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  1. This is Strange.....

    I can see Nurse Ratched is going to be very busy
  2. An oldie quartz... OMEGA Seamaster, cal.1315 circa late 1970s. Plus a mechanical interloper... TISSOT SEASTAR, cal. 2451 17 jewels 1970s
  3. Plastic Watches.

    Turn back time ƧꓷЯAWꓘƆAꓭ Watch The actual watch is a plastic unit which fits inside the one piece rubber strap
  4. Novecento Meccanografiche

    Hi, it would appear that you have not contacted our host, Roy Taylor, to ask his permission before promoting your brand - it would be appropriate for you to do so, see here - RLT WATCHES
  5. Today I am mostly wearing......

    I`ve been wearing these since I got up this morning... Gardé RUHLA 91203M, MADE IN GERMANY, Ronda Cal.5030.D & Accurist Clerkenwell 1946.
  6. TWF was directly responsible for.......

    You have no idea how gruelling it was, the jungle training was particularly tough... To be honest, I never worked out why we had to do it but Roy said it was essential so who was I to argue? Mind you, Jason & the other Mods did spend a lot of time sniggering while I was neck deep in the muddy river which smelled as if it was a latrine for the local wildlife. You don`t suppose it might have just been a prank paid on the newbie Mod do you?
  7. TWF was directly responsible for.......

    Over the twelve years I`ve been a member of this forum there have been numerous watches that I have bought thanks to being here, far too many for me to remember, well apart from my collection of Roy`s own superb RLTs of course RLT-8, Valjoux cal.7750 25 Jewels. RLT-17 Unitas cal. 6498 17 Jewels. RLT-11, ETA 2824-2, 25 Jewels. RLT-20, FE cal5611 17 Jewels (1of 5) RLT-42 "Navigator" 12/25 ETA 2824-2 25 Jewels. O&W/RLT ID3066, ETA 2824-2 25 Jewels. Thanks Roy, if it wasn`t for TWF I`d probably have far fewer watches
  8. Twit.

    Roger, be assured...
  9. Which one to go for

    Both are excellent watches but if the choice was mine I`d go for the Longines imo it`s better looking then the Seiko
  10. new member from Edinburgh

    Welcome to TWF
  11. Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    I swapped over to this one before settling down to watch TV earlier... SEKONDA AUTOMATIC 27 Jewels (Slava cal.2427, double spring) MADE IN USSR, 1980s
  12. Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    Lots of fancy-pants jeweled movements around today, time for a couple gem free pin pallets... ServiceS CHALLENGE & AVIATION, MADE IN ENGLAND (by Louis Newmark Croydon), unjeweled Pin-pallet circa 1954. Anyone got a spare pair of ear plugs?
  13. Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    I`m still wearing the Strand but have swapped the Hendon for something a wee bit more up market... ServiceS INDIAN (silver case) FOREIGN (Swiss Made) 15 jewel movement, circa 1937
  14. Buran Flight Chronograph

    That sounds familiar
  15. Buran Flight Chronograph

    Very nice, I rather like coin edge bezels