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  1. Incoming

    she must be an angel
  2. Sunday newbies post 1990

    Now that is what I call a watch, wish I could afford one my grail watch.I am I love. Got this on today.
  3. SHOES

    Another thing I like is shoes been into TK Maxx today come out with these handmade Italian dark brown shoes a bargain at £13.00 Dino Draghi.Had to lace them up my way just like the way I do my doc martins.
  4. Saturday watch parade

    This just come in the post rose gold bling £20.00
  5. Saturday watch parade

    The one above has a great design case
  6. Honda Cub.

    Thanks for the good memories of my ss50 yes I remember those moped's great day's
  7. Honda Cub.

    I to I had a green ss50 think it was 5-speed mates had fs1e and Suzuki ap50 we went all over the northeast on them had the head done three times 1st moped was a freebie from my uncle a puch 50 one seat job 50p lasted a month. that's the same colour as mine in the link I sold mine for £40.00 A PETROL TANK DRIVER
  8. new toy

    Been on night shift this week did the last one last night up early and put the strut brace that I got from daughter for Christmas and the front slam panel on, the sun has been out today up here.
  9. Thursday's mechanicals.

    still this one.
  10. First Rolex

    Not a fan of Rolex but that does look nice on your wrist Dimi.
  11. bargin tudor

    from Russia, could be a moded Vostok Amphibia
  12. Song Titles Game

    Forever young // Alphaville one of the best songs ever
  13. Tuesday tickers

    I keep puting2017 on the data and condition check sheets at work and I am on 3 shift pattern so don't know what day it is either.

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