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  1. St. Patrick's Day Watch Parade 17.03.18

    Time for a swap... ORIENT 3 Star, cal.48320 17 Jewels circa 1980s.
  2. St. Patrick's Day Watch Parade 17.03.18

    Thanks, it doesn`t have any brand name & I don`t remember where I got it Cheers, & I`d say the same about that Doxa
  3. St. Patrick's Day Watch Parade 17.03.18

    I was going to put this on anyway... STEVENSON & BROS. TECHNICAL WATCH, ILLINOIS USA, ETA 682.11 (made in China) Naturally it has to have some company... TIMEX Original T2N393ZB
  4. TGI Friday watches...

    I swapped over to these earlier this evening... SEIKO 5 SPORTS SRP489K1, cal.4R36A 24 Jewels SEIKO 5 SNZF45K1, cal. 7S36C, 23 Jewels
  5. TGI Friday watches...

    Sorry Roger, I had no choice, there`s more of them then us...
  6. Anyone seen this happen ? Phone before Wrist...

    I never use my phone to check the time, I usually use one of my watches, then the other one & possibly one or both pocket watches I may have about my person, if I`m on the computer I may also check the clock on the facing wall above me. Does anyone know where I left my medication?
  7. TGI Friday watches...

    A couple of Italian Navy homages* Parnis, Seagull cal.3600 17 Jewels. Parnis, Seagull cal.3600 17 Jewels. * if anyone takes exception to this description please feel free to put your soapbox back in the cupboard & not bother me as I don`t give a fetid dingo`s kidneys Have a nice day
  8. Thursday Autos.

    My second course... ORIENT STAR WZ0311PF, cal.597 21 Jewels OrientStar YFR00001B0, cal.46S 23 Jewels.
  9. Motorcycle touring.

    I had to stop riding due to developing a fecking `orrible condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  10. Thursday Autos.

    For my first course I am enjoying these.... TUDOR HYDRONAUT II, 20030-93570 B3, ETA cal.2824-2 25 Jewels & TAG HEUER super professional, ETA cal.2892 A2 25 Jewels, circa 1990s
  11. Are vintage Tudor overpriced?

    You seem to have forgotten that it was only on rental
  12. New Arrival 14th March

    Very nice, I`m very fond of my similar Railmaster
  13. Rare Watches

    Oh Mel, I warned you that could happen if you kept playing with it Matron will not be pleased...
  14. Wednesday Quartz~14th March.

    These... LIMIT 5631 & BULOVA 96A102 (Miyota movement).
  15. Tuesdays wristwear

    I swapped over to these earlier... STEINHART OCEAN ONE VINTAGE MILITARY 103-0339 & BRONZE 103-0575, SWISS MADE, ETA 2824-2, elabore, 25 Jewels

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