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  1. White Faces.............

    What's happened to the Citizen???
  2. Good Friday watch parade

  3. Good Friday watch parade

    Happy Easter Hols Everyone!! :0)
  4. mmm, that would look good next to this one in my Watch Box :o)
  5. Wuw last Friday of 2016

    Mr Ward for me :0)
  6. Right Now.....a straw poll.

    Jacques lemans valjoux 7751 AUTO for me!
  7. New Original Thunderbirds Are Go

    NOW you're talking!!!
  8. Helson Watch on the forum

    Promotion will be during the Xmas period. Does that mean UK buyers will get hit by customs? All our watches are shipped from HongKong. No distributor or retailers anywhere else.
  9. Resurecting Old Models?

    Must have owned 3 over the years. Last one was moved on in 2008
  10. Resurecting Old Models?

    I'd really like to see RLT17 re-issued. Any chance?? (Sure it would sell bundles!!!)
  11. Rlt 29 Tag Heuer

    Lets hope the buyer pays... Seriously cool watches and a bargain when Roy sold them.
  12. Old Watch Sunday (Made Before 1990)

    Vertex from the 1940s
  13. White Dial

    What about a Marco Polo, theres one cheap (mine...!!) on the sales forum right now...