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  1. Yes, I've only just discovered this site. I bought a few NOS Poljot movements back in the day - there are plenty of non-runners on here that I reckon I can breathe new life into. Hardly surprising that prices have caught up, but I've seen a few (Russian & Swiss) that just seem far too over-priced, or with silly £15/£20 postage costs. Let the hunt begin!
  2. Yep, thought so. I did notice some absolutely rotten frankens - I'll be avoiding them. It looks to me as though my best bet is to buy some of the non runners for dials, hands and cases and then source replacement movements to put them back together. Should keep me occupied, but I think I'll have to commit to a Strela sooner rather than later... I've always loved the Slavas, and you're right about the Okeahs - used to be available for under a ton at times. Still, they are all good runners, quality movements IMHO.
  3. After a (not inconsiderable) break from 'actively' following, buying and keeping up to speed with my collecting habits I've found myself slowly drifting back to adding to the collection and wearing different watches each day. Over the past few years my time has been taken up with house buying (and the inevitable DIY), getting married, having kids, working etc. and the watches took a back seat. A week or two ago I started perusing eBay again, and naturally the search terms of 'Sekonda', 'Poljot', 'Slava', 'Raketa' etc. were duly typed into the search box. Russians were always my thing, along with vintage Swiss. When I first started collecting, I had next to no spare cash and I used to scour the 'Bay in the early hours searching out bargains and built up a decent collection of about 30 pieces, some picked up for literally pennies - but now, wow! I'll admit to being shocked at some of the prices people are looking for - I've seen a few up which I would have paid a tenner for a couple of years ago being offered for £70 or £80. There were a few pieces that I've bid on, and a couple (such as the original Strela, to accompany the re-issue which I have) which I've reconciled I'll have to pay current prices for, but I'll admit to having been shocked at just how much prices have risen. Having been out of the loop for so long, is eBay still the best place to buy the vintage Russian pieces, or are there other sources? I also noticed that many are being shipped from abroad (with high postage charges) - is this now common and have the UK 'found in dad's drawer' supplies pretty much dried up? I can feel my wallet getting lighter as I type, but it's good to be back in the fold...
  4. Reckon I'll have the VW T2 camper in two years... I think the missus was hoping for something a bit more luxurious, so I'll have to get an awning!
  5. Funny, isn't it - just a few years ago, people working, saving and prepping so hard for their retirement would have been seen by many as a bit of a waste of youth or an unnecessary worry. However, I fully intent to stop working somewhere between 55 and 60 (so, what, 20-30 years retired, hopefully in reasonable health, in contrast to a couple of years?) and with the way that pensions are going, I'm planning now for my income, to the point where I save/invest a fairly large slice of my monthly income for the future. In terms of 'keeping busy' I have enough hobbies, interests, plans etc. that if I gave up work tomorrow I'd probably have things on that I'd never get round to. The wife and I had planned to buy a bolt-hole in Greece sometime in the next few years, although the EU ref may have put paid to that if it becomes increasingly difficult to travel/conduct financial transactions, but we'll see. One plan I have is to drive the entire coastline of mainland Britain in a camper van, and then do Ireland if there's enough time. In the short-term, a move to rural north Devon is on the cards in three to five years - all this with a view to building a bit of homestead and then gradually work towards a simpler, more satisfying (for me) kind of life. Not totally self-sufficient or separated from 'normality', but very much more free of 'stuff'. Old Jag, camper van, good tent, pantry full of pickles - that sort of thing I'm genuinely excited by the 'slow-burner' nature of such a shift/plan and feel more settled than I have done in years. Life is good, I want to keep it simmering along in such a way.
  6. Noooo! If there's one thing I like after a shave (a proper DE shave) it's the astringent sting of a high alcohol tincture being rubbed all over before the moisturiser. Weird, I know, but it works for me, and I still love the smell of OS.
  7. At one point I had a shelf full of the stuff, as I liked to have a 'change' now and again. However, in a rationalisation of 'stuff' (i.e. having one quality pair of shoes, one quality pair of boots and one pair of trainers instead of the bottom of the wardrobe being full of crap) I have two and will not be changing from them, ever. Dior Homme Intense is the go-to smell, with a bottle of Old Spice for when I've had a shave. I don't care what anyone says, Old Spice is a brilliant, brilliant aftershave.
  8. You're in Deptford/New Cross,right? Is there still that bats*it crazy Caribbean boozer at the end of the high street on the way to Greenwich? Always reminded me of the Samoan pub in Lock Stock... Always open, always lively. Mismatched crockery and handled glasses are the stock in trade for the gentrified boozers round these parts. Still, I remember my brother an I nipping out for a pint a few years ago to one of the local watering holes - chap at the door made it clear that he had a screwdriver in his sock and just said "Fack me, it's the filth. Fack off, you ain't comin' in 'ere..." Now closed and in the process of being gentrified. Shame really. Oh, and never trust a pub that has net curtains up in the windows...
  9. Not been to WW, although did consider going with another couple and their little girl. In the end we settled on the Southbank Christmas markets, with a pub crawl to Borough market on Friday. Much hot cider was drunk, along with ales, mulled wine and fish an chips in the Anchor. Followed by my friend's screening of 'It's a Wonderful Life' last night in Little Ilford, I can confidently state that Chrismas has definitely begun! Incidentally, my favourite place for Christmas market type experiences are in central Europe. Budapest does it well, but Talinn takes some beatng for fairytale surroundings. Riga and Bucharest are next on the list... Merry Christmas all!
  10. A mim-yellow Stag is my dream car, but I suspect we'll get a T2 camper first, then an XJS for the wife. Little does she know that I have five endowment policies maturing over the next few years that could help pay for a stable of dream motors!
  11. Just the beginning. I suspect the prices of more everyday items will rise sharply once the suppliers' hedged funds start to dry up, probably around March/April - around the time that article 50 is enacted. The little bit of slack that the poorer in society have will be used up, and there'll be screams for a 'soft' Brexit. Then we can all go back to just hating each other for the next 40 years until we join a Canadian-led free trade organisation, following their invasion (assisted by Mexico) of the USA in 2022. Supported by the UN, the action was necessary to curtail the millions of Americans fleeing the apocalyptic effects of the 'President Trump Edicts'. To keep this on topic, all planned purchases of expensive watches (was planning on a Speedy this year) are on hold for around three years, unless it's a spectcular bargain.
  12. There are only the essentials in my/our (my!) kitchen... A big multi-oven cooker, toaster, kettle, food processor, espresso machine and the wife's sandwich toaster. If it doesn't get used, it gets given away.
  13. I have a La Pavoni Europiccola, a manual lever espresso machine. More of an art than a convenience. Generic pic below...
  14. I'm a lover of nice stationery - notebooks, pads, card, pens, ink, mechanical pencils... You name it. I'm fortunate in that my job relies on handwritten notes, statements, reports, memos - it's a pleasure for me. I have a Cross ATX fountain pen (piston fill) which I use mainly at home. My EDC(s) are a Cross Century II fountain pen which I run on cartridges for convenience (trip to Smiths if I run out) and a Hero 359 (capillary fill, hooded nib). I have two more of these Heros, a Baoer 100 and a Jinhao 159. I also have a Cross Century Classic pencil. Oh, and a black BIC biro...
  15. Bit of a non-story in and of itself, agreed, but I think the real message that the Beeb is trying to put across is to highlight the obsessive rules of the IOC - like all of these large sporting governing bodies, it appears to operate as a sisnister looking cabal of wierdo self promotionists. The Beeb has faults, as do all large institutions and organisations, but on the whole I'm in agreement with your dad.