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  1. Roamer Brevete

    Hello! Thank you very much for these informations. but, i think it must be an automatic one, because with the smal pin on the right side its impossible to wind. when i take the watch and move it around with my hand some seconds, the clock start to run, but also only for some seconds... so, is this a correct sign for an automatic watch? thank you very much, i think i would make a "small service" and maybe wear the watch by myself in the future... how much does it cost to get this thing running like in the "good old" days when my grandfather got this one? Greetings, Manuel, Tirol, Austria
  2. Roamer Brevete

    Hi! Thank you very much for post my pics... maybe some of the other user from this forum can tell me more in the next days about this watch. meanwhile i will contact a local shop to take a look on the watch as a professional... thank you all again, Manuel
  3. Roamer Brevete

    Hello, i got a watch from my grandfather after he dies 2 years ago. i think he had this watch a long time, i cant remeber him without this watch. its in gold, ROAMER incabloc on the front, down is SWISS MADE. On the back - ROAMER STAINLESS STEEL BACK WATERPROOF around, SWISS MADE BREVETE (swiss cross) 305467 305776, 307382 308491 could someone tell me wat kind this watch is, i think its an old one, automatic watch and works when moving it around at the small hand down- the watch is still working. i hope someone could tell me more about this watch, who build it in which time and maybe one of you got the same watch and also know the price you got in these days... (i only want to know it, the watch is not for sale, the only thing i got from my grandfather) sorry for my english - im living in austria, not talking much in this language... thank you very much, Manuel m.rott@cnh.at ps. i got also pics, but i wasnt able to put them into this forum. please sent me a mail and i answer, put the pics as attachment. Thank you for hepl!

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