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  1. Hello again!

    Must have been me then. Odd.
  2. Hello again!

    I swear it was missing for a bit
  3. Hello again!

    This forum seemed to disappear for a bit, I was not aware it had come back until today! Sorry for not posting more...will call in more often now I'm clued up about it being open again.
  4. Zeno-Watch Armydiver Le Yellow!

    My own watch arrived yesterday and went straight into a NATO!
  5. Zeno-Watch Armydiver Le Yellow!

    It's a bit less than standard but it comes on rubber strap with a second 'carbon' strap. £375 for forum people. £399 on the website.
  6. Finished at last! Bead blasted, black date wheel, red second hand. I love it! Best, James.
  7. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all!
  8. time-design.co.uk ordered 20 pieces in yellow and I borrowed the sample today to snap some pics. The Orange 'Doxa' has been around for years and I bought mine from Timefactors in the early 2000's I think but Zeno have never made a yellow version. There was a yellow Doxa so it made sense to create a yellow Zeno. There was a thread on the Zeno-watch collectors facebook group about it and it was voted to keep the dial the same (but you might notice the box round the date has been removed) as adding text made it too 'fussy' Otherwise is it a standard model. I'm told there will be an edition number on the back and these will come on Zeno rubber rather than bracelet, with a second 'carbon' strap included.
  9. Had a few of them. Latest is being built... Full custom version.
  10. Beadblasting?

    Any one know who does this? Thanks in advance.. James.
  11. Cadence And Watch Collecting

    I am a professional session musician. I'm also a obsessive character.
  12. Fantasy Watch List

    A red sub. It will only go up :)
  13. Christmas Watch Wear

    It's been this one...
  14. Eastenders 25/12/13

    It sort of fits with his character. It would be good to know if it is the actors choice to wear a fake.. Or it's just his watch. It always bothers me when watches are out of character in films or tv. Those that remember 'Ricky butcher'.. He always had a real steel Daytona on and was meant to be a poor mechanic. Always pulled my chain!
  15. Eastenders 25/12/13

    It's a fake.

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