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Found 376 results

  1. Hi, I'm Jeff Founder Esquire We are startup watches, our goal was to create something timeless but also contemporary, paying homage to a time of pioneers and amazing engineering, something elegant and subtle After working hard past two years, now we're launching design survey for our watches startup This 7-Question survey should take just a few minutes of your time To say thanks, we’ll send free beta tester our watches to best answer of 20 participant plus other 15 participant we’ll send $100 gift cards We only need 80 participant, we would like to hear your overall opinions regarding the design, colours etc Here's the link http://bit.ly/esquiredesign Would also love your help promoting the survey Thanks, Jeff This has been allowed with roy (administrator)
  2. Something I've noticed in the last month or two with my Mk II Key West (ETA 2693 GMT movement). At some points during the hour, the minute hand is aligned with the chapter ring marks precisely (bang on aligned with a tick at :00). 20 mins later, it's out of alignment (minute hand is between tick marks when sweep second reaches 12). Then 20 mins later, it's back on. I can't seem to determine if it's a particular spot on the dial, or if it's happening dynamically. It doesn't happen at the same pot on the dial consistently that I can see. The watch is keeping good time, about +2 secs/day resting dial up. Is there any anomaly in the ETA clockworks that could account for this? It seems to do this even when not being worn, resting dial-up, so I doubt the hand is loose (also hasn't had any hard knocks).
  3. So I recently came across this beautiful Grana watch in a drawer. It used to belong to my father. It's still in perfect working condition, keeps perfect time, and looks great except for a few small scratches in the glass. I've learned a bit about Grana watches through googling and know they're now called Certina, but I understand they also continued making watches under the Grana name after WW2. I am trying to figure out exactly when the watch dates to, and if it has any value. I have googled exentsively for the watch, but I can't find a single picture of a Grana with 3 6 9 12 numbering, which sets this one apart from others I've seen. I've attached two images, one of the face and one of the reverse where you can almost make out the serial number engraved. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3-5-Lx96G5BWkZ4S3RJNkxlNVE/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3-5-Lx96G5BSmlBOThPSm9EYmM/view?usp=sharing If anyone can help me place the watch to its date or dig up a model name or something, I would love the help.
  4. well not sure if anyone respects this guy or not but on archie luxurys latest you tube offering hes stating the high end watches are really struggling to sell , pateks rolex omega man on the moon ,jaeger le coultre, I don't know enough about high end watches to validate this and I believe archies trying to sell some of his collection , but ive often thought that high end watches are in a bubble like housing, art, classic cars, etc etc bubbles everywhere you look once 0% interest rates came into force, he even states that dealers are offering discounts to move the items on , so I think now maybe the time to start offering the cash as cash is king , I'm sure other brands will be affected ie tissot, victorionox, Seiko, tag , i have always been of the belief that a very bad crash is coming to the markets or housing , so watches wont be excluded , if we were in a recovery interest rates would be around 4 % on your isa , is it time to haggle hard because I'm sure most watch guys will have seen the archie luxury channel and possibly dealers will be aware of it as well any thoughts
  5. Genuine V Copy

    Does anyone know if there is a discrepancy in diameter of the screwback cover on a genuine Rolex "Datejust" and a cheap quartz watch copy as my Genuine dies do not fit which gives rise to my query. One of the dies is just oversize and the other is too small! Help anyone?
  6. I'm trying to find out more about a wristwatch that belonged to my great grandmother. All I know about it is that was a 50th birthday present from my great grandfather in 1932. As far as I can tell it was imported from Switzerland in 1931 by a company called George Stockwell & Co. The casing is 1.5cm wide and 3.2cm long, it is hinged at the back and the mechanism, which doesn't appear to work, is marked "PIONEER". I'd like to know more about the watch. possibly discover who made it, what the stones on the casing are and whether it has any value. Thank you for reading
  7. Hi . Sorry I'm new to this but her go's . I bought a pocket watch in auction yesterday the movement is marked hen gunton and the case is marked J P . I can't find any information about the watch or what the case is made off . These a piece of paper in the back of the Watch with hen gunton Norwich on it and on the back of that it's signed h gunton 1844 . Sorry can't find how to inset some pictures . Thank you
  8. Ladies watches

