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Found 25 results

  1. Hobby repairer here with a very strange problem. A few weeks ago, I took apart 2 standard Chinese made quartz watches (same make/model) and now I am trying to put them back together. All the parts have just been sitting on the table, but the white o-rings that go around the crystal are BOTH too big to fit into the groove. When I took the rings out initially, it was actually a challenge as they were quite snug. But now, when I place the ring over the cavity, the OD is about 1 mm larger than they were 3 weeks ago. Can I do anything to shrink them back? Most of my watches are older mechanical pieces with plastic crystals, and I don't have much experience in this, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Anyone know who is servicing this Omega Calibre. With a genuine guarantee.?
  3. Hello all, first time poster and hoping your experience and wisdom will help me resurrect this 1950s/60s car clock. It’s a 2” in-dash Smiths, CE 2160/02. It looks complete and the movement looks clean. I acquired as a non-tested clock. I think it’s negative earth, but first question is how to correctly connect it to 12v? It has a single yellow wire - is this for live feed or earth? Other than this it has two threadposts at the rear with knurled nuts and washers. I huess these fix it into the dash but are either of the threaded posts at the back for 12v positive also? All pointers appreciated. Many thanks.
  4. Hi, I purchased a second-hand 2012 Breitling Superocean from a London watch dealer back in June last year. I have had no problems with this watch in fact I have been very pleased with my purchase, up until last week when I went to put my watch on in the morning (I never wear it to bed) and noticed that the face of the watch had turned within the case slightly. After a few hours the face had turned nearly 180 degrees in the case. I contacted the dealer I purchased it from and they suggested it had probably been caused by a knock or drop, and will result in the watch being to returned to Breitling for repair. This leaves me slightly confused as I am certain that this is not the case. This watch is very dear to me and I look after it very carefully - I saved for sometime and waited in excess of 6 months to find a model that I liked. Has anybody else had any similar problems as me - and any ideas on a resolution?
  5. Hi Simon My Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAN2110 crown does not screw onto the watch, I've bought a replacement crown and intend to replace it myself, is there anything I need to be aware of before starting this task like buying a new stem or known difficulties removing/replacing the crown and stem. Many Thanks.
  6. NickPGSmith

    Citizen C300 parts

    Hello all. Newbie here. While I have a fair amount of experience with electronics, I don't with watches. A while back I inherited a Citizen C300 Navihawk that had been unused for years. I decided to try replacing the battery myself; bought a battery and opening tool, no problems. At some point I dropped the watch (about a metre onto hard wood) and the digital section went wonky, and one of the hands came off. I managed to do an all-reset, and put the hand on again. Good job I thought. Until months later I tried to use the alarm, and found it had stopped working. Thanks to forums, I suspected I during one of my back-openings I had let the sounder contact to fall out. I never found it :-( So now I am trying to source the part (903-156). I thought it would be easy, but it seems not. Various watch repair shops I have been to won't try and get the part for me, they want to send the watch away for a "service". Got a quote from Esslinger in the US, but the postage seems a little high for such a small part. Anyone know of a place in the UK I could try? TIA - Nick
  7. Hello guys, So I purchased a Longines conquest classic chrono 8 months ago. Really love the watch. However, a few days ago i thuroughly cleaned my watch and noticed on the caseback sapphire crystal a scratch. It is only seen when looking at it from a certain side and under a lamp or sunlight. It is wierd because it isnt just a straight line scratch but multiply tiny scratchtes in one spot. The front crystal has nothing on it which is wierd because the only time i take my watch off is for the night. I heard that if anti reflective coating is applied on the outside of the crystal (i dont know if longines does this on the case back) then that can get scratched easier then the sapphire itself. But i would like to ask how do i know if the reflective coating scratched or the sapphire itself? I dont think diamonds are resposible as my mother wears them but she rarly take them of and it is strange how they could scratch the inside crystal. Thanks
  8. I just acquired this nifty old Timex quartz. It's working, but it has some problems and I'd love some advice on what to do. First, I had to struggle a bit to remove the old battery. When I inserted a new one, it wouldn't stay in place. It kept popping out. I finally held it in the best I could and quickly screwed on the caseback to hold it into place. Is there a trick to getting the battery to stay in place? Then I noticed the second hand would periodically pause for a 1-3 seconds. Sometimes it even goes backward by a second. I watched it for a while and I'm not able to discern a solid pattern. But it seems to stop and start near the top of the hour more often than at other positions. If I let it go for a while, the watch will eventually stop. What might cause this? I thought I'd take out the movement and see if there's a problem with the way the hands are attached, but I can't figure out how to remove the stem. Anyone know how? If I need to replace the movement, does anyone know what type this is and/or whether I can replace it with a modern movement (or an old one salvaged from another watch)?
  9. So my friends Dad found a Certina Chronlympia circa 1971 8501-503, on the beach in the south of the UK believe it or not. Anyway I've had a tinker with it and managed to fix a loose hour hand and polish the acrylic and the case up. The only problem is that when I push the chrono function to send the second hand back to the 12 position it actually flies back to the 9 instead, and I can't work out how to alter this. I've tried pulling the crown out and pushing the 'A' button to send it forward but all that does is start the second hand up again. if anyone has any ideas that would be great.
  10. I just wanted to share with everyone an interesting and thought provoking story I stumbled across on Instagram a couple of days ago. This guys home was completely destroyed by a bushfire back in 2013, it was one of the most ferocious bushfires to have hit Australia in 2013, and it literally destroyed everything in its path, reaching temperatures of 1600 degrees Celsius. Except for in this individuals case... His Speedy survived, obviously it doesn't work any more, but the owner took time to clean it up, and It now has incredible sentimental value, as it was the only thing which survived the blaze. Also with 5 of the hands still in tact... Much more of an extreme test, compared to anything NASA threw at it! Quote from the Speedmasters Owner: "Yes I have a deep attachment to my Moonwatch And from time to time I still wear it. After what it has been through I think that wearing it shows respect for my watch. I loved it from the day I obtained it and I still love it!"
  11. Audemars Freaket

