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  1. Happy as a pig in **** - Oris Aquis date

    A classic looking watch the back looks as good as the front very nice,
  2. Watch for my son

    what about a Vostok diver 40mm automatic. should be able to take a few knocks. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VOSTOK-AUTO-AMPHIBIAN-060634-SCUBA-DUDE-MILITARY-DIVER-WATCH-NEW-UK-SELLER/142711921933?hash=item213a4b1d0d:g:9N4AAOSwLnlacumf
  3. yes a nice watch also as above what lume did you use looks fab
  4. New arrival

    that's a nice looking watch I like lume
  5. Song Titles Game

    silver blue & gold // Bad co
  6. Whatever Happened to Avia

    My one and only Avia watch.
  7. Saturday Watch Parade 10.03.18

    changed to this
  8. Song Titles Game

    George Harrison// here comes the sun
  9. Saturday Watch Parade 10.03.18

    to start the day
  10. Desirable cars.

    anybody on here got one of these Aston Martin one -77 we made the steering shafts for them just had a look at work yesterday have found two shafts and put them in my cupboard might be worth something one day. http://www.astonmartin.com/en/heritage/past-models/one-77
  11. What Are You Listening To

    some blues
  12. Song Titles Game

    Achilles Last Stand Led Zeppelin
  13. Dive watch under £1000

    i think this was £450.00 when new a lot more now
  14. Dive watch under £1000

    I would love one of these a lot of watch for the money Zelos. https://zeloswatches.com/collections/hammerhead-preorder
  15. where to shop now

    exactly Sunderland is **** for any type of shops apart from charity, coffee, specs shops

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