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  1. Chinese Fountain Pens

    I asked for a white one and received this
  2. Just in from Russia

    that's different looks good, glad it can withstand nuclear blasts might need it with Trump and co
  3. The Russians have arrived!!!

    I like both of them very nice comrade
  4. test

    DSC_0445 by John Soks, on Flickr just bought a hardtop for it not the same colour but you cannot have everything.
  5. test

    just to see if this works
  6. Chinese Fountain Pens

    just received one of these great feel nice writer.not my picture nicked from the web.
  7. Armida today old picture.
  8. Darkness Incoming

    great looking watch it is only the name that puts me off a little grumpy grandma it looks really tough though
  9. 3 new arrivals today

    I like the Omega and the blue cw.
  10. First Automatic

    nice watch just adds to the fun of owning an automatic watch when you come to use again setting it up
  11. New arrival!

    nice looking watch needs to be on a bracelet for me.
  12. Citizen divers

    I like that nice.
  13. New Arrival....

    Great watch nice dial.