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  1. leepal

    New Beater for me

    I also got one of these recently, it's got everything I want in a digital watch and is a nice size too. Love it.
  2. leepal

    ROUE HDS One. Hot or Not?

    that looks way bigger than 41.5 mm.
  3. leepal

    New Longines Legend Diver 36mm

    Interesting. This is a watch I like the look of but thought 42 mm was just a bit too big.
  4. Not sure I'm really a watch collector as such but I'm not finished buying them. I've got a couple of watches (or types of watches) in mind that I want to get, as funds permit.
  5. leepal

    Full Metal Casio

    I did wonder what the Bluetooth did exactly. I want to get a solar & multiband Casio and have a couple in mind, a lot cheaper than $600 obviously.

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