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Found 472 results

  1. I rebuit this hunter pocket watch a couple of years ago, The only thing stopping it being completed is a replacement small winding wheel. A section of cogs have been broken off. You can still wind the watch. I thought just watch ebay till a similar one comes up in Spares or repairs but no luck so far. Any one have an idea of how to obtain one.
  2. Chace X

    Rolex lmt ed??

    I’ve noticed a number of replica sites advertising a poker edition Rolex sub wanting to see how accurate this is at all? ive not seen it anywhere
  3. Over the years I have added to my parts box three Vertex watches. With time to spare I decided to build one working example. I reckon I have enough to build a second when I find a suitable case. To my amazement when I regulated it the accuracy was superb.
  4. Ladies pendant watch with large suspension loop for a Ribbon.
  5. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-06-05/steve-mcqueen-s-rolex-submariner-5513-coming-to-phillips-auction sourced fr Hodinkee https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/phillips-to-auction-steve-mcqueens-rolex-submariner-ref-5513 There’s questions that McQueen maybe wore this 5513 in addition to his trusty 5512, prior to making a gift of it. Article claims that this Rolex was unknown previously, but I call BS; there was an interview with Loren Janes many years ago, retracing the route of the famous Bullitt car chase, and Janes showed the writer his engraved Rolex from Steve, claiming it would never be for sale. Well, all things come to pass. I think Janes was the one who did McQueen’s bike stunts, including the actual jump in The Great Escape. There’s a great documentary on McQueen on the Bullitt Blu-ray disc, I remember watching the interviews with the stuntmen to see if Janes’ 5513 is in view. I think he was wearing a long sleeved shirt. :-\
  6. Daveyboyz

    JLC landed

    My JLC finally arrived, there are some negatives but over all its all good... and glad that it finally got here after being delayed all weekend. It wasn't particularly well packaged... the original box was wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed into a box about double its own size but without any padding or anything so it could basically float around.... after getting into this the JLC box looked like this. Underneath this box was the main box and the paperwork... For some reason the paperwork doesn't fit in the whole beneath the box where it is supposed to live... This is the risk when you haven't had the opportunity to see the watch before you purchase it...unless the seller is Japanese (they love as a matter of honour to make every blemish clear in the description) you take this chance, but I am happy enough to be honest, the watch is an honest example and there is much which is right with it too. Dial is in good condition, calendar is the correct language and the case has never been polished... for a 2003 watch it isn't too battered. Leather is a little on the shabby side but the deployant is marked 18ct and seems secure. I have to say I like that this watch is the real deal but is subtle... nobody is going to know it is anything special unless they are a watch person and even then they are unlikely to guess it is a precious metal offering.
  7. Hi guys just wondering I have a problem with my Omega Omatic Seamaster it is showing that needs a battery which I believe is rechargeable I have had on the watch winder for about 2 hours and it has now stopped then I wound it up 30 turns and it worked again then stopped isn't that why it has this rechargeable battery so when the watches power goes down the battery kicks in it has also shown the second hand skipping ever 5 seconds that the tell needs new battery if any of you know what battery and where to buy one it is and could I fit myself and best way to do it would be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance Peter
  8. Boomerang Watches are thrilled to announce the launch of their exquisite collection of fine watches - The Sunbeam Collection - combining vintage styling with state-of-the-art watch movements. The company is initiating an exciting campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for its development, offering amazing deals on strictly Limited Edition time-pieces. (New York, USA) - Vintage watches are hugely desirable and have a large, global fan base keen to get hold of the most recent vintage release and the latest trend. Watch aficionados around the world hold vintage designs in high regard - now they have The Sunbeam Collection to catch their attention. Boomerang Watches are pioneers in the watch-making industry: The Sunbeam is a bespoke vintage watch - built to a customer’s exacting specifications. The customer can choose from a range of dial-face colors, metal casing materials, and strap designs; to make their limited edition time-piece a truly unique, timeless classic. Boomerang’s exceptional watch-making and the collection’s timeless elegance make The Sunbeam an unrivaled classic that’s sure to become a collector’s piece; designed to satisfy the most exuberant of tastes. The Concept The Sunbeam Collection is inspired by the leading men of classic movies: reviving the Riviera Soul of the 1950s. Harry Attisa, founder of Boomerang Watches, says “We aim to develop one-of-a-kind timepieces - beautiful, luxurious, and bespoke: handmade for vintage watch lovers. Our Limited Edition masterpieces are ideal for the gentleman in all of us.” Boomerang Watches are launching a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter that aims to raise funds to support production and marketing. Funders will benefit from significant discounts and intriguing awards. Backers can show their support by sharing the campaign with their social networks. For further information, and to claim your perk, visit www.boomerangwatches.com today. ABOUT Boomerang Watches are based in New York. The company’s motto is “watch aficionados demand the best - now they have it.”
  9. Hey guys, This is my first post here on the forum but I’ve already read some interesting threads. I’m from a small town in Sweden best known for out chocolate factory and together with a couple of enthusiast we set out to start the brand Amant. Our goal was to make durable and versatile dress watches. We’re currently sold on three continents and have reached over 60 countries. We still haven’t received even one international return since our start about 3 years ago. So this year we decided to celebrate by launching something special. A few specs: Movement: ETA 2824-2 Case: 41mm, 316L Rostfritt Stål, 10 ATM Glass: Anti-reflexbehandlat Safirglas (fram & bak) Price: €249 - €349 It will be strictly limited edition and available through Kickstarter. What do you think guys and is this something you could wear? All feedback is appriciated! More info: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/amant/the-ultimate-explorer-watch-swiss-automatic-diver Cheers, Ashkan Updated specs: Movement: ETA 2824-2, 38h Power ReserveCase: 41mm, 8mm thin, 316L Stainless Steel Glass: Sapphire Crystal (Front & back)Water Resistance: 100 m Price: €249 - €349
  10. Any one can help thx ! https://imgur.com/gallery/MX6y6
  11. Hi guys, I wanted to introduce you to MODUCO (short for Modern Urban Company), a brand we've just launched on Kickstarter (http://kck.st/2GwKE0z). Our watch is inspired by the urban environment, modern aesthetics and industrial elements. We want to create a distinctive timepiece that is powerful, yet clean and uncluttered. It finely juxtaposes boldness with simplicity and rawness with sophistication. Our watch most eye catching and unique feature is its distinct cylindrical bezel and case back that erupts through the case body and draws inspiration from raw industrial piping. It is finely balanced with a combination of traditional finishing techniques interpreted in fresh new ways. We have two models, the 305A powered by an Elabore SW200 Sellita Automatic caliber and the 305Q which comes with a Ronda 513 Quartz. Both are made in Switzerland (88% Swiss Made, well over the 60% required by the FH). The brand is a collaborative vision of two good friends and former roommates; one an American watch designer, and myself a Swiss watch brand & product manager with a combined experience of more than 10 years in the watch industry. Also we've just announced a free update for our rotor (Côtes de Genève and colimaconnée finish, black ruthenium coated, white branding). The price tag is currently 355£ for the Swiss 305A Automatic (only 11pcs left) Looking forward to hear your thoughts.
  12. Angelo1942

