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  1. Iron Mike May

    Need help finding good quality Services watch

    I thought that it could pass as a dress watch but with a bit more character. I was originally referring the the Competitor, but appreciate the opinion on the Antimagnetic too.
  2. Iron Mike May

    Need help finding good quality Services watch

    Having seen this example Mach, would you say it’s worth a punt? I like the aging on it but I am also quite drawn to the later Antimagnetic for £50. Thanks
  3. Iron Mike May

    New member with reignited interest.

    These are the two I have so far. My SNK009 I bought as I had always loved the Pepsi dial and This started my appreciation of Seiko. I bought the Bullhead some years later, it was from the Philippines and I have since found out that the combination of hands, dial etc is not right...but I love it anyway.
  4. Iron Mike May

    Need help finding good quality Services watch

    Thanks for the info. I assumed that the crown and dial lined up with the case rather than the case back. I would really like to try and find a watch that was made in the late 50s or early 60s and passed through the Leicester factory at some point as this is when my aunt worked there. Is this possible, or am I misunderstanding the process that went on at Services? Sorry Mach, that is one of the ones I was looking at. I do quite like the Antimagnetic ones as well although I think they are a bit later.
  5. Hi Im still fairly new to the watch appreciation scene but throughly enjoying it so far. I would like to add an English watch to my collection and as local as possible. After doing a bit of reading (mainly on here) I discovered that Services watches were once in Leicester. Since then I have also discovered that my aunt used to work there. This ticks many of the boxes so I thought that I would try and find a good one without breaking the bank (sometimes like finding the holy grail so I’m learning). After looking on the usual sites I have seen a couple on eBay, a Competitor listed as being from the 50s and an Antimagnetic which does look.ike it is in good condition. The Competitor looks like it has some nice patina on the face but does not look to be sitting straight in the case, I’m assuming that this is not a design feature so I am a bit put off by it. We are taking my aunt for afternoon tea next month for her 80th birthday so I’d really like to be wearing one for the inevitable trip down memory lane but I also don’t want to get ripped off. If anyone could give me any help of steer me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  6. Morning everyone. I have recently decided to gain more education and knowledge in the subject of watches. Always had a passing interest but mainly on the aesthetics (hence the SNK009 Pepsi). I got bored of making all the usual mistakes, ie Seiko Bullhead from the Philippines and redailed feiko, so I thought I’d try and make a more considered choice next time rather than eBay scatter gun trigger pulling. I wanted to get an English watch to have in my collection and was looking at Services as I believe they are local to me. So if you would kindly excuse a quick question in an introduction, does anyone know what year Services stopped production in Leicester (assuming my reading so far is correct)? I will continue to read around on here and elsewhere and thanks for the portal to learning. Thanks

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