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Found 454 results

  1. Hi guys, I wanted to introduce you to MODUCO (short for Modern Urban Company), a brand we've just launched on Kickstarter (http://kck.st/2GwKE0z). Our watch is inspired by the urban environment, modern aesthetics and industrial elements. We want to create a distinctive timepiece that is powerful, yet clean and uncluttered. It finely juxtaposes boldness with simplicity and rawness with sophistication. Our watch most eye catching and unique feature is its distinct cylindrical bezel and case back that erupts through the case body and draws inspiration from raw industrial piping. It is finely balanced with a combination of traditional finishing techniques interpreted in fresh new ways. We have two models, the 305A powered by an Elabore SW200 Sellita Automatic caliber and the 305Q which comes with a Ronda 513 Quartz. Both are made in Switzerland (88% Swiss Made, well over the 60% required by the FH). The brand is a collaborative vision of two good friends and former roommates; one an American watch designer, and myself a Swiss watch brand & product manager with a combined experience of more than 10 years in the watch industry. Also we've just announced a free update for our rotor (Côtes de Genève and colimaconnée finish, black ruthenium coated, white branding). The price tag is currently 355£ for the Swiss 305A Automatic (only 11pcs left) Looking forward to hear your thoughts.
  2. Change Date Ring

    I'm planning to change the date ring from White background to Black background on an ETA 2824-2 movement, any advice on possible problems would be appreciated.
  3. Hi all, I've had this old 9ct gold watch for about 20-years. It is one of the first in my collection but I may need to sell it and as such I'm trying to find out more about it. Namely the date and the maker, if possible. Oddly, the hallmark seems to read London (import omega sign) and M for 1886. The Sponser's mark would appear to be George Stockwell. In the centre of the back of the case there is a mark or emblem that I cannot make out, it looks like an aeroplane. I have seen GS stamped on Movado / Asprey, CYMA / Tavannes, Jaeger LeCoultre and Ernest Borel & Cie, so I thought I'd see if I can identify the movement. The only movement I've found to look the same is made by Borel & Fils. My watch movement measures 23mm across x 2.5mm thick I've uploaded photos of my gold tank watch and a couple of photos of the Borel movements to this link https://photos.app.goo.gl/FMhS9WvVGclL9BgI2 . Any help and info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave.
  4. So I bought a MWC G10SL MkVI as I wanted a quartz watch for work (EDC) as I ride a bike and it need to be sturdy, the watch has Sapphire Crystal, Field style dial, Screw lug bars, Tritium (GTLS) hands/chapter ring and Ronda 715Li movement (10 yr battery life). £275 which is abit much but I could not find a cheaper watch with these specs. Now this is when things go sideways when I noticed the seconds hand was not exactly on the indices so I stripped the watch down and after refitting it a dozen times finally got it sorted. Then after staring at the watch enjoying the precision, I deciced to change the seconds hand to an Arrow, "Easy" just buy a new hand and replace it "WRONG", Because of the GTLS hands are about 1mm high you need a special movement to keep them from touching and MWC watches overcome this by fitting a seconds hand with a long tube to allow for the extra height. Now the watch is starting to annoy me, "I want an Arrow seconds hand!" after stripping the watch down again I noticed the seconds hand pinion was lower than the Hour canon. So I searched the entire world looking for a solution and finally found another Ronda 715Li made for Luminox watches (GTLS hands) with a movement height of 6.7mm to the seconds pinion instead of the Standard Ronda 715Li with extended tubes on the hands. And down the rabbit hole we go. When I tried to fit the hands to the new movement with higher pinions and canons the hands were to high from the dial, the hour hand fits but the Minute hand was 3mm above it and raised aabove the seconds pinion. Back to the drawing board to find another way. Plan F... If the Minute canon on the first movement was okay and the seconds pinion on the new movement was higher then just swap them over... "what could go wrong". "I can hear you laughing" So here's the plan. strip the movements down and swap the parts, looks easy enough. Top red arrow is the hour canon (to be swapped), bottom arrow is the minute canon with seconds pinion inside. Just 4 screws and 2 bridges... Oh and a spring (3905.033). I decided to strip the new movement first incase I messed it up I could just fit the old movement and live with the boring seconds hand. Yes you'd be right assuming that I'd lose the spring... "Straight down the rabbit hole". Decision time... risk the £275 watch as it's got the last spring... "it's a really nice arrow hand". Sod it... After 3 hours... finally removing and refitting that spring I got the movement back together, now to fit the hands... And they don't fit....... the minute canon is still to high although the seconds pinion is higher. In for a penny... I filed a tooth pick to fit in the minute hand tube and with a diamond file filed the hand tube down from 0.7mm to 0.2mm and tried again... Success :)... was it worth it... Yes to me it was and it makes me smile everytime I look at my custom one off watch. Hope this blog helps anyone thinking of just modding a watch, it's never that simple... but never impossible.
  5. They seems to have good reviews on trustpilot https://www.trustpilot.com/review/watchesofmayfair.com and real shop in London https://watchesofmayfair.com/about-us but their prices are kind of too low.
  6. Hi guys, I wish to purchase a brand new Breightling Navitimer 01 (43mm) Chronograph In Rose Gold and was wondering if anyone can recommend where I can purchase one the cheapest? The watch retails in the UK for around £16,000 and I have been quoted £13,400 to buy innthe states and £12,000 in Jersey (Channel Islands) but this is without discounts that I know authorised dealers are technically ‘not allowed’ to do but realities is it happens! i am happy to travel abroad and have a mini holiday in the process. Some help and advice would be appreciated. regards
  7. Amyria

