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  1. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. Replicas

    Thankyou all for your opinions - just as I thought, the watches are probably a load of rubbish. I didn't have the knowledge base to be able to make an appropriate assessment. It was never my intention to do business with the company though. I am still curious how they manage to continue trading when the consensus appears to be that what they are doing is not legal.
  3. Replicas

    Hi, I tend to lurk around the forum rather than regularly post. I find the Russian watches particularly interesting! My reason for coming out of my shell tonight is because I have been spammed around 3 times recently by an item leading to this address **************** It is a website selling replica watches and other things. I have always believed these things to be illegal and am wondering if this is so. Also does anyone know about these products, are they junk? are they a ripoff? what does anyone know about them? I am not interested in doing business with the company, just curious. Had it not been about watches I would have done what I normally do with spam - ignore it.
  4. New Millenium Timepieces

    I started a new thread this afternoon on the Digital Spy forum. Was surprised that people are starting to rely on mobile phones as their only timepiece. Seems that in the interests of a comprehensive representation of personal timepieces someone is going to have to start a mobile phone collection - what an awful thought.
  5. Skoda Estelles

    Or Invacar one of the blue trike manufacturers
  6. Skoda Estelles

    They were built like a brick sh1thouse with the fuctionality of a railway steam locomotive. Had unburstable engines and transmission. They were constructed for roads the like of which we haven't seen in this country since W.W.2. That is why they were successfull both on and off the rally circuit. They didn't have crumple zones because they didn't bend. Body repairs could be carried out by a blacksmith not a poncy 'technician'.
  7. Skoda Estelles

    I had an Estelle 105S as a second motor to get Mrs Anglebox to and from school each day. It never once let her down, always started 1st time, had an efficient heater in the winter and was perfect for the job in every way. She sold it when she retired and the 1st person to see it paid cash on the spot. On one occasion I saw one of these cars in Prague city centre being driven by the Police, it passed me at a simply phenominal speed (it must have been tuned) and took a right angle turning with a level of panache and skill that by all that is right should have caused it to hit the wall, but it didn't!
  8. Advice Please

    There are no flies on you are there Stan. I own a 1964 Ford Anglia Super which is my pride and joy. It resides in my garage and whenever I have a spare moment I go out and talk to it while I flick a duster over it. It never gets wet and only uses about 6 gallons of petrol a year.
  9. Advice Please

    Good effort 36 years! Just in case you get confused .... the one who must be obeyed is usually referred to as "710" (somebody will explain, something to do with an upside-down oil filler cap) and sometimes as "WLF" aka Watch Limiting Factor ← After 36 years of marriage we have both developed one or two areas of expertise. I decide the household view on European fiscal policy while She Who Must Be Obeyed decides the fiscal practicalities of my visit to the Pig and Whistle this month.
  10. Advice Please

    Thankyou for your welcome AlexR. I see that you have lightening wit so are you responsible for the jokes? She Who Must Be Obeyed says that I am not much of a wit - more of a half wit really. Anyway she married me and we are still together 36 years later.
  11. Advice Please

    Thankyou for your welcome Roy this is a most friendly place Hope that I can get these smilies right.
  12. Advice Please

    Hi angleiron I wouldn't read into that that something is wrong with the quality, at the end of the day, they were made in a factory, not by him. maybe he/she doesn't want you back after a while annoying him about faults. Isn't that what everyone wants there, easy money! ← Thankyou DavidH I hadn't thought of that. I will get my Omega repaired for best use, I rather like the idea of a perpetual calendar watch for daily use as now that I am retired not only am I frequently unaware of the date but often I don't even know what day it is!!!!
  13. Advice Please

    Welcome Anglebox.. Dont let Neil try to buy your Seamaster ← Thankyou Jot for your advice I will certainly be getting my Omega serviced as advised by you. Thankyou for your welcome jasonm and there is no chance that Neil or anyone else will get there hands on my Omega, it has too much sentimental value. I hope that the jokes section of the forum keeps in good health as I have had a few chuckles here!!!!
  14. Advice Please

    I would be grateful if you could give me a spot of impartial advice. I enjoy this forum despite being a little technically out of my depth. I have enjoyed the jokes section for a while now as a visitor. I am thinking about bidding for item no. 4974299043 on E-Bay and was wondering if it is a good idea as the vendor makes a general statement that a manufacturers warranty is not included but his own 90 day warranty is substituted. Why should this be and does it cast any doubt on the reliability of the watch? On another matter in 1966 my parents bought me a Omega Seamaster as a 21st birthday present. I had it serviced a three or four times during the early years but it never ran as well as when it was new. Consequently during my mid life years when family finances where tight it was put away and forgotten about while it was substituted with a series of cheap watches. A couple of years ago I had it serviced by a retired watch repairer who was recommended to me. It ran for a couple of months before the second hand fell off in normal use and it has never run since. Please could you advise me what I should do with it as I never had the courage to take it back to the watch repairer. Sorry if this is a bit of a lengthy item but I suppose I am turning into an old windbag.

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