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  1. Nice one I have come across a few with the lighter coloured sub-dial but the all black version seems to be more common
  2. Bought on a whim from a UK seller for the princely sum of £14.77 inc postage... Shenhua 9684
  3. Very nice* *Apart from the dead animal skin obviously
  4. Very sorry to hear of your loss, Mike, it is never easy, she was obviously much loved & has left an Alice shaped space in your hearts.
  5. Of course they are..... NOT!!! Good luck with finding one
  6. Thanks & as you obviously want me to.... ServiceS, Venus cal.150 17 Jewels, circa 1955
  7. I`m sorry but I no longer do home visits otherwise I`d have been more then willing to come round and mess up your house. A harsh treatment, but trust me - it would would be very therapeutic* * well, to me at least
  8. Is it like this... "ServiceS" COMPETITOR (`Lumed Dial` made by Thiel Brothers, Thuringia, Germany), circa late 1920s/early 1930s It was fitted with a Thiel Davina un-jeweled, pin-pallet movement. Here`s some information I`ve gathered on the Services Watch Company... The Services Watch Co., Ltd was founded in Leicester by a Frank Liquorish sometime in 1926/27, it was dissolved on 26/11/2002 although I gather from Steve Burrage who used to work for the company that Services watches stopped being produced in the late 1970s.The company never actually made watches themselves instead they either had them made by other firms or bought parts in which were then assembled in the Services factory. The earliest Services watch I`ve so far come across was made in 1927 using a 15 jewel movement made by the Fleurier Watch Company, Switzerland it was fitted in an Edinburgh hallmarked silver case. However during the early years & up to WWII one of their main suppliers appears to have been Thiel Brothers of Thuringia who made complete watches (pocket & wrist) for them. At first these appear to have been marked on the dial as `German Made` changing over to `Foreign` or `Foreign Made` probably by the end of the decade. So far the German Services watches of this period I have come across seem to have simple but sturdy unjeweled pin-pallet movements. In addition to Thiel Brothers sometime in the early/mid 1930s Services appear to have begun sourcing watches from The Oris Watch Company Switzerland this arrangement continued into the 1950s, there may have been other suppliers but I can not confirm that at this time, some were marked as being `Swiss Made`others were like those from Thiel marked `Foreign`. Despite the company name I have so far not come across any indictation that Services watches were actually issued to any members of the armed forces although some `Transport` models were used by the Air Raid Precaution wardens during WWII. Initially after the end of WWII the company continued to source from Switzerland (the Oris Watch Company), for some reason these continued to be marked as `Foreign`. Possibly due to restrictions on importing `luxury` goods during the early 1950s Services switched to UK based suppliers such as Louis Newmark Ltd., Perfect Works,Stafford Road, Croydon, Surrey (marked Made in England`) & later by the Anglo-Celtic Watch Co.Ltd., Gurnos Works, Ystradgynlais, Wales when they are usually marked as being `Made In Gt Britain` (or similar).While most Services watches from this period used un-jewelled movements there were a few 5 Jeweled models. From around the early/mid 1950s Services begain again sourcing from abroad, their range including a chronograph using a 17 Jewel Venus movement (there had been at least two other Swiss made chronographs made in the 1930s). From the 1950s until Services ceased production they produced watches sourced or using parts from Switzerland, Britain, France, East & West Germany, Russia & Hong Kong. NB this information is based on observation & talking to Steve Burridge, an ex-Services employee. The chart below shows the different logo styles Services used over the years.
  9. You don`t say I`d appreciate it if you could direct me to the relevant Forum Regulation on the matter
  10. I`m currently doing my best to ignore the Rotary "Navitimer"
  11. Obviously I don`t have a problem with homages but I have every respect for that view on the matter, in the end each of us makes our own choices,
  12. Glad to have been of service ALPHA, cal.ST-16(?), 21 Jewels. I`ll probably get ridiculed for saying this but I`ve never liked the HEV valve on the Omega original so imo this Alpha looks much better
  13. No question, pets take priority every time... All fully insured
  14. Well, I like my Swiss made Alpha homage - shown here with the Chinese original.... ALPHA, cal.ST-16, 21 Jewels & ROLEX SUBMARINER, 14060 cal. 3000, 27 jewels, 1997. & I don`t give a flying fig what anyone else thinks about it
  15. Very nicely done Roy, but I have to say I prefer the green bezel, oh well, each to their own