    Mentor/Guidance Required

    Hello fellow forum members, This is my first post and will arguably be my most important, so if anybody would be able to provide any help or useful information then I would be very appreciative. So a little bit of a background, I'm 21 and have always loved watches, I recently decided to follow my passion and am seeking to begin a career within watch repair and watch making and having found out recently that my great great grandfather was a watch maker in London, who moved to Coventry where my family were raised has given me a real sense of vindication and desire to carry on a trade which seems to be being lost somewhat with the advances of modern day technology. I've always been a curious mind and am of a highly analytical and detail loving nature, which has helped me to work within professional sports coaching and repairing my first car as a necessity/hobby (FIATs definitely stand for Fix It Again Tomorrow ) Anyway, onto the current situation, with me working a full time afternoon and evenings Monday-Friday coaching job, I am trying to find a way of getting onto the BHI Distance Learning Course diploma level 3 but it requires (from the description of the course) a significant array of tools and equipment which I have neither the space or funds to purchase and use. Having sent off emails to various local jewelers and watch repair shops/boutiques I am yet to hear anything positive. So my question is, does anybody on here have experience of the course, where did you study for your course (practical elements mainly), do you know of any watch makers/repairers within Coventry, Warwickshire or the West Midlands who would be open to having a weekend volunteer, and finally how long did the course take you to complete all the twelve modules. My reason for asking the last question is that I am off to move to America to marry my fiance sometime towards the end of the year hence the choice of distance learning course instead of the in house courses. Finally, as someone who is new to the horology scene, I have massive respect for everybody who is within it, as the detail and accuracy is much greater than I first imagined. Many Thanks, Tom
  12. After having spent a few years in small scale models and robotics, I've got the bug for vintage watches, but am a total newbie - hope I can find some good advice here. First up I've inherited a few watches so experimenting with the more disposable first - I have a nice silver 1890 Fusee lever escapement watch which appears intact, but chain and hairspring are detached (I'm saving this for when I've had a bit of practice). I'm trying to work out how to add pictures here, but the sponsor mark is - J.B. in a rectangle. I can't find an online example to match. Expect this to come from the Manchester / Cheshire area questions 1/ Can I use MEK (Methly Ethyl Ketone) as an organic cleaning solvent ? 2/ I know one should not attempt to clean coins, is this also true of silver watch cases which are tarnished ? 3/ I can't identify the sponsor's mark on the silver - JH I think - my reading of the hall marks is Stirling Silver, Birmingham, and 1890 - Did I get this right?) Seems Like these fetch about £75 UK from what Ebay says, not working and about £200 if I can fix it - so this is my goal. I'd really appreciate some help for a true novice who really needs some help and guidance in a new and fascinating hobby . Cheers A
  13. Hello guys, I am trying to change the crystal of a watch and I have maybe a dumb question... It is a domed with fat bottom glass--diameter 30.30mm & thickness 2.0mm and I am wondering if I could replace it with the same glass but with a thickness of 1.0mm instead. Should it be avoided? What would be the consequences? Let me know if you have any idea. Cheers! Erwan
  14. Hi there Im a new memeber from South Africa. A little about myself and my watches: Im a Mechatronic Engineeri working in Johannesburg. I love classic watches, just about anything and everything with a bit of history. I have a few heirloom watches including the topic of this thread a seiko 7t42-7A10. I also have a patek philippe along with a citizen eco divers and a few more generic modern new watches. Unfortunate my seiko has stopped running and I've been searching high and low for anybody who can help me repair it or even just to source an alternative movement. I'm a clumsy person so i prefer not to open my watches myself. Especially as i don't want to learn any expensive lessons on one of my heirlooms. Hears where you guys come in. What advice can you give a novice and where do I continue the search?
  15. Someone mentioned it would be nice to have the like button back, but without the league tables this time. Is this possible as it does seem to be missed? Cheers Trev
  16. Gp.vagianas

