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  1. I`m glad your taking not winning so well
  2. It`s no more then he deserves & anyway he loves it
  3. Apart from the deliberate moment of silliness shown in William`s post I usually tend to go double-wristed ie wear a watch on each wrist. Why? because I like & collect watches. I can`t understand why most watch collectors don`t do the same, unless of course they are really insecure and are constantly worrying what other people might think about them Admittedly some people can take double wristing a wee bit too far....
  4. Well I`ll admit a few of them have got spots on their faces, so yes they do have Senile Acne
  5. Yes
  6. Do I really need to answer this question? Ok, I`ll give you a clue - the first letter of the brand is an S
  7. These now... "ServiceS" DESPATCH RIDERs `12` & `24` hour `Plain` dials (made by Thiel Brothers, Thuringia, Germany),`Davina`un-jeweled pin-lever movement, circa late 1920s/early 1930s.
  8. I really can`t be arsed to take a new photo of a watch every time I post, partly because when I do take new photos I take a few at a time & then examine each one to decide which is best, before sorting out any minor problems on Photoshop
  9. The only way I could have a two watch collection is if I lost interest in watches & even that wouldn`t work as I have a number that have special meaning to me but I suspect this pair would stay... ROLEX SUBMARINER 14060, cal. 3000 27 jewels, 1997 & OMEGA SPEEDMASTER PROFESSIONAL 3570.50.00, cal.1861 18 Jewels.
  10. Ok, maybe my bedroom could do with a bit of tidying... For some reason Caroline thinks I`m a "Messer" I can`t imagine why At least the sleeping area is a wee bit better... Caroline says that messy little boys grow up to be messy big boys. I`m sure I don`t know what she`s talking about
  11. The main description of each watch is saved in the caption box of the photo in Photo-Bucket & extra details are kept in the accompanying description box.
  12. A couple of tiddlers now.. ServiceS INDIAN `FOREIGN` (Swiss made) 15 jewel movement, circa 1937. STRAND, 15 Jewels, circa 1952.
  13. Some may call it nerdy but I`m interested in watches & like to know details about them, something I presume others do as well. Maybe I`m wrong & most forum members aren`t interested in the technical details & just like looking at the shiny(& not so shiny) "baubles"
  14. This one to start with... Урал ЧН-201К, `ЧЧэ` 16 камнях (Ural, `ЧЧэ` 16 jewel movement, Chelyabinsk Watch Factory USSR circa 1957-1964)