    I'm a novice with very limited knowledge (and funds). I'm wondering, does anyone know anything about Amyria? Find next to nothing about them, except that they've been around for a while. The reason I'm asking is the watch in the photos, an Amyria Automatic (ETA movement, don't know the caliber), size 37.7 mm (40.9 with crown), lug width 20 mm. It looks like early 1970s? Not my type of watch really (or so I thought), but it caught my eye. I pictured it with a tan brown leather strap and decided I had to buy it (rather expensively, I'm guessing, at £55 including P&P). And apologies about the dismal quality of the photos (haven't received the watch yet; photos are ebay seller's).
  8. Hi I have a question regarding this Girard Perregaux watch that I have acquired. The watch has an engraving which makes me believe it is from approx. 1942. However besides that I have little else information on the watch.Is there anybody who could comment on this watch? As I have been told by another watch collector that GP did not have GENEVE written on the dial. Is this dial original or has it been restored? Also how would this effect the value of the watch?I would appreciate any useful information, thanks in advance.
  9. Glycine

    Hi I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with glycine watches after Invicta watch company acquired glycine? I’m not a fan of Invicta at all I wouldn’t put any of their watches on my wrist they tend to be to brash and oversized but there is a few glycine watches I would love to buy in the future but the fact Invicta own them is putting me off does anyone know if they have any involvement in the making of the glycines and have they made any changes to the movements or aesthetics of the watches the only change I can see is that the glycine sign under the 12 o’clock now has wings. im no expert on watches so if there is anyone on here who knows of any changes since the Invicta takeover if you could let me know the pros cons I would be very greatful
  10. Hi all Im looking for some recommendations on vintage dress watches Nothing expensive £100 is my max I’m not new to buying watches but I’ve never actually owned a dress watch I’ve got a small collection of divers and a number of gshocks but my change of job calls for something more refined than say my Marathon GSAR so if anyone could help me out with some suggestions i would be more than greatful
  11. I picked up a really nice Omega Dynamic today. Only problem is I cant keep a bracelet unscratched for more than about 45 seconds so I want to put a band on to preserve the original. Only now have I discovered that 19mm bands are only slightly less rare than Chicken lips. The new band is only a place keeper so dont want to spend more than £20 to £30 can anyone point me in the right direction. If you dont come up with any ideas I will stick it on a pink £1.99 NATO IMG_20180119_181448289 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20180119_181442641 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20180119_181420354 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20180119_181411740 by Stuart, on Flickr
  12. Hello everyone. Im after some information on a pocket watch that was left to me by my grandfather. I have tried to research and also emailed many museums and even the town it was made in with no avail. Can someone please help me with the origins of the watch, where it was made, manufacturer, year of production, any history of the maker and anything else I can find out about it. Information ive got so far: - Under back cover has the stamp 935M which stands for more pure than sterling silver (925) - The silver makers mark is off the swiss standing bear which narrows down the year of production to 1882-1934. - Made by Max Gugenheim and Nephews or (nephew of Max Gugenheim) of Bienne Switzerland. Can anyone please narrow down the year of manufacture. The serial number is 27624 but I can not find anywhere to search this number to. Also any information about how many were made, history about the maker, possible value etc. I would love to trace back as much history as possible. I know from my great grandfather that he had this pocket watch in WW1 in the army for Italy and that his friend gave it to him because he was dying of some disease he contracted. Also there are numbers engraved on the inside. Initially I thought they were dates as the first one is 10-60. I thought it meant it was bought on the 10th month 1860. and every other number after was when the watch was returned to the maker for service. But after the information about the silver makers mark it wasn't made until at earliest 1882. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before because its a big mystery. You would think the numbers mean something to be engraved on the watch. Thanks everyone
  13. First Rolex