    Casio Eqw M710 reset

    Dear sirs i own a casio solar powered radio controlled wrist watch. Still while everything is set properly the day of the week doesn't fit the current date. Could you tell me how can i reset the watch to the factory settings without removing the battery nor opening it?
  17. marcodounis

    New cases for Landeron 48

    Hi All, I'm new to this site but i have not been able to find any information on this subject. I'm a collector of vintage Landeron 48 movements. Most of my movements have cases and a nice working watches once fully restored. I do however have a few movements that have no case at all, but are fully repaired and working. Instead of putting them into a vintage case with a snap back, i was hoping to find a company that creates new cases that may fit this watch and include a sapphire back so i can see the movement. Is anyone aware of a company that makes and ships newly made cases of this type that might fit a Landeron 48 movement? Any help would be much appreciated. Marco
  18. Hi, I am new to this forum, so if I have posted in the incorrect section my apologies and please feel free to direct me elsewhere.. I am looking for a local reputable watch repair service (independant or national business), I live in Halifax, West Yorkshire UK. I have two watches that I am looking for help with: 1) Fossil watch (similar in appearance to this) the pin has snapped and the small spring section which goes watch body is still in place. I believe it may need to be drilled out? Other wise the strap and watch is in perfect working order. 2) Emporio Armani watch (similar in appearance to this) I have had the watch sometime and I now need a new link adding back in, but I am not able to find the link. Can new links be obtained, or must the strap be replaced? (The strap looks the same as this). Thank you in advance. Gareth
  19. Hi all. I have an 1891 Elgin Pocket watch in need of tlc. I have already sent it to One company who waited 8 weeks before telling me they couldn't/weren't willing to fix it for whatever reason. It has a heartbeat, it just needs some surgery. I'm basically in love with it and I'm not willing to put it back on the auction site I got it from! I'm looking for any repair companies you guys would recommend. Thanks, James
  20. Hello. I have a Citizen Blue Angel edition Ti watch. Everything functions on the watch except the hour hand. Any clue as to what might be happening?
  21. I went back to my parents house a few weekends ago and was digging around in the drawers in my old room when I stumbled across my old school watch! This will be from about 1994ish so possibly 20 years old, It obviously wasnt ticking and the strap had perished and crumbled away in my hands! I clearly didnt take good care of watches in my youth as the screen was scratched to buggery! I feel stupid as i didnt take any before pictures to show the transformation! schoolboy I know but you will just have to make do with the final pictures, once I had the back off part of the case around one of the screws broke away, I ordered a new battery from cousins and glued the broken bit back on. Then I set to it with the brasso and got rid of most of the offending scratches, the battery arrived and although fiddily was easily replaced and to my delight it sparked back into life! Now it was time for a new strap I looked at loads on line and then whilst shopping in Richmond whilst the Mrs was sorting out some new shoes for the little fella I was given free time to go get a strap (this was allowed as I hadnt actually purchased a new watch!) So I went in with the intention of getting a £10 plasticy one and come out with a lovely Hirsch Knight with White stiching in black leather! I think it sets it off quite well! Well without further ado here is my new (old) watch Untitled by jorritschrauwers, on Flickr Untitled by jorritschrauwers, on Flickr and the obligatory wrist shot Untitled by jorritschrauwers, on Flickr All feedback welcome I realise I have been a bit of a lurker of late and seem to have come back with a bang today!
  22. Sizing A Replacement Crystal I am about to practice replacing a broken crystal on a rotary watch. So I have purchased a case press and I am waiting for this to arrive. The watch was dropped and the crystal is badly damaged. I expect it will come out in bits when I try to press it out. So how do I measure the crystal and where should I go to order a replacement, Cousins? being impatient but can I measure the crystal before it is out so I can order one or do i have to wait for the press, remove the crystal and then measure and then order? The movement is a miyota 0S60 (http://www.citizen.c...f/spec_0S60.pdf) but that wont help me know the size of the crystal. Any suggestions appreciated Thanks Peter
  23. pmhpmh

    Unicorn Repair

    Still Learning and trying to remove a movement from a Unicorn Watch I have removed both the case screws and the stem. However the movement does not want to lift out of the case. Do I need more force? or have I missed something? I am always wary of applying too much force, but dont see any thing else holding the watch.
  24. pmhpmh

    My First Repair

    Well after years of enjoying watches I finally decided that I would love to start to be able to look after old watches. So my goal is to learn to clean watches and carry out minor repairs. Over the last few months I have picked up a few "victims" and some basic tools. I will add more as I progress and need them to allow me to finish other jobs. So today with a rare few hours to spare I plucked up courage and started my first tinkering session. I have an old roamer with a sub second dial. The second hand had fallen off and could be seen through the crystal. So I took the back off, removed the crown and stem, removed the mechanism, collected the second hand, reattached it, and re assembled the watch! Very basic job but still happy I managed to do this. I found this incredibly fiddly and showed me that I need some more tools, especially a range of magnifying loupes.

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