    Breitling Chronograph

    Breitling chronograph tricompax dated late 1930s for sale
  13. My new love, a Tourist, 35mm without crown, cal Arogno 151. Guessing mid-50s? Crown not original. In need of service but runs ok. Strap is a Birkenstock Rodeo.
  14. Good evening, I am new here. I am seeking information about my father's watch. Camy 25 jewels incabloc superautomatic red date tessuflex plaque or G stretch strap 17mm ends It has some scratches at the base of the glass but is otherwise in good condition. Any information about age and current value appreciated. Laurence
  15. Tanya Bedden

    help needed

    Is there anyone out there on this great watch forum who can shine a ray of hope on my quest? I have a vintage - circa 1965 - Camy Geneve gold watch. It was brought back from the Middle East as a present for my father by his friend, who was the captain on a cruise liner. I've never seen anything like it anywhere. It has a gold octagonal case, and the watch face is a sort of brushed gold colour. The face has no numbers, and is divided up into quadrants with a gold line. It states 77 jewels movement, and is a wind up model. It works perfectly and does not lose any time. I've tried my best to find out more about it, but have so far failed miserably. Is there someone somewhere who can solve this mystery?
  16. chriswales

    Vintage Omega ID please

    Hello all I have an old Omega dating from 1965, can anyone ID it? It recently went in for a service repair at Omega (£400), I just ontacted them for further info and they said they would need it back! I'm hoping someone here can shed some light, I cant see anything on the back to give me a clue.
  17. BigRossiB

