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  1. seamonkies

    New Arrivals

    Nice pair! ;)
  2. seamonkies

    New Arrival

    I like it!
  3. seamonkies

    Regulating A

    Sounds like it's been magnetized to be that inaccurate. A watchmaker could unmagnetize it for about $5. Takes a few seconds.
  4. seamonkies

    Reprecussions Of A Drunken Saturday Night

    That's not a bad looking watch. At least we now know you still have good taste when drunk. :)
  5. seamonkies

    Recent Arrivals …

    Great looking watches.
  6. seamonkies

    Longines Watches

    I think I may have seen Longines advertisements in magazines in the 80's. Haven't seen any this decade, that I can recall.
  7. seamonkies

    Heuer Carrera Show & Tell

    Beautiful! Imagine if it had a see-through back.
  8. seamonkies

    Heuer 1000m Professional Diver

    Looks great. The circuits seems to be in as new condition.
  9. seamonkies

    Seiko 5 - New This Morning

    Looks good.
  10. seamonkies

    Can I Have Your Carrera Opinions Please?

    Oh man, that looks great.
  11. seamonkies

    I Think I'm In Love

    Pearl dials are the best.
  12. I am glad you got it resolved. :)
  13. seamonkies

    My Small Collection

    Nice collection. :eek:
  14. Personally, I'd go for the archimede. :)

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