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    Things I miss from my former job.

    The Christmas night out, which happened at the end of January! I loved how a good few drinks would change people, the "big men" would drink too much too quickly and would have no choice but to have an early night, the prim and snooty ladies would become lary, the sour faced office lady would be the first on the dancefloor chasing the young lads, the overly confident managers would become very quiet and slink off before people got too drunk and started giving them abuse. The work itself sucked but the nights out more than made up for it!
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    @InSolent Cheers! I read your introduction with interest. What cad software do you work with? I've been using fusion 360, its got some limitations but on the whole I like what I can do with it.
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    Good morning one and all! I'm always on the hunt for information and opinions on one thing or another, so I figured I would be just as well signing up so I can ask questions as well as skulking around. I started out in a jobbing jewellers straight out of school which is where I was first exposed to 'real' watches. I floated around the industry for a few years, I gathered quite the collection of name tags and a variety of meaningless titles. I was fortunate to work for an old watchmaker for a few of those years. That is where this story really begins (like one of those Hollywood films where the sequence of events is all mixed up) I've seen inside more watches than I care to remember and I'm still pretty amazed at just how much is going on inside such a small space! Since then I've retrained as an engineer which has given me a new found respect for the precision that goes into the most basic of movements. I'm making use of the access to machinery that work brings and my previous years of experience with the intention of making cases, dials, buckles, maybe crowns etc... All with the bosses approval, which is nice! - I think he is just after a watch for himself! Sorry, I tried to keep it brief.

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