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  1. What Happened to Gold Watches.

    I don't think this Tissot Ballade is an old watch but is nicely gold plated, It has Sapphire crystal, I bought it a few years ago from a bootsale, It was quite a bit more than I normally pay at bootsales but I took an instant shine to it as a dress watch and had to have it!! John
  2. A couple of giveaways

    How much would you like for the 007 in bits Rob? John
  3. Gold plating , where, how much?

    Somewere I have a kit for gold plating, It's some kind of liquid that the polished item is placed in, It has to be non ferrous metal as it won't take to steel/iron directly, I've not seen it in ages though, My mum gave it to me, She tried it and the longer the item is left immersed, The darker it becomes!! Can't remember for the life of me what it's called or where I put it!! John..
  4. Gold plating , where, how much?

    Make sure they don't put too much new material on as it adds thickness- Parts may not fit then Years ago I had a 1725 Sunbeam Alpine, It had a single Stromberg carb as standard, My brother sold a pair of Webber 40 carbs to a lad with a Sunbeam Rapier so I bought his twin Strombergs from him, I had them steam/pressure washed then stripped them and had the dashpot covers and float chamber chromed, I had to use a wooden dowel with emery cloth wrapped around to open the orifice up where the jet goes through as I couldn't get the jet to centre without removing the chrome!! John
  5. Tuesday's 'Tat'

    Had the Bulova Military on earlier but changed to this as it needs winding! (Shall have to buy a winder! Seen a six watch carousel type from China for around £35 ) John
  6. Vostok Amphibia

    I've a couple of Amphibias too!! This one has the frogman and obligatory crazed paint dial, From memory it keeps good time!! I like this one but the case is quite small! (Smaller than the Frogman one!!) John
  7. Sunday Oldsters (Pre-1990)

    Got this old girl on today, New crystal on order for it! Think i'm going to buy a bracelet off fleabay for it too, The have some repro's that look just like the original that was too small for me! (As per usual ) John
  8. Titoni!

    Fabulous watches Lampoc!! I have two Titoni's (I shortened the name but it seemed vulgar sio put the full name on!! ) Unfortunately both need either new dials or the existing ones repainting!! Airmaster.. John
  9. Friday wrist attire

    Have the Precisionist on today with a (slightly) distressed leather strap fitted, It still has the bronze buckle on that it came with as I forgot to fit the steel one!! Have to say, It's very much more comfy than the bracelet but the bracelet will most likely be going back on at some stage!! HAGWE John
  10. It's okay to be white

    WOW!! That's a beauty!! John
  11. Up at 5am...for a Rotary???

    I bought a few watches from the bootsale years ago for a quid each, One was this IWC, It's scvruffy inside (Rusty too!!) but even to this day it springs in to life when wound!! I think it's an 89cal movement.. It came on the nastiest strap you cound ever imagine!! I reckon this has been left without a crystal for some time to accumilate this amount of 'Wabi' (Redial would be needed and new hands!!) By the way, It's almost ten to six with the watch, The longer hand is the hour hand!! John
  12. It's okay to be white

    I like white dials, I have a few but not many Have to say though that by far and away the Lions share of my watches have black dial, I like black dials the best John
  13. Thursday 16th Nov. Automatics

    I was reminded about this auto Citizen last night so I dug it out and set the time/date etc and strapped it on this morning! Very comfy to wear John
  14. Citizens of the World

    Yes, I just measured it!! John
  15. Citizens of the World

    Hi Russ On the back it says 4-039181 HST, Then below that it says GN-4-S, It seems to be the same as this one on fleabay I had another identical one given me years ago that needed a service, I put it somewhere safe, So safe in fact that it never surfaced since John

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