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  1. I agree. A thing of beauty... I think my Dad might be tempted to keep this one.
  2. Thanks. Another one I know nothing about... I think there is also a 1990s Tag Heuer and a 70s Sekonda found in the house.
  3. No problem, I didn’t intend to use this as a sale room, just some advice on where to find the correct platform... I’ll look at your suggestions though. They have no sentimental value because no one in the family really remembers them being worn, apart from the Gala I now have (currently being serviced by a member of this site). He left several other watches, some quite valuable, which are in the hands of the family solicitor. They will be left to various members of the family. My objective was to see them restored in someone’s collection. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi again. My Dad has decided to get rid of these few as they have no sentimental value (they apparently have more than they know what to do with). Where is the best place to advertise or get an idea of value?
  5. Thanks. They will probably sit in a drawer for a while...
  6. Haha, you don't know the half of it... My uncles are having a hard time with his possessions - he had an attic full of war memorabilia, including weapons, and a vault in a bank full of art and other stuff which we have no paper records of... I'm not sure he lived life in full view of the Taxman...
  7. Thanks, that solves a problem - He was a confirmed bachelor so we didn't know who this belonged to
  8. Last one for now. Ladies Rotary 18 carat gold. Working order. @ziggy1024 My posts were automatically merged, Did you see them all?
  9. Thanks, I agree. I know nothing about Watches but I think they have a great retro look to them. Here's another: Memosail regatta, 17 jewels and working order And another: Voumard automatic swiss made. working order
  10. Yes, he was a keen sailor and had yachts on Neuchatel, Leman and Murten at some point in his life. He was 94 when he died last year but sailed well into his seventies.
  11. Hi all. Following a recent request for repairs to a Watch left to me by my Great Uncle, I mentioned that we had several more found in drawers when we cleared his house. Sorry for poor picture quality... This one is a Bouille from Neuchatel (where he lived) made by Eta (who still exist near to my families house). Seems to be in working order but needs a clean... This is a Kelek . Started in La Chaux de Fonds (town above Neuchatel) in 1896, eventually taken over by Breitling. Good condition and in working order - 17 jewels If anyone has anything interesting to tell me about them, please do. There are three more at least in my Dads possession. I will update with some more pictures soon
  12. Cect17

    Swiss made Gala

  13. Cect17

    Swiss made Gala

    Hi Simon. Can you let me have your address and payment instructions for the Gala watch you commented on above. I tried to contact you but received the message: simon2 cannot receive messages. Thanks, James. I sent a message through your Website too,. Thanks, James.
  14. Cect17

    Swiss made Gala

    @simon2 bump

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