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  1. mach 0.0013137

    Leaving things behind.

    My criteria for owning a watch is simple - if I like it & can afford it I`ll buy it regardless of whether it is up or down market, original or a homage... ALPHA, cal.ST-16, 21 Jewels & ROLEX SUBMARINER 14060, cal. 3000, 27 Jewels, 1997 ALPHA, cal.ST-16(), 21 Jewels & OMEGA Railmaster, CO-AXIAL CHRONOMETER, cal.2403 27 Jewels I do wonder why some people feel the need to belittle other`s choices* *Well apart from Seiko 200m Monster owners who obviously deserve all the ridicule they get
  2. mach 0.0013137

    The Sunday Oldies Thread - Pre-1990!

    ServiceS DIPLOMAT SWISS MADE, A. Schild cal.1187 15 jewels, circa mid 1950s. ServiceS , SWISS MADE, Venus cal.150 17 Jewels, circa 1955
  3. mach 0.0013137

    BH Saturday..... WRUW?

    Over to these now... SEIKO 5 SNZF45K1, cal. 7S36C, 23 Jewels SEIKO 5 SPORTS SRP489K1, cal.4R36A 24 Jewels
  4. mach 0.0013137

    BH Saturday..... WRUW?

    LIMIT 5631 (quartz) & S TOWA MARINE, Unitas cal.6498 17 jewels.
  5. mach 0.0013137

    Friday WRUW

    Going over to the dark side... SEIKO SNZJ67K1 cal. 7S36C 23 Jewels & BULOVA 98A186 Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph
  6. mach 0.0013137

    Where do you rate yourself?

    I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! I refer the group to the fourth line of my signature
  7. mach 0.0013137


    I found a couple of videos on You Tube explaining how to do it, so I`ll try again tomorrow, though perhaps a wee bit more carefully this time
  8. mach 0.0013137


    I got a Seiko SRP77K1 Turtle off ebay which arrived yesterday & attempted to resize the bracelet something I`ve done many times. Unfortunately, I didn`t know the pins had collars (I`ve never come across them before) & managed not only to lose a collar but also to somehow bend a pin, something I`ve never done before. I still need to take out another link but must admit I`m rather wary about trying it now
  9. mach 0.0013137

    Thursday timepieces.

    BULOVA SUPER SAVILLE, ETA 2834-2 25 Jewels 1984 ROLEX Air-King 14000, cal.3000 27 jewels 1991
  10. mach 0.0013137

    Спасибо RWP

    Definitely looks better on the mesh, mind you, as I`ve said many times before - imo, animal skins only ever look good on their original owner
  11. mach 0.0013137

    Wednesday watches.

    A late change... OMEGA Railmaster,CO-AXIAL CHRONOMETER, cal.2403 27 Jewels & ALPHA, cal.ST-16(?), 21 Jewels.
  12. mach 0.0013137

    Wednesday watches.

    ALPHA, cal.ST-16, 21 Jewels & ROLEX SUBMARINER 14060, cal. 3000, 27 Jewels, 1997
  13. mach 0.0013137

    Cool Wrists.

    Then it`s not made from a bit of a dead animal & is therefore ok
  14. mach 0.0013137

    Cool Wrists.

    Dead animal skin is never preferable at anytime
  15. mach 0.0013137

    Best TV ad

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