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    Watches - bloomin' obvious. Music - loud n hard preferably. Beer. Any sort of gadget or new technology. Beer. Did I mention beer?

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  1. Mrcrowley

    Seiko "Air" Diver

  2. Mrcrowley

    What Gets You Up In The Morning?

    Carers :doctor:
  3. Mrcrowley

    Happy Birthday Paul

    Thanks to everyone. Not been on as had bit of a do plus i've got streaming nose caused by my bloody breathing mask.
  4. Mrcrowley

    Another Lidl Special

    Can't speak for others, but personally - so far - when - gardening, rock climbing, washing the car, out on the p!!s, mixing cement, mountain biking and walking in Glasgow. (I made the last one up!) fair enough.
  5. Mrcrowley

    Another Lidl Special

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm Mixed thoughts on this. Yes it's cheap. But do you have a few watches worth hundreds, thousands? If so when you gonna wear it?
  6. Mrcrowley

    Album Tracks

    At mo Rock Out - Motorhead. Robbie - you know me
  7. Mrcrowley

    Album Tracks

    Bloody loads man! Have to think about this....................
  8. It's still still on my wrist
  9. Mrcrowley

    What's Your Favourite Joke?

    Bear n a rabbit were takin a **** in the woods. Bear says 'excuse me, but do u get trouble with **** sticking to your fur?' 'Not really' said the rabbit. So the bear wipes his arse with the rabbit.
  10. Mrcrowley

    What's Your Favourite Joke?

    Whats 5 wheelchairs stacked up? A cabbage rack.
  11. Mrcrowley

    What's Your Favourite Joke?

    My friend despite my pleas, wanted to commit suicide. I pushed him under a steam train. He was chuffed to bits.
  12. Mrcrowley

    What's Your Favourite Joke?

    The UK paralypic team was involved in a crash. Took Firemen 4 hrs to cut the coach from the wreakage.
  13. Mrcrowley

    Friday Thread

    Lovely................as are most. But cop a REAL watch :whistle: Cheeky b'stard mode off...............
  14. Mrcrowley

    Friday Thread

    Where the hell u find that? Was it in the glovebox of Jillian's car?

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