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  1. Monday 23rd Oct Watch Parade

    Off to bed soon so I`ll be putting on my Night Watch... SEIKO SRP489K1 cal.4R36A, 24 Jewels
  2. Monday 23rd Oct Watch Parade

    Would you like a member of the moderating team to pop round & have a little word with him?
  3. Monday 23rd Oct Watch Parade

    This is stuck to my wrist... STEINHART OCEAN ONE BRONZE 103-0575 It`s not really noticeable in the photo but the patina is really settling in, probably due to the high humidity we`re currently having round these parts I`m still wearing this on my other wrist... STEINHART OCEAN ONE VINTAGE MILITARY, SWISS MADE, ETA 2824-2 Elabore 25 Jewels
  4. Hello from scotland

    Maybe we can persuade Roy to leave Yorkshire & move north of the border
  5. A Display of NOS

    New Old Stock, something that isn`t a current model but hadn`t been sold before
  6. Honda Cub.

    I had one, not in the slightest bit glamorous but a good reliable work horse which`ll just keep on going As to the MZ, unfortunately I never owned the Earls forked version but I did have a TS250/1 which was a dependable & comfortable bike to ride
  7. Sunday Oldies Thread (made before 1990)

    Over to these for the evening... OMEGA ELECTRONIC f300 HZ Seamaster CHRONOMETER, cal. 1250, circa 1972 TITUS, TUNING FORK, ESA cal.9162, circa mid 1970s.
  8. All Roads Lead Back to Mach!

    Don`t let me put you off, Honor, it`s entirely possible that you may come across something relating to Services that I don`t know about
  9. All Roads Lead Back to Mach!

    Obviously a man with excellent taste
  10. Sunday Oldies Thread (made before 1990)

    Time for another swap... "ServiceS" GOLF FOREIGN MADE ( by the Oris Watch Company Switzerland) 4 jewels, circa mid/late 1930s & in case anyone is interested - the various pocket watches mentioned earlier are still about my person
  11. Sunday Oldies Thread (made before 1990)

    I`m still wearing the Ingersolls but have just added these to various pockets about my person... SERVICES STOP WATCH, MADE IN GT. BRITAIN (at The Gurnos Works, Ystradgynlais Wales) circa 1960s & SERVICES (Model 87 2984, #83 movement), FOREIGN (made by UMF GDR) circa early/mid 1970s. AVIATION, SWISS MADE (circa late 1930s)
  12. I need some answers.......

    Why do some packets of frozen peas say "Suitable for vegetarians"?
  13. Sunday Oldies Thread (made before 1990)

    I`ve just put these on... INGERSOLL, FOREIGN (possibly made in Germany, circa 1930s?) & CROWN, SWISS MADE (circa late 1920s/early1930s)
  14. Considering what I wore all of Saturday, these, which both lost all their chrome plating years ago, would seem appropriate for starting this thread... ServiceS GATWICK & MARINE, MADE IN ENGLAND (by Louis Newmark Ltd., Perfect Works,Stafford Road, Croydon, Surrey) circa 1954. By a strange coincidence I used to live not far away from Louis Newmark Ltd & later, when I moved to Leicester, I lived not far from where The Services Watch Co., Ltd. was based.
  15. How can 30m be acceptable anymore

    A good point, I think we might have to keep a close watch on Comrade Wrench

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