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  1. r-macus

    Show me your clocks...

    What a beautiful piece.
  2. r-macus


    Im not to keen on the logo myself, i don't know if it affects the value of the watch in a good or bad way
  3. r-macus

    Sunday juniors post 1990

    Is the clasp as big as it looks?
  4. r-macus

    Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

    Can't beat the elegance of a classic.
  5. r-macus


    congrats to the winner and a nice gesture from the op.
  6. Thats a great we lift for a quid or 2 and goes towards something also.
  7. r-macus


    Your man from birth year watches should had some good info. For me definitely a vintage rolex or omega ,im not up to spec on models etc. , all about research. if you shop smart you can't go wrong.
  8. r-macus

    New Arrival

    I had my eye on these for quite a while, and i don't know how but i managed to control myself with this price drop as i don't need another tough watch. Went against everything watch collecting where n=+1
  9. r-macus


    One for everyday in a month. Thanks for posting.
  10. r-macus

    Saturday Watch Parade 23.06.18

    Dog nap. Will get this back on original bracelet soon, after a resize.
  11. r-macus


    Nice varied collection there. And a bit of a story for the pieces. Top 4 from the right for me.
  12. A nice video if you haven't already seen it. http://Talking Watches With René Beyer Talking Watches With René Beyer
  13. r-macus


    Is it smaller than 42mm?
  14. r-macus

    World Cup Thread.

    unreal result, this world cup has had a few surprises so far Could have gone with a gmt. i'm assuming one is in local/russian time and the other in Argentinean

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