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  1. Oldest Quartz.

    I think this may be my oldest but i'm unsure in reality!! Some more.. I think this Penta-Graph is quite old but no idea how old!, I once got a message through Fleabay, Someone had seen it on this forum (Or may have been TZ) and wanted to buy it as they had one in their youth and wanted another, I forgot all about it so didn't replay! (Pretty sure this is much later than the 70's though!) Another Timex. No idea how old this wabbi'd old seiko is but the crystal is mineral glass so I don't think i'll be polishing it any time soon!! 'Nuther Seiko.. Dunno about this but i've had it for years! Ricoh.. Couple more Seiko's I can Remember Radio Shack (Tandy?) from when I first started work in the mid70's, I bought an LED watch that was £30, That was a week and a half wages! I paid a couple of quid a week then took the watch when i'd paid up!! This has to be much later than that one though!! THis isn't so old but I was sent it as a gift from a chap in the U.S. that has the same name as me!! I had bought the Jacky Ickx easy rider and was googling about it, I found a review and read it, When I reached the end it had my name there and for a sec I though, 'I can't remember writing that'!! Turns out he reviews watches as a job and is an author, We're friends on facebook now!! As I said, Not old, On the caseback it says 1997-2004 and was designed by one Matthew Waldman John
  2. Up at 5am...for a Rotary???

    Absolutely stunning watch!! I like the Avia too! John
  3. Rotary Owners' Club

    I've a couple of Rotary's, Must say, I like the early ones very much but some of the modern ones are fab too! Some of the wife's that she won't wear as her eyes aren't good enough to see small watches any more!! I've a couple more but don't seem to have pics any more! John
  4. A few oldies!

    I have two Navystars, One has centre seconds, The other has a sub dial seconds!! Here's a few more oldies.. John
  5. A few oldies!

    Hi all Not sure of the actual dates these were made but I think they're mostly pre 80's Sorry about the poor image quality, I'm not too good with a camera John
  6. Latest additions..

    I don't have these any more! Had top trade back as the chap I swapped with said the watch i'd sent him wouldn't start! When it came back to me I looked at the hands and they weren't moving so I removed that caseback to see if I could see anything obvious but the balance wheel was spinning strongly! The chrono hands had been stopped but not reset!! It was actually running all the while!! I've worn it most days since it came back to me and it's not stopped! It has a really good power reserve too! I'm actually happy to have the 6139 back now and will order a new crystal from Cousins when I register with them!! It's a bit pointless looking through my crystals as I only have acrylics!! Cheers, John
  7. Hi jizzle I think I have a fake or replica of your watch, Made by seiko!! John
  8. Tag hatred?

    To me an out and out fake/Snide/Replica has the name of the company that they're copying from, If they look the same but don't have the Rolex/Tag/Omega name then they are just hommages John
  9. Tag hatred?

    Everyone in the watchgroups reckon they are a direct copy of the Rolex subs, Strange though as I can't remember a Rolex sub ever having a Seiko movement in!! Others are just thought to be ugly!! (Many of them are though!! ) John
  10. WOWSER!!! Love that!! John
  11. Tag hatred?

    Have to say, I've never been a lover of Tag Heuer but the Heuer watches previously were beautiful! My brother used to buy the fakes but got fed up with them dropping to bits so he saved up and started buying genuine ones, He has six of seven now, Very nice they are too! I think what put me off the Tag's was the fact that there was sooooo many fake ones about twenty years ago- All plasticy looking By the way, I've seen Invicta watches get slated to death in the facebook groups more than any other brand!! I have one as well!! John
  12. I'd say that was a cvollection- And a hell of a one too!! HAGWE John
  13. Hi I switched to this old Seiko 6139-6001 now, I had traded this some weeks ago but the new owner said he couldn't get it to start so we traded back, I removed the caseback to see if anything was obvious and it was running strongly although the chrono hands had been stopped but not reset!! In all honesty i'm really happy to have it back but I need to get a new crystal fitted, Does anyone know who could do this?, I'll assume that the crystals went out of production after the watch did so maybe someone had new ones made to the original spec? I've actually thought of glueing a piece of 2mm acrylic sheet to a faceplate with shellac and turning one to size as then it can be polished every couple of years or as neccessary!! Cheers, John
  14. I'll be strapping this Eco Drive on that I bought yesterday! I put it on this mesh strap because as usual, The bracelet is just too tight!! It was OK when I tried the watch but it seems like my wrist swells up!!, The mesh is adjustable!! HAGWE John
  15. I have an old electric piano that I bought for the wife as she was taught by her grandmother who was a teacher of piano!!, All the family plays piano on the wife's side, Here sister took and passed all the exams except one to be come a teacher but then stopped suddenly and never bothered again!! My wife took no interest in the piano either unfortunately Can't remember the make for sure but I think it was a Vox.. John..

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