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  1. New nature quiz added.

  2. New in, bit of 'Oriental Indulgence'

    A great looking watch,I`ve been put off a tad by the compass bezel but I`m warming to it so who knows, maybe I`ll add one of these to my collection, though wearing a bracelet rather then the bit of dead animal obviously
  3. Friday 23rd June watch parade!

    J.Springs NPEA003, Cal. Y675C 21 Jewels & LIMIT 5631 (quartz)
  4. Rectangular face - how do they work?

    Has anyone got blackandgold`s telephone number? I think he and a few of his mates should make a dawn raid on Roger`s garden...
  5. I Can Source Any Watch You Want

    Dylan, can you get me Buzz Aldrin`s Omega Speedmaster?
  6. Mrs Mel and the "Supervet"

    I`ll second that, Mel
  7. Thursday 22nd June automatics

    Pesky little buggers though they are, no they aren`t the problem, it`s the fecking humidity that`s inhibiting my sleep at nights
  8. Thursday 22nd June automatics

    I had to delete my previous post as I`d forgotten the thread was for automatics Anyway, I`ve now swapped over to a couple of more suitable items now... ORIENT CER1A002W0 cal.46D 21 Jewels ORIENT CER1A001B0 cal.46D 21 Jewels.
  9. Thursday 22nd June automatics

    A couple of Russians now... Слаба, Сделано в России,кал 2409 21 КАМНЯ (Slava, Made in Russia [by The 2nd Moscow Watch Factory] cal.2409 2l Jewels)
  10. Happy Birthday Kanab22

    Have a great one K
  11. Free to enter Raffle

    Always happy to help, you know we only have your best interests at heart
  12. Free to enter Raffle

    Davey, it`s only classed as paranoia when it`s not true
  13. Free to enter Raffle

    Good man N.B. I would just like to reassure Forum Members that TWF has no such policy regarding the exclusion of certain members from winning competitions
  14. Free to enter Raffle

    Roger ,You obviously didn`t read the memo the Mods were all sent concerning excluding certain members from winning competitions
  15. Thursday 22nd June automatics

    This pair for now... Geckota K3 V04, Miyota cal. 8215 21 Jewels & Shenhua 9581, 25 Jewels? ( possibly made by the Qinghai Huzhu Watch Factory)