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  1. nice easy to read watch looks great.
  2. quality very nice.
  3. I am a grumpy man and proud of it my wife keeps telling me so
  4. Has the smiths rail-road watch gone Roy?
  5. Why do people that don't work go shopping on a Saturday,especially old people with wheeled shopping trolleys and girls with prams,they have all week to go in to town when its not so busy why go on a Saturday,also them electric scooters that go up and down the isles in super markets and I often witness a miracle they get off the scooter and reach for summit of the top shelf put it in to there basket then speed off to the next isle ,and another thing parking in disabled parking spacers anywhere but especially at the supermarket I pass very large 4x4 with big steps on people carriers how do they get into them and the people you see drive them never seem to have owt up with them, why can they not have one car make do you remember the light blue disabled car that used to be the norm,
  6. Not my cup of tea either but 53 no age at all bring on 2017.
  7. Rick Parffit R.I.P. Another star has left the earth what a year.
  8. Thanks for that, Christmas will not be the same and cannot get her away till the 28th they are busy.. watch has been serviced lately and I will be 58 in January so has lasted already very well.
  9. This one for me bought for my 18th birthday from my mam who has just passed away on the 12th December I will wear it at the funereal means so much to owner from new me.
  10. And a merry Christmas to you Roy and the rest of the members hope we have a better 2017. bowie..
  11. bling today.nice and shiny .
  12. The Armida lume.
  13. looks good I don't have the patience or the hands to try.
  14. today