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  1. This was mine had to sell as son just past his test and could not drive no power steering.
  2. Does that include the Triumph TR7 have had two of those
  3. The speaker grill on the doors allready on it's a V Special eunos jap import i have give it another coat of shulz underneath ,green & tan the best option in my opinion,i have joined both the mazda clubs got cheaper classic car insurance only a 1600cc engine but fast enough for me,got a s/steel grill comming next week.thanks.
  4. my new toy,next thing to get is one of those car cane to help me get in and out.
  5. only got a few whites,
  6. Great looking watch
  7. lovely blue dial
  8. Bruised and batted but still a great watch to wear
  9. Bargin of the week that one.
  10. A super looking watch
  11. well done Rodger.
  12. nice looking watch I don't like Roman numerals but that suites it very well
  13. thanks but its not going to be a good week,postman has just been dropped a letter to the exors have to pay £392.45 back to the care home
  14. Crap week last week my mams boiler packed up cost us £1400 for that, got two letters from pension credit we have to pay back £200.00 back, went into her account the day after she passed we also informed them straight away,Sunday had to get a new fuse box fitted as hers had the old trip switch on £220.00 had a look at a Mazda mx5 mk1 not as good as the pictures walked away,now have to do 3 shifts at work thought those days were over my bowels will be all over the place. got to sleep on the floor on a mattress she has ordered a new bed not coming for 11 days but had to take the old one out as we are getting a new carpet fitted today. good bits got two numbers on Saturday lottery a free lucky dip,might be going to see a mk2 mx5 mam passed in December still waiting to get the ashes back.