come away knowing the time after looking at it. Not a clue. Which is a shame really, since it's a pretty decent time-keeper so far. Got it on eBay, Bulgarian seller (I understand that Grovana, like Atlantic, found themselves a niche in Eastern Europe?). Came on a hellish black "leather" strap. There's a little smudge of gold in the black on the dial (at 2.20), so I'm assuming it's been repainted. And for those of you who, unlike me, are real watch-people, the movement is allegedly EB-8021N. I found that out after finally finding a photo of a similar watch (only with a white dial and a different case) on a Spanish site . Would love to show you some photos of the movement too, but haven't got the proper tools (nor the improper ones, for that matter) to open the back. The photos on the Spanish site and the ones my seller took, though, tell me (untrained eye and all) that the movement is indeed authentic. Same goes for the back. (And that concludes my uninformed conclusions.) And oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself. Hello everyone. I'm a newbie. Two months ago (to the day, I believe!) I discovered that I love watches. Hadn't worn a watch since my teens. Couldn't care less about Omegas and Heuers and what have you. Didn't even know what a Patek Philippe was! And now, in my 53rd year, I have gone absolutely insane. *In 1970 Hans Gröflin AG became Grovana Uhrenfabrik AG, according to the company's website. And my watch has no logo, as later watches do, just the name. And it does look more 60s than 70s, generally. That's why I'm guessing 1970-71. Unless, of course, they used the brand name before they changed the name of the company? Does anyone know?
  19. Got this off ebay, Bulgarian seller. A manual wind Grovana 23 jewels with date. Replaced the strap (Di-Modell Jumbo), looks great (IMHO). Runs well too. Good time-keeper. So far. Info on Grovana is pretty scarce, though. The company's own website has this: "1970 - Werner Bitterli [love that name] takes over Hans Gröflin AG and the name is changed to Grovana Uhrenfabrik AG [...] 1971 - The production of watch movements is gradually being reduced whilst the development of the company’s own collection simultaneously starts under the name of ‘Grovana’." Does anyone know of any isolated Grovanas (under that name) pre-1970/71, one-offs, so to speak, prior to the company's re-christening? My watch looks distinctly 60s (but it could, of course, be early 70s too). It has no logo (later Grovanas do), just the name, so in any case it's early. I've been searching the web for a couple of months now and have found only one Grovana similar to mine (see below). My unqualified guesses are that my case is a replacement (crown too, probably), but that movement and back are authentic (haven't opened the back, no tools (not sure I should anyway, no experience whatsoever), but the seller's not so great photos of the movement match the ones I found, the movements look identical, to my untrained eye). There's also a smudge of gold in the black on the dial, so I'm guessing repaint? The only info I have concerning year of manufacture is what the seller told me, that a watchmaker had placed it in the 1960s. When the brand purportedly didn't exist. Or did it? The case is SS, case width 34mm (crown excluded), lug width 18mm. No logo or anything on the crown. According to the site where I found the only other photos (so far) of a watch similar to mine (only with a white dial and a different case, probably original, that DOES look 70s by the way) the movement is EB-8021N. And as you can see there are no numbers on the backs of either of the watches, none on mine and none on the one below. And yes, I'm a novice. The other Grovana (not mine, and not my photos):
  20. retro lover

    Pocket watch

    Hi I dont know if anyone can help me but i have this pocket watch attached and i dont know its origins Date of manufatory ? Who manfactured ? Thank you
  21. Hi all, I've had this old 9ct gold watch for about 20-years. It is one of the first in my collection but I may need to sell it and as such I'm trying to find out more about it. Namely the date and the maker, if possible. Oddly, the hallmark seems to read London (import omega sign) and M for 1886. The Sponser's mark would appear to be George Stockwell. In the centre of the back of the case there is a mark or emblem that I cannot make out, it looks like an aeroplane. I have seen GS stamped on Movado / Asprey, CYMA / Tavannes, Jaeger LeCoultre and Ernest Borel & Cie, so I thought I'd see if I can identify the movement. The only movement I've found to look the same is made by Borel & Fils. My watch movement measures 23mm across x 2.5mm thick I've uploaded photos of my gold tank watch and a couple of photos of the Borel movements to this link https://photos.app.goo.gl/FMhS9WvVGclL9BgI2 . Any help and info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave.
  22. Having stumbled across many dodgy indian Seikos on eBay, I saw this one with a lovely dial that I really liked so I thought I'd take a chance even if it is just a bunch of various watch parts thrown together. £13.50 posted and it runs fine (if only a fraction too fast). The dial is like a vinyl texture and looks great with the classy white text and red details. Case could be in better nick but for the price I can't complain. Movement is marked as an automatic 21J Seiko 7019a just as it was listed on eBay although I imagine it'll be made up of assorted parts on closer inspection. I think 1 "feiko" is enough for the collection but I'm certainly glad I bid on it as it will definitely do me fine for a daily beater until it dies. I'd originally thought I'd probably try and flip it for a small profit but it has surprised me! To anyone considering a cheap watch from India I'd say go for it if you like the look of it and it doesn't cost enough that you'd be upset if it didn't even arrive.
  23. deville


    I'm a novice with very limited knowledge (and funds). I'm wondering, does anyone know anything about Amyria? Find next to nothing about them, except that they've been around for a while. The reason I'm asking is the watch in the photos, an Amyria Automatic (ETA movement, don't know the caliber), size 37.7 mm (40.9 with crown), lug width 20 mm. It looks like early 1970s? Not my type of watch really (or so I thought), but it caught my eye. I pictured it with a tan brown leather strap and decided I had to buy it (rather expensively, I'm guessing, at £55 including P&P). And apologies about the dismal quality of the photos (haven't received the watch yet; photos are ebay seller's).
  24. Hi. I want to know more about this watch. It is in a very good condition, fully working. Any information is welcome! Many thanks! https://ibb.co/kTpaGb https://ibb.co/cpHUbb https://ibb.co/mpUWpw https://ibb.co/f3GNwb https://ibb.co/hdBpbb https://ibb.co/nt0CUw https://ibb.co/g5AqGb https://ibb.co/fbj6pw https://ibb.co/n3MahG https://ibb.co/mFjvhG
  25. HI All - (apologies if this is covered in a thread I didn't find - relatively new here): I've got my first vintage manual (tudor) watch that clearly needs a service and repair (bought at an auction) - watch stops running when hour is just past 5. If I re-set time to after 6 or 7, it runs again until soon after 5. Also some click/slip on winding as far as my novice hands can tell. Do people rate or trust any of the online repair sites that now seem to come up loads advertised on search results? I live in London, so I imagine there are loads of local places too (happy to get suggestions of honest not extortionate places too) Thanks JP

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