    So, being an Omega guy, always kept me away from the dark side ( Rolex) ,but recently it started growing on me more and more. I have always liked the GMT function and the Pepsi bezel, but the price of GMT Master 2 is getting higher every year and I think I am not still " big enough" to indulge myself with it. So I started thinking of Explorer 2 - 16570. Black or white, it didn't matter. I haven't considered Sub as I already have a SMP 2531.80 Bond and the sub is too iconic, too flashy, too recognisable,too burglar's choice. The funny think is I have never tried it on. Anyway, later on I decided that I preferred a brand new one ,but the current version is too big for my wrists ( 215670) so I decided to go for 214270 39 mm, longer hands and luminous 3,6,9. Yesterday I received a call from the local AD in Brighton that they have it in stock and today I went there with the idea to buy it ( note that I haven't tried it on before too). Well, it was a nice watch in deed, but again too flashy, to crispy edges, somehow we didn't bond. It didn't sit so comfortably on my wrist ( for reference I was with a Speedy Pro 3570.50 today, which is a very comfortable watch to wear). Accidentally , I spotted a 2nd hand Explorer 2 , 16570,black face, with box and papers,flly services and refurbished and 2 years warranty. I just asked to have a look and the decision came by itself. My first Rolex ! Hopefully,not the last one. Cheers. Dimi
  14. Hi I've just joined today, I have a collection of large-sized watches (prefer them) and usually try and aim to buy myself a new addition once a year or so ... just want opinions idea for the next one Would like to share images of current collection but haven't worked out how just yet, but it consists of AP, Panerai, Hublot, IWC and Rolex...
  15. Hi. I want to know more about this watch. It is in a very good condition, fully working. Any information is welcome! Many thanks! https://ibb.co/kTpaGb https://ibb.co/cpHUbb https://ibb.co/mpUWpw https://ibb.co/f3GNwb https://ibb.co/hdBpbb https://ibb.co/nt0CUw https://ibb.co/g5AqGb https://ibb.co/fbj6pw https://ibb.co/n3MahG https://ibb.co/mFjvhG
  16. accurist shockmaster 21 jewels

    hello i recently acquired this watch from my granddad and would like to know a little more about it and also where i can purchase or have made a suitable glass replacement any info would be greatly appreciated thank you very much connor the dimensions for the glass are 2.3 by 2.5 cm
  17. Hello guys, So I purchased a Longines conquest classic chrono 8 months ago. Really love the watch. However, a few days ago i thuroughly cleaned my watch and noticed on the caseback sapphire crystal a scratch. It is only seen when looking at it from a certain side and under a lamp or sunlight. It is wierd because it isnt just a straight line scratch but multiply tiny scratchtes in one spot. The front crystal has nothing on it which is wierd because the only time i take my watch off is for the night. I heard that if anti reflective coating is applied on the outside of the crystal (i dont know if longines does this on the case back) then that can get scratched easier then the sapphire itself. But i would like to ask how do i know if the reflective coating scratched or the sapphire itself? I dont think diamonds are resposible as my mother wears them but she rarly take them of and it is strange how they could scratch the inside crystal. Thanks
  18. Hi all. I'm Callum. I've been a fan of a nice watch since my teens and owned a Pulsar and a Kinetic Seiko. I'd always wanted to own a 'premium' Swiss watch and in 2013 I opted for a TAG Heuer formula 1 which I have been in love with ever since. In November I purchased a Breitling Superocean Heritage in Blue. However I've found it very uncomfortable as much as I love the look of it. I'm now considering swapping it for a square bell&cross of some description. I joined the forum because I purchased the breitling on a bit of a whim and now I'm regretting it. So I intend on improving my knowledge base on the forum by taking in all of your knowledge. thanks for reading Callum
  19. Hi all! I am currently working on a new wristwatch project and it would be helpful to get some insights from you to understand what you look for in a quality watch. Could you please kindly fill in the short survey (it will take less than 1 minute) such that we would understand the market better? Your help is much appreciated. Wish a Merry Christmas! Many thanks, MCJT
  20. This Services arrived today. Don't normally like square, but this is ok. Any more boxy ones out there?
  21. Baume Longines

    I have a Solid Gold 14K Ladies Fob watch that was my Great Grandmothers . It is marked Baume Longines on the face and I cannot find anything on the Net when these 2 companies worked together . Any Ideas please ???????
  22. Before 2 years, I bought Tressa mechanical watch. I know almost nothing about this company, and I do research and I didn't find useful informations. Everything I know, I put in this 2 minutes video: So I looking for more information about this watch and also Tressa as a company. Can anyone help?
  23. Help identify Doxa watch

    Hello, I have a Doxa watch that i want to know a little more about it.i will be very happy for any information.thank you in advanced https://drive.google.com/file/d/13COP39IzdI5ArkWFglIU4RSLzDDPxPhu/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gb06fi34siVV081G806fOQuRYOpOpy_y/view?usp=drivesdk
  24. hi.can any one suggest me best online pre owned watch selling sites,who don't take advance fees??
  25. Swiss vintage watch ogival

    hello mates.i bought a Swiss vintage watch name ogival recently but unfortunately no history I found on net.can any one tell me about it? thanks in advance.

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