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  1. Thank you, I`m rather fond of them
  2. As I`ve mentioned before Davey - I signed the World Wide Moderator`s Official Secrets Act & am therefore not allowed to divulge such sensitive information I apologise for my spelling mistake - I was busying hacking your PB account
  3. Some more from my collection... CITIZEN BLUE EAGLE, NH6600-54FB,21 Jewel Miyota 8200 Series & BRADLEY TIMEPIECE ("assembled in China with Swiss parts") Laco Model 862014, ETA F06.111, MADE IN GERMANY & BULOVA ACCUTRON II 96B206. Tag Heuer Super Professional 1000M. ETA 2892 A2 25 Jewels, circa 1990s. ROAMER STINGRAY` JT` (Jet Time), Model No.734-9120.901, Valjoux 7734, 17 Jewels circa 1970. ORIENT CEX4001DO & CEX4001MO, cal. 46G41 21 Jewels. STEINHART `MARINE TIMER`, Unitas cal. 6498 17 Jewels & Reproduction Seikosha WWII `Navy, Aviator Chronometer`Seiko cal.7s26 21 Jewels Полйот ОКЕАН `Командирские БМФ` кал.3133 23 КАМНЯ (Poljot Ocean `Komanderskie VMF`) cal.3133 23 Jewels & Orient CEM58001B, cal. 469 21 jewels. Слаба Сделано в России,кал 2409 21 КАМНЯ.Slava (Made in Russia (by 2nd Moscow Watch Factory) cal.2409 2l Jewels) Штурманские Гагарин,Сделано в России, Полйот кал. 2609 17 камни (Sturmanskie Gagarin (2609/370124 & 2609/370124), Made In Russia, Poljot cal. 2609 17 Jewels) Samson Watch Co. 25 Jewels. Parnis, Seagull cal.3600 17 Jewels. I could post most of my Services collection but we`d be here all day so I`ll just add this one... "ServiceS" "airman" Swiss Made (by the Fleurier Watch Company),15 Jewel 13 ligne movement, silver case, circa 1926/7. I`ve loads more but I`ll finish with this... Navitron sundial (solar powered)
  4. Welcome to the forum, Simon & as has been said - don`t worry about the size of your wrist, just wear what you like Oh & don`t mind Davey P, he`s a skiing nut who has had a few too many mishaps...
  5. That`s better
  6. As shown in another of today`s threads... "ServiceS" DESPATCH RIDER, GERMAN MADE (by Thiel Brothers, Thuringia, Germany) circa late 1920s/early 1930s? This is the only example of this watch that I`ve come across, mind you the same applies to most of my Services collection OOPS!!
  7. If you`re going to do it do it right... "ServiceS" DESPATCH RIDER, GERMAN MADE (by Thiel Brothers, Thuringia, Germany) circa late 1920s/early 1930s Though, admittedly, it would probably be better worn on the inside of the wrist
  8. Enigmatic
  9. I`ll keep this short & (not so) sweet.... YUCK!!! I should point out here that this comment relates to all the watches shown above
  10. I went single wristed earlier... HAMILTON Electric (Nautilus 602) , cal.505 7 Jewels, circa 1965. I feel half naked
  11. Swapped the Smiths for a Citizen which was obviously inspired by the Services... CITIZEN, cal.0201 17 Jewels, circa 1960s & SERVICES, SWISS MADE, EB cal.8021 17 Jewels, circa 1960s The Japanese certainly knew where to turn when looking for inspiration for a classy watch
  12. If I was a nice man I`d give you that Services chronograph you like but as I`m not you`ll just have to put up with a photo of it instead... Have a great day
  13. Being retired I don`t really need a watch but the only time I`m not wearing at least one is while attending to my ablutions. I have a mobile phone but as I`ve mentioned before it rarely gets used
  14. I`ve just put on this pair... SERVICES SWISS MADE, EB cal.8021 17 Jewels, circa late 1960s & Smiths Imperial, MADE IN ENGLAND, cal.0104 19 Jewels, circa 1960 Double Wristing - the sign of a true watch enthusiast* * or an unhinged eccentric