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  1. Secret places?

    I go there often and the ones I like get my hopes up until I read it is out os stock. I need to be quicker lol
  2. Secret places?

    Im in cash converters on a regular basis looking at what they have, but its all fashion names like Michael Korrs etc etc. They had an invicta in there, but it was a bit ugly. Ideally looking for 70's/80's watches
  3. Secret places?

    Where I live, there are no speciality watch shops, just the usual shops like Ernest Jones etc etc. I am looking for retro type watches, second hand, unusual, different. Unless there are any back street jewellers selling old watches in Manchester or Liverpool then it's just the internet for me. Even better if I can get it wholesale
  4. Secret places?

    Besides the usual outlets like fleabay and Amazon, where else do you go to look for watches? Where the hell do people get these watches that have been lost in the depths of a warehouse for years?
  5. LED modules

    Hmmm, perhaps an OLED screen programmed with a classic look. Now theres an idea lol
  6. LED modules

    Thanks for the info. I know LED stuff aint cheap, but you never know, there could be a Chinese LED out there that gives off that classic look R
  7. LED modules

    Is there anywhere that sells LED modules similar in size to the Omega 1600 TC1? Just in size, not for an Omega. Oh yeah and cheap
  8. Black Friday: Anyone Game On?

    Woo Hoo, It's after my pay day, so I'm getting something
  9. Something wonderful has happened.

    Very nice. There was one on Shpock last week, but it was a black face and rubber strap. Congrats on your find
  10. Help to Identify a Watch

    Looks like a Tag Heuer Microtimer. Also looking at it, looks to be of the China variety, but I am no expert.
  11. 4205 crystal removal

    Edit: Trial and error decided to show up and what carnage they caused. New crystal on order
  12. 4205 crystal removal

    I am slowly making my way through my 4205 project (which can be found in my blog). Can someone explain how to remove the crystal as I have forgot. I have seen stuff on Youtube but none relate to the 4205. I am sure there is a retainer ring or is it a case of just pressing it out? As you can see, it looks like a retainer. Whilst I am on the subject, where the hell does Ramon get his watches from. He's been selling crapped up watches for years. Surely there can not be that many in the world??
  13. Small little balls

    Well, one small ball and how I got it out. It's not as bad as it sounds.....honest. Once I got the bezel off, all that was left was the remains of a spring and no ball bearing for that wonderfull "click" when you rotate your bezel. Being pointed in the right direction from Jsud2002 and a link to one of Roys hacks as I like to call them, I proceeded to find a Bic pen and my clippers and followed Roys instructions which can be found here. Roys ball seems bigger than mine, so once I get a mitt full of spring bars tomorrow, I will be able to tell, but you get the idea of the job in hand. There seems to be a mixed view on using these balls as they are not stainless steel, but Tungsten and over time may wear away the bezel. I dont use my bezel as it should be used, so in my case I dont mind using the Tungsten. If you prefer your balls of steel, they are about £3 for ten of the 1mm little blighters. Enjoy the pics.
  14. In Remembrance

    Guardsman LEONARD SYDNEY MELLISH 2719746, 1st Bn., Irish Guards who died age 23 on 27 April 1943 buried at Massicault Cemetery Tunisia No relation to PTE Mellish from saving Private Ryan btw
  15. Whats in the box?

    As it says on the box, 0.60 to 3mm I have had a similar set in the past and they "did the job". I think they will do for now as I will just be using them to disassemble of the case and watch, but I think the movement needs a proper set if you wanted to strip one down.

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