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  1. First post - 70s sports Rotary

    The crystal looks like acrylic, If so it can be brought back as new simply using an abrasive metal polish like Brasso or Solvol Autosol, If there's deep scores then a fine-ish wet and dry abrasive paper first until all the deepest scratches are gone then the metal polish, You'll be amazed at the difference it will make John
  2. First post - 70s sports Rotary

    It would be worth the expense to get that beauty going perfectly again!! John
  3. New addition - SEIKO 6139-6011

    I swapped my Seiko World Timer for the Bulova Precisionist! I bought the World Timer from an ANtiques centre some years ago, I then (I think) Swapped something for a Navigator case that had been refurbed, The case back had been polished way too much so I put the original caseback on to the refurb'd case (y), I preferred the inner bezel with the hours on rather than the capital cities so I left it in place! The orginal case/bezel I was supposed to be sending the old case in case the gent wanted to put the original inner bezel back in but couldn't find it , When it turns up i'll send it to him along with the staff and gear that drives the inner bezel too EDIT- Ooops!!, I really need new specs, I thought the OP's watch was a world timer when I just looked at it again!! John
  4. I can recall (Vaguely) A lady in the US Bought a motorhome type vehicle, Just a few miles down the road it careered off the road and collided with something or other, When the Police asked her what happened she replied, 'I don't know, As the vehicle was automatic, I went to make a cup of coffee and left it to drive itself, It crashed soon after'!! John
  5. Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    Hi Say I have a similar Uno Sealord, I bought mine several years ago from an Antiques centre, Think I paid £25 and it's alwayd kept time well John
  6. Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    I've a couple of non runners in a similar fashion to this Mach (Fancy case).. I think they need sercicing badly- Could be that they're broken though as I've not lookled at them in tears!... John
  7. Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    Some beauties being aired this morn!! John
  8. Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    Think I may put this old Amphibia on for the bootsales in the morning!! John
  9. Seiko chrono owners club

    Mine.. 7T62 7T32 6139 6139 (Poorly) 6138 6138 another 6138 (Bullhead this time), Needs TLC!! 6139 6139 (Needs a crystal, Looks like the day has slipped too like the Pogue!) Alfie John
  10. Parnis & Alpha Owners clubs

    My only two Alpha's.. John
  11. Eterna Owners Club

    My Eternamatic 3000 (Always seems difficult to photograph ) John
  12. 3133 OWNERS CLUB

    This one has packed in for some reason! It's almost like when a bit of debris gets jammed in the gears, It can't be coaxed back to life!! Never mind, This one is still going strong!! HAGWE John
  13. Citizens of the World

    Some of mine.. John Some more.. Whoops!! That's either all that I have or I don't have pics of all my Citizens!! John
  14. Breitling Owners Club

    I'l put my pics on again through Flickr John
  15. Casio Edifice owners club

    I've the same one as Bowie Can't go wrong at the price, It's my second! Had to have another when I let the first one go!! John