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  1. redmonaco

    Fridays wristwear

  2. redmonaco

    Christopher Ward goes faux vintage, again

    Wouldn't buy it. nothing of note to see in my opinion, and that logo is just so out of place...
  3. redmonaco

    Friday, 9th March WRUW

    Have a good weekend everyone :0)
  4. Luckily no!!! :0) I was out a few years ago in a new jumper I had recently bought and saw a women wearing an identical one...(I'm a bloke by the way!!!). I gave the Jumper to a charity shop the next day
  5. redmonaco

    A little test......

    I think its 6:33pm. WOW!!! only a minute out :0) (it was 6:34pm)
  6. redmonaco

    Female Approval.

    Coincidence, i was just thinking of looking for another of those. I've already had 2 before...
  7. redmonaco

    The Return of Vertex

    Last year I had my late father's 1940's "all proof" watch serviced. It hadn't been running for at least 30 years. A clean and re-oil and it's keeping cosc time keeping!!!
  8. redmonaco

    Creation watches

    I've bought some low value items (orient) in the past. Swift delivery and don't recall getting hit with vat
  9. redmonaco

    Double incoming

    Dunhill are not just a tobbaco brand by a long way. They have produced some beautiful leather goods and watches for ages now.
  10. redmonaco

    White Faces.............

    What's happened to the Citizen???
  11. redmonaco

    Good Friday watch parade

    Happy Easter Hols Everyone!! :0)
  12. mmm, that would look good next to this one in my Watch Box :o)
  13. redmonaco

    Wuw last Friday of 2016

    Mr Ward for me :0)

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