    Pagol... your thoughts

    Hi all, I really like the look of Pagol Watches and think the Palm Tree on the face is a really cool feature. From what I can find out they were Swiss made but mainly for the Asian market. what is the general consensus on them? I'm just getting in to watch collecting and have a really tight budget but quite like the small niche brands like Titoni, Pagol etc... I could swing a small amount of money on something I really like. has anyone owned or handled one?
  18. Hi, I purchased a second-hand 2012 Breitling Superocean from a London watch dealer back in June last year. I have had no problems with this watch in fact I have been very pleased with my purchase, up until last week when I went to put my watch on in the morning (I never wear it to bed) and noticed that the face of the watch had turned within the case slightly. After a few hours the face had turned nearly 180 degrees in the case. I contacted the dealer I purchased it from and they suggested it had probably been caused by a knock or drop, and will result in the watch being to returned to Breitling for repair. This leaves me slightly confused as I am certain that this is not the case. This watch is very dear to me and I look after it very carefully - I saved for sometime and waited in excess of 6 months to find a model that I liked. Has anybody else had any similar problems as me - and any ideas on a resolution?
  19. Hi All, Looking for some advice as I am a complete novice to the watch world but I like the "value" factor. I like the look of the ROLEX Submariner, yach master & gmt versions. I see the Submarimers are around 9.9k to buy new & some of the others varie. If I buy the Submariner at 9.9k new today what's the chances of it holding it's value or decreasing? What's is potentially worth in a years time? Thanks in advice guys.
  20. [url=https://flic.kr/p/23v54cy][img=https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4612/39710375674_9515076fc6_b.jpg][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/24vYibb][img=https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4615/40376925282_a8c36f29c7_b.jpg][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/24zRs5H][img=https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4704/40420855441_65b14f528f_b.jpg][/url] A 1970* (or so) Grovana (the case possibly not original) on a Di-Modell Jumbo. It looks so good it's making me sick. I never ever come away knowing the time after looking at it. Not a clue. Which is a shame really, since it's a pretty decent time-keeper so far. Got it on eBay, Bulgarian seller (I understand that Grovana, like Atlantic, found themselves a niche in Eastern Europe?). Came on a hellish black "leather" strap. There's a little smudge of gold in the black on the dial (at 2.20), so I'm assuming it's been repainted. And for those of you who, unlike me, are real watch-people, the movement is allegedly EB-8021N. I found that out after finally finding a photo of a similar watch (only with a white dial and a different case) on a Spanish site . Would love to show you some photos of the movement too, but haven't got the proper tools (nor the improper ones, for that matter) to open the back. The photos on the Spanish site and the ones my seller took, though, tell me (untrained eye and all) that the movement is indeed authentic. Same goes for the back. (And that concludes my uninformed conclusions.) And oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself. Hello everyone. I'm a newbie. Two months ago (to the day, I believe!) I discovered that I love watches. Hadn't worn a watch since my teens. Couldn't care less about Omegas and Heuers and what have you. Didn't even know what a Patek Philippe was! And now, in my 53rd year, I have gone absolutely insane. *In 1970 Hans Gröflin AG became Grovana Uhrenfabrik AG, according to the company's website. And my watch has no logo, as later watches do, just the name. And it does look more 60s than 70s, generally. That's why I'm guessing 1970-71. Unless, of course, they used the brand name before they changed the name of the company? Does anyone know?
  21. Hi all! I am currently working on a new wristwatch project and it would be helpful to get some insights from you to understand what you look for in a quality watch. Could you please kindly fill in the short survey (it will take less than 1 minute) such that we would understand the market better? Your help is much appreciated. Wish a Merry Christmas! Many thanks, MCJT
  22. Got this off ebay, Bulgarian seller. A manual wind Grovana 23 jewels with date. Replaced the strap (Di-Modell Jumbo), looks great (IMHO). Runs well too. Good time-keeper. So far. Info on Grovana is pretty scarce, though. The company's own website has this: "1970 - Werner Bitterli [love that name] takes over Hans Gröflin AG and the name is changed to Grovana Uhrenfabrik AG [...] 1971 - The production of watch movements is gradually being reduced whilst the development of the company’s own collection simultaneously starts under the name of ‘Grovana’." Does anyone know of any isolated Grovanas (under that name) pre-1970/71, one-offs, so to speak, prior to the company's re-christening? My watch looks distinctly 60s (but it could, of course, be early 70s too). It has no logo (later Grovanas do), just the name, so in any case it's early. I've been searching the web for a couple of months now and have found only one Grovana similar to mine (see below). My unqualified guesses are that my case is a replacement (crown too, probably), but that movement and back are authentic (haven't opened the back, no tools (not sure I should anyway, no experience whatsoever), but the seller's not so great photos of the movement match the ones I found, the movements look identical, to my untrained eye). There's also a smudge of gold in the black on the dial, so I'm guessing repaint? The only info I have concerning year of manufacture is what the seller told me, that a watchmaker had placed it in the 1960s. When the brand purportedly didn't exist. Or did it? The case is SS, case width 34mm (crown excluded), lug width 18mm. No logo or anything on the crown. According to the site where I found the only other photos (so far) of a watch similar to mine (only with a white dial and a different case, probably original, that DOES look 70s by the way) the movement is EB-8021N. And as you can see there are no numbers on the backs of either of the watches, none on mine and none on the one below. And yes, I'm a novice. The other Grovana (not mine, and not my photos):
  23. Joannie

    Vertex WW2 Watxh

    My Dad left me his WW2 Vertex watch. It’s in excellent working condition with all the numbers and crowfoot markings. He was given this in 1940. I don’t know if it’s of any value or if anyone would be interested in acquiring a vintage military timepiece in such good condition.
  24. They seems to have good reviews on trustpilot https://www.trustpilot.com/review/watchesofmayfair.com and real shop in London https://watchesofmayfair.com/about-us but their prices are kind of too low.
  25. scottyDog

    Change Date Ring

    I'm planning to change the date ring from White background to Black background on an ETA 2824-2 movement, any advice on possible problems would be appreciated.

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