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  1. There`s silly then there`s totally barking mad Can you guess into which category I think the Ploprof (especially that gold horror) fits?
  2. This keeps jumping on to my wrist... J.Springs NPEA003, Cal. Y675C 21 Jewels. I`m considering getting a mesh bracelet for it
  3. Des, I thought the Doctor had explained the dangers of not taking your medication regularly Hmm, this is worse then I thought Time to release the Thioridazine gas methinks
  4. Welcome to TWF, Gordon, we need more oldies on the forum to help keep the kids in line Though as you will have noticed from Richard`s reply - some of our oldies are a wee bit stuck in their ways & not open to trying new ideas
  5. Well, someone round here has to have standards & I`ve been able to talk for over six decades I`ve corrected your mistake there - no need to thank me
  6. These since I got up this morning... BULOVA ACCUTRON II 96B206. BULOVA ACCUTRON II96B209 (Snorkel)
  7. Meaning your father stole it? If true, a rather shameful thing to do imo As far I can gather Article 5 Of The Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War, Geneva July, 1929 - Stated that Prisoners' personal possessions, other than arms and horses, may not be taken from them.
  8. Some from our host... RLT8 (original run), Valjoux cal.7750 25 Jewels. RLT11, ETA 2824-2, 25 Jewels. RLT17, Unitas cal.6498 17 jewels. RLT20, FE cal.5611 17 Jewels (1 of 5) & finally, I give you every Galactic Hitch-hikers favourite - the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe & everything.... RLT42 "Navigator" 12/25 ETA 2824-2 25 Jewels. Watch details from A Concise Guide to RLT Watch Co. Models by rhaythorne
  9. I`d strongly advise against that - you know what the Kitten & Teddy Bear Haters are like when roused
  10. Careful Bond, you`ll get struck off Rolex`s Christmas card list saying things like that
  11. I`ll have to agree with you there, Bond, it`s an amazing watch especially for the asking price though I have to say that I`m really not keen on Divex`s Diver logo I much prefer the logo on any of the other versions of this watch such as my Apex... aPEKS AP0406-6, PROFESSIONAL 500M, Seiko cal.VX 42.
  12. Check out item no.142067976548 on ebay., the specs are... Obviously, I swapped the dead animal skin strap for something else as soon as the watch arrived
  13. For me it would have to be this recent arrival... J.Springs NPEA003, Cal. Y675C 21 Jewels. Imo, a great looking watch, the build quality is excellent & at £85 including postage, it`s a bargain
  14. Don`t worry, Nurse Ratched will be paying him a visit shortly...
  15. Welcome to the forum