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  1. A2orry

    Hello from a newbie

    Working fine welcome to the forum
  2. A2orry

    Another 'What would you