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  1. I might give this haggis a try
  2. Over to these now... Laco (Model 862014) MADE IN GERMANY & BRADLEY TIMEPEICE (assembled in China with Swiss parts)
  3. As Caroline is my lodger & friend and certainly not an "other half" I don`t have this problem My ex-wife on the other hand didn`t believe in spending money insisting we save it up to buy bigger & bigger houses to live in
  4. For those in or attending hospital appointments - I hope all goes well & remember to be nice to the staff especially the hard working nurses I`m currently wearing this... ROTARY AQUAPLUNGE, AGS00061 (quartz) Roger, aren`t you glad I always add captions to my photos
  5. I`ve worn a watch in bed for as long as I can remember, this is my usual choice as the lume is excellent... aPEKS AP0406-6, PROFESSIONAL 500M, Seiko cal.VX 42.
  6. That may be due to the fact that the case isn`t metal & appears to be plastic or resin.
  7. Never, ever, own a watch with one of these crown guards...
  8. I don`t know anything about the watch but a check on Companies House would indicate that it`s not likely to be very old... OLD ENGLAND WATCHES LIMITED
  9. You forgot to add letters #9 & #14
  10. I do hope you`re not implying that he`s shallow
  11. Err, no thanks, he doesn`t look very appetising..
  12. Time for a swap.. Слаба, Сделано в России,кал 2409 21 КАМНЯ.(Slava, Made in Russia [by the 2nd Moscow Watch Factory], cal.2409 2l Jewels)
  13. May I suggest using paper which comes pre-holed, hole-punchers can make a right mess of things
  14. Before I retired there were times when work could become rather pressured
  15. I have been out in some quite heavy rain...