    hi, first post for a while. My wife has expressed an interest in a first watch. I don't want to spend a fortune, maybe around £400 so id probably be looking at the pre owned market. Truth be told I know nothing about womens watches so if any of you have bought watches for your wives, girlfriends or daughters which have been met with a good reception, I'd appreciate some pointers. Thankfully she has said she doesn't like Michael kors which is for the best as I wouldn't be buying her one.
  9. I have some little collection) My favorite mark- Minerva.
  10. Good evening, I am very new to the watch forum, and to forums in general. A long time ago, I inherited an old Omega Constellation from my father in law. Since I was a very busy person back then, it ended up in a drawer. Now I am retired I have become more curious about the watch, and since I know nothing about the subject, I decided to ask for some help on this forum. Would you be so kind to take a view at these photo's and give a first opinion? I don't even know if it's real or fake! Thank you in advance. http://s86.photobucket.com/user/Marrq/media/2017-05-20 19.23.08_zpsjrvkvipo.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s86.photobucket.com/user/Marrq/media/2017-05-20 19.22.42_zpsulelo6rp.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2 http://s86.photobucket.com/user/Marrq/media/2017-05-20 19.22.21_zps1rqstmmy.jpg.html?sort=3&o=4
  11. Hi guys! I am desperately looking for a Legend Diver No Date and I cannot find one anywhere in the UK. I know the model without the date has been discontinued by Longines and replaced with the date one, but maybe someone among you knows where to find a good used one or a shop (possibly in London) that can order one or could still have some pieces in stock. I would also be interested in the original (vintage) model. Thanks
  12. WatchTime Magazine

    Hello everyone I'm new to the Forum and would like to introduce myself. I'm living in the North East of England in the fair city of Durham with its great history, Cathedral and Castle. I am a bit of a collector although not as keen as i once was when I used to visit antique sales, watch fairs and London markets. Strictly mechanical movements and no room afforded to quartz. I still keep in touch with some friends who are seriously into the hobby and keep me abreast of changes.
  13. Carpathia Watch Co.

    Hello, My name is Mark Para I am the founder of Carpathia Watch Co. from Chicago. I have spent the last year pursuing my passion for watches and design. Carpathia’s founder, designer, and watchmaker. I am a first-generation Polish-American, born in Chicago. A graphic artist by trade, I aspired to turn my lifelong passion for wristwatches into my main enterprise. I have designed watches for several other companies, and spent years collecting and restoring vintage timepieces. My love of antiques extends to my vast collection of watchmaker’s tools including an original 1920’s J.H. Rosburg watchmaker’s desk produced in Chicago. About Carpathia Watch Co. Carpathia Watch Co. represents the return of the luxury watch brand to Chicago and strives to create distinctive timepieces that embody tradition and cultural influence for a new era. Taking inspiration from this diverse, world class city our watches are versatile yet timeless. Every Carpathia watch is designed and assembled in America, influenced firmly by our European roots, with a Swiss movement at its heart. I am a lifetime watch enthusiast as well as a relentless discoverer and renovator of vintage watches. With years of experience in restoration, I resolved to leave his mark on the world of fine timepieces. At Carpathia Watch Co. we relish the hands-on experience of creating something personal and to create a watch that outlives trends, continuing to be handed down in tradition for years to come. At Carpathia Watch Co., we are craftsmen, artists, and watch aficionados. I began my lifelong affinity for horology as a child traveling through Europe and ogling watches through shop windows. If anyone in the family had an old watch laying around, I was sure to try and claim it for my own, slowly building a collection. Listening to the distinct tick of every watch with wonderment, I pondered the mechanical inner workings. At the onset of design, we knew we wanted our watch to be rooted in tradition but to reflect modern trends. We drew influences from those little known European watch brands I collected, as well as high end luxury watches. With understated elegance, high quality and simplicity, Carpathia watches are true originals. Our name comes from the Carpathian mountain range which traverses the land we originate from in the southern part of Poland. We wanted to embody in our product the overwhelming sense of beauty and inspiration we feel when we return home to the Carpathian Mountains. The breathtaking simplicity and grandeur. Our logo, the white stork, represents the concept of lifelong migration and is considered a sign of prosperity. I am currently working on our website and hoping to launch August of this year 2017. If you would like to view more of my watches please check out @carpathiawatches on instagram. We will be selling 4 limited edition watches called the Ascent. Color combos are as follows - Ascent Rose Gold - Ascent Chrome - Ascent Brushed Gold - Ascent Matte Black All Carpathia Ascents will be fitted with the following. - Automatic ETA 2824-2 Top grade movement - Domed sapphire crystal in front - Sapphire display caseback - 5 atm water resistant - Genuine leather straps with case matching clasps - sunburst dials - date window - 2 year limited warranty - Assembled by me We will have a limited number of 300 units to pre order. Each retail price will be 950.00 usd after our Kickstarter campaign. There will be discounted tiers on kickstarter which we have yet to decide.
  14. Puzzler.....

    Hi, I've got a puzzler. My deceased father's old watch. It saw him through the 1930's (enlisted in the Regular Army in 1925) apparently and then into the 2nd World War. I've just come across it and decided to search for info. None it seems. The watch is named as, 'Prine Watch Co.' (that's PRINE) and, 'Hunt' and, 'Swiss Made'. That's all the info. I have found nothing on the net. Can anyone help? (Would be most appreciated).
  15. Doxa split second timer. This timer is very rare and looks great. If you like timers, this is what you are looking for. This is super rare model!!! High quality movement and Swiss made of course. Frame diameter 49,5mm and with crown 63mm. High beat momement 36000 A/h. Best of my knowledge watch has very rare Landeron 14 movement. http://www.ebay.com/itm/272660425791?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  16. What is your opinion? Real or Fake?
  17. Watch hobbyist from Finland

    Hi all, Im watch hobbyist from Finland. I have taken my hobby to a little bit more further and I have now open my vintage webstore: www.timemachine.fi/en I have been intrested in watches from teenager. I got my first Leijona (finnish watch brand) automatic when I was 13 years old. About 4 years ago I wanted to learn more about watches and I bought few project watches and since that I have been repaired watches according to my skills. I mainly do crystal changes, movement service (oiling etc.) and frame polishing.
  18. Hello I have 6 old watches and i wish to know how much are they worth. Can someone give me a general idea of their price value? Here is the list: - Cauny Prima , Latino , Silgar ; 2 which i can't figure the brand and an Omega.
  19. Opinions on Davosa watches

    I was able to find very little on this brand. The few bits I have found seemed more or less positive. Does anybody have any experience with the brand I'm asking because this http://www.davosa.com/en/gents/mechanical/ternos/410/ternos-professional-tt-gmt?c=533 Rolex homage looks really cool and it is for very reasonable money (imho) Still new here so hope I'm posting in correct section. All feedback much appreciated.
  20. I have a Tag Heuer 236006 3000 series chrono watch which I sent to Tag via LVMH in the UK for repairs. They now send it back to me saying they no longer carry parts and cant get the parts made any more as their supplier in Switzerland is no longer in business. My understanding is that it has power going through it and it just has a minor electrical problem. I am not happy with the response from Tag and wondered if anyone can help .
  21. Hi there, why no Atlantic club yet, its old swiss brand with lots of inovations back in the days. Here is my Seashark chrono waiting to see Yours
  22. New member

    Hello, I just joined the forum to find my great watch and to learn! I wish I can learn many things about watches and find a good dealer
  23. Hi! guys I was looking for great deal of the IWC watch (Mark XVIII or le petit prince edition Mark XVIII) While I was researching I saw about a "grey market watches". Does anybody knows great grey market / dealer? Many thanks
  24. Old Swiss Watch

    Hello! Anyone have any ideas about this watches? There is label on the clock face "fabric suisse".
  25. Rolex oyster perpetual 39

    Been looking at this model for quite a while now and just discovered its gone up in price by 10% overnight. Have Rolex put up all their prices??? I was told by a dealer that this was a popular model and that's why the price had gone up. Find that hard to believe Amy thoughts??