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  1. TinkerPhil

    4 Wrist Watches in need of identification...

    I opened up the last two a bit further The first has some hallmarks on it - one set looks a bit like "??5" "a triangle" "B" and the others "6" (or a fancy b) and "A" the number 1110 The last had lots of jewels in the mechanism - red so are these rubies? But no discernible hallmark - seemed very "tinny" in its construction Both of them seem to tick - no idea for how long they will do that though as I'm not willing to wind them much - 10 minutes each though thus far
  2. TinkerPhil

    3 Pocket Watches in need of identification...

    I opened up the Joseph and Sons watch a bit more but still could not find a hallmark. The inner cover had the same number stamped on it. When I flicked the small wheel with the very fine spring on it the watch started ticking and has run smoothly now for nearly 30 minutes. The bar that holds the top of that wheel in place was very ornate but, as I said no further hallmarks or other IDs One of the bars had "J.JOSEPH & SONS" on it along with "GENEVA" which seems to tally with your observation Emboldened I did the same with the Egan - but found no more marks in that one either - at least it is ticking now The Omega is ticking ok too - I'm somewhat surprised as I doubt any of them have been working for 20+ years!
  3. TinkerPhil

    3 Pocket Watches in need of identification...

    Agreed, careful for sure! If she only knew if the watches were special or not! We can't even be sure they weren't junk her father found somewhere :-(
  4. TinkerPhil

    Inherited watches - what should I do...

    I will look to see if there's a section on starting up as a watch repairer then -at least I can do that inside in the warm during the winter
  5. TinkerPhil

    4 Wrist Watches in need of identification...

    Thank you I am not overly surprised - they did look very well worn - I suspect they were kept when they should have been binned or sold for scrap at the time I'm intrigued by the thought of the signature - I'm guessing once I've opened them up this will be readily visible on the mechanism - if/when I do that I will do some research on anything I find and maybe ask some more advice Cheers Phil
  6. TinkerPhil

    3 Pocket Watches in need of identification...

    Thanks for that - as I suspected no real great worth - I'm not sure what will happen to them now - probably just go back into "toilet paper storage" :-) The key wound watch says "FINE SILVER" and "5 9 8 9 1" - the number is not well formatted each number jumping up and down. There are some extremely feint marking which might be a hallmark but I'd have expected a hallmark to be more prominent. The other looks like it might have a lion in a shield (very small - maybe 3mm high - and "7" and "C" at 7 and 5 O'clock below it and a small "2" directly below the shield but below the "7" and "C" Another poster suggested I mend them myself - I never thought of myself as a watch repairer - is this something I could/should consider - obviously just for fun? The Omega seems to have no way to open it - is this just a matter of wedging something into the obvious groove and prising it apart - or are there any magic incantations or secret points I need to know? Thanks again Phil
  7. TinkerPhil

    Toy Watch links

    Looking at the WiKi page the website http://toywatchofficial.com/ redirects to https://designergifts4u.com and any approach to them seems to go nowhere The other links are just out of date news items - mostly in Italian - as I say - heh ho LOL - that is exactly what I did - but chose the wrong colour doh! The problem is that neither of them came with enough links to make it fit - seems like they've been bought for little children, all the extra links removed (and lost) and then sold on eBay. Of the two I bough only 1 had one of the 'extra' links - both said they'd come with the 'extra' links neither did - at that rate I'll have to buy 10 or more watches :-) :-( :-) Knowing my luck so far with this I doubt any pink NATO strap would match either of the pink watches I now own :-) I will bear it in mind though - thanks
  8. TinkerPhil

    Toy Watch links

    Sadly I seem to be lacking the skills to track down a reasonable contact for the manufacturer - heh ho!
  9. TinkerPhil

    Inherited watches - what should I do...

    LOL - I am almost certain I don't have the time but very certain I don't have the patience to fix watches :-( I have enough fun maintaining two Landrovers :-)
  10. TinkerPhil

    Inherited watches - what should I do...

    I recently posted the 3 pocket watches as a separate thread - probably just as well given the mess I made of the wrist watch post :-)
  11. TinkerPhil

    Toy Watch links

    LOL - No offense taken :-) They were available for sale up until about a year ago from "Watches of Switzerland" and Selfridges - they were launched around 2008 - I could post a picture of one but I'd feel even more embarrassed than I already am :-)
  12. TinkerPhil

    Toy Watch links

    Oops! Apologies Have I broken form here - asking about ToyWatches - they weren't cheap 'toy' watches - they cost around £200 when bought new and are meant to have 'proper' Swiss movements in them. I would like for them to be worn so if anyone can peg their noses and give me some advice I'd appreciate it Thanks Phil
  13. Hi These are the three pocket watches my wife inherited - lovingly wrapped in toilet paper in a cigar box :-) Willian Egan & Sons Cork Inside reads "William Egan & Sons Ltd" Cork "SWISS MADE" M 1934171 and surrounded by a box: 0,935 Joseph et Fils GENEVE Omega (no other text or numbers visible) Any opinions or advice gratefully appreciated Phil
  14. TinkerPhil

    4 Wrist Watches in need of identification...

    Hi I believe my 'dodgy' links are working now if you can take another look I'd appreciate it Cheers Phil
  15. TinkerPhil

    4 Wrist Watches in need of identification...

    Hi There should be no problems linking to those JPG files - I just have not setup the correct access for them. I'm not in a rush to have a Flickr account so I will have to persevere with the security on my website. Please bear with me - I can test from my mobile if access is fixed - I will update this thread when I resolve the issue Apologies for the ongoing pain! Phil

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