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Found 315 results

  1. Hello! Anyone have any ideas about this watches? There is label on the clock face "fabric suisse".
  2. Have a F06 111 movement, would love to make my own dial for it, but can't find ANY information about how thick it can be. Does anyone know where I can get a 2d/3D drawing of the movement? I've tried contacting the manufacturers but their website contact page is shockingly bad - won't even lets me send a message to them as they have a ridiculous spam filter!
  3. An admirer rather than an expert in wristwatches, I've recently found my ultimate cocktail watch - a ladies' dainty Rolex on a mesh band - and would love to know a little more about it than the seller could tell me. I've spent quite a few hours trying to find images of similar models online, but have found nothing like it yet (I know, this could mean it's been cannibalised from more than one watch but that won't diminish my love for it!). Please could anyone signpost possible archives that might help me to pin down a model name, approximate year, and where it was mostly sold? From there, I can hopefully conjure up its possible history? Thankyou in advance for any advice Charlotte
  4. I have some little collection) My favorite mark- Minerva.
  5. Three watches I have recently posted for auction: Zentra : Men's Zentra 17j Incabloc Dress Watch - cleaned, oiled & regulated Vertex Revue: Men's Vertex Revue 17j Incabloc Watch in New Case - clean... Roamer: Men's Roamer Incabloc Watch - cleaned, oiled & regulated
  6. Hi, I have a GMT Master II 16710 that was damaged beyond repair (at least the case was) but the 3186 movement appears to be salvageable. I can't seem to find any 16710 cases to buy for the movement (even aftermarket ones) so, despite the fact I have a dislike for replicas, I wondered whether a case from a half-decent one might do the job. Some rudimentary on-line research (looking at photos) seems to indicate that it could fit but it may need different size clamps. Can anyone offer any advice at all please, or know anyone who could assist? Thanks in advance.
  7. I have inherited a ladies gold tone rotary elite reversible watch with gold tone bracelet strap it us very good condition I don't think it's been worn. The numbers in the back are Ref 10933 PO 02026 searched internet but can't find anything for ladies watches only men's. Can anyone advise.
  8. Hi. I was wondering if anyone here can give me some more information on this beautiful rolex timepiece .
  9. Mr.

    Hallo, I am new for today and live in Sweden and build my historic racing cars in England. Last Sunday when I came home I found that my watch was lost ! Hope you people can help me out? The lost item is a 1991 Longines VHP Ti. Titanium/Gold. My insurance company has asked me of a valuation paper witch I off course do not have. Can anybody, preferably authorized, tell me the value. I also have another watch (the very same but smaller diameter). Bought 1986. It has lost the crown. Can anybody guide me who can repair it. I thank you in advance for your support on these matter. Very nice club you have and I am happy to find it. Till I hear from you, Kind Regards Tommy
  10. Evening people, i purchased an automatic marathon gsar last week, does anyone own one, what do you think of it, hope you say they're a good watch now I've got one! It's my first auto, does it matter which direction it rotates on a winder?
  11. Hello to all from Warwickshire, England. My interest in watches has increased significantly in the last year or so, and I hope to learn an lot from you wise people on The Watch Forum. Currently I have my late father's 18k gold early 60s Omega Automatic Seamaster which is in incredible condition, my beater 2003 quartz Tissot PR100 Flyback chrono which has never put a foot wrong but wears some battle scars proudly, and a 2015 Longines Elegance Collection Automatic dress watch given to me by my wife for our 25th Anniversary. Meagre pickings compared to some of the gorgeous pieces many people have on here, but I love them all the same. The good news is that I am getting an Alpina Automatic Classic Startimer next month to mark 30 years of service in the NHS, and my next birthday in April will be marked by a modest addition of an Orient Ray 2 with the gorgeous blue dial. Although modest in many ways I feel the blue Ray 2 punches well above its weight and is great value for money. I also feel a strange attraction to Seikos of various guises, but will leave that for the future. Having travelled through Germany quite a bit in recent years and ogled through many a jeweller's shop windows, I also have a fascination for German watches, but will need to put by many more ££££ for these beauties. It is clear that you guys have a seriously expensive habit, but the possibility of putting interesting collections of great variety and beauty is compelling. Cheers and happy winding!
  12. My Father found this watch in a bunch of old boxes. Here is a link to a picture of the watch. What do you think I should do about the band? In your opinion do you think I should get it fixed? It's not in running condition. Its been sitting for years collecting dust until my Father discovered it. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Kyle
  13. swiss

    I recently purchased this beautiful vintage Omega watch. I was wondering what your opinions on the watch were. Pictures of the watch Thanks, Kyle
  14. Two more watches I am selling: Men's Limit 17 Jewel Incabloc Dress Watch - cleaned, oile... Smart Men's Allaine 17 Jewel Incabloc Watch - cleaned, oi...
  15. I thought there ought to be a thread just for the Moonwatch. It's an iconic watch in it's own right and deserves it. It will also allow owners to show off their Speedies on a variety of straps and bands to provide others with inspiration on how it could look if dressed differently from standard issue. But to start off here is mine in "regulation" dress and, just back from Omega after a full service and clean up:
  16. Hello, I hope somebody can help me out. Does anyone know the reference/model of this Tissot? See pictures: The case is in solid gold 18ct 750. Anybody knows the model? It would be great if you could tell me a webpage specialised in old Tissot... Thank you, Best, Mike
  17. My rolex was stolen when our house in Portsmouth, UK was burgled yesterday (31/1/17). It's a Rolex Oyster serial number 704506, silver bezel, white/cream face, silver digit lines, with a mid brown plain leather strap and genuine clasp. It was my great Uncles and I changed the strap so I could wear it to remember him. If anyone comes across it please call Hampshire Police. Also if anyone knows if I should be posting this on another site which tracks stolen Rolexs please let me know. Many thanks.
  18. Hi, Just registered and looking forward to learning and discussing timepieces. Always admired the beauty of certain pieces but I lack knowledge! Hoping to build a collection in years to come.
  19. Hi, I recently acquired a women's Hermes Wristwatch. I don't know much about it though and I am interested to find out more. Could anyone inform me on the rarity and age of the item? Thanks Mark
  20. Hi Folks, I'm thinking of investing in the below Link Calibre S, pre-owned. I currently have the Link Chrono CT1111 as worn by Mr Bourne and it has served me well. That would be my 7th Tag to date. I just want to get a sense from existing Calibre S owners on any feedback they'd like to share, be it positive or negative on this watch; Heuer/Link/CJF7110.BA0592/10069/item/70975 Much appreciated.
  21. Hello, I'm very interested in buying my first vintage Omega watches. I have two options: Since I'm not an expert, would you recommend buying one or avoid?
  22. Hi, Please can someone help with reassembly of the clicker and more importantly the spring. Iam at a loss as to how the spring is fitted and how you do it without losing it??.
  23. Hello, All! New member from USA here. Just wondering if anyone has heard of the Ginault ocean rover. Hand made in America or at least hand assembled. What say you? I know it doesn't belong in the Swiss category, but it sure isn't Japanese or Chinese. A lot of buzz on WUS but nothing anywhere else.
  24. Is Eberhard a good watch make
  25. Hi I've got a swiss made automatic shock proof watch with a NSA strap with was my grandfathers. I can't identify the watch, its got a incabloc shock proof movement other than that I'm not sure. In the middle of the rear cover it is stamped 11541, water resistant and all stainless steel non magnetic swiss incabloc Any help would be grateful..