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  1. stats007

    Carriage Clock Gong Bounce

    So the middle button is for setting the moonphase - hopefully it's a simple repair.
  2. stats007

    Tyre recommendations, please.

    Try www.camskill.com - I doubt you will find cheaper. Falken are a good medium-price brand.
  3. stats007

    Song Titles Game

    My Sharona - The Knack
  4. stats007

    Using Calibre Sales for sale of Panerai

    Chrono24 charge a silly amount just for an advert. eBay is fine if you get a deal on fees - Sell for £1 for example - otherwise you get bent over by them and PayPal for their cut. It also attracts utter morons who think they're doing you a favour by offering 50% of the asking price.
  5. stats007

    Carriage Clock Gong Bounce

    There is an an arbor for setting the alarm - which works though don't think I'll ever be using it. I've sent it to Canterbury Clocks for repair as they specialise in Matthew Norman clocks so hopefully it will come back working correctly. I'll update if anyone is interested.
  6. stats007

    Song Titles Game

    Dancing in the Street - Bowie & Jagger
  7. stats007

    Carriage Clock Gong Bounce

    Ah OK - well it definitely doesn't do that. I'll see if I can find someone in the meantime otherwise will take you up on your offer.
  8. stats007

    Any bikers ?

    I have a couple - one of the last Honda VFR750FKs and a Triumph T595.
  9. stats007

    Any Bremont lovers out there ?

    How is that anything like the Bremont apart from the mildly comedy numerals?
  10. stats007

    Song Titles Game

    Faith - George Michael
  11. stats007

    Song Titles Game

    Little Wing - SRV
  12. stats007

    Song Titles Game

    Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
  13. stats007

    Carriage Clock Gong Bounce

    Can anyone recommend a good clock repairer in the UK? I'd love to do it myself but don't have the time and it's probably too expensive for me to bugger up. I had a quote from the only Matthew Norman approved repairer in the UK but it was daft.
  14. stats007

    Song Titles Game

    Stone Free - Gary Moore
  15. stats007

    Fake Watches on Gumtree

    Multiple times - they don't care. I have said it will be sent to Trading Standards next but the advert is still there so probably time to get them involved.

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