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  1. A nice classic looking watch
  2. Website not secure

    Back to normal now Roy thanks
  3. Website not secure

    I keep getting this today Error code: EX0 and cannot see what is for sale, also have to keep login in if leave page.
  4. Citizen Royal marine

    Muff diver yes
  5. new toy

    lovely weather for the top off
  6. RIP Roger Moore

    Rip Roger,i loved the saint and had the toy car.
  7. First Poljot

    Nice watch
  8. Aldi bargin watch auto

    they are my finger prints sorry, and 3 year g/tee if you keep the recipit
  9. Our local Aldi is selling these off for £7.99 Automatic great deal me thinks screw down crown also.can get square or round dial's
  10. micro brand - forevus

    i dont like it sorry
  11. Took the truck out

    Thats very a nice truck
  12. nee problem i could take that apart,its putting back together the problem