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  1. bowie

    Tremendous Tuesday Tickers

    this till i go to work
  2. just received this from the other side blue dial and a good price
  3. bowie

    Saturday 19.05.18.

    Today easy to read Ray wong with eta under the hood.
  4. like the strap on the top one where did you get that WRENCH the tan one
  5. TO small for me to read and very busy dial.
  6. bowie

    Mazda MX5 or BMW Z4?

    it's ok, not bad for the year thanks just picked the roof back up from the paint shop
  7. bowie

    Mazda MX5 or BMW Z4?

    has to be an mx5 loads of parts to get 2nd hand only thing to look for is rust on the mk1 rear sills arches,mk2 chassis rails go also here is mine just got the hard top down the paint sprayers now.
  8. bowie

    Saturday 12th May wrist check

  9. bowie

    Song Titles Game

  10. bowie

    Song Titles Game

    we are the dead// bowie
  11. bowie

    Song Titles Game

    Dave is on the road again Manfred Mann
  12. bowie

    Chinese Fountain Pens

    You have some good skill there do you do any orders for other drawings would like a Bowie one as Aladin sane and one of my mx5 car and how much, please.
  13. bowie

    Song Titles Game

    little wonder bowie
  14. bowie

    Song Titles Game

    Freebird // Lynyrd Skynyrd
  15. bowie

    Song Titles Game

    David Bowie - Memory Of A Free Festival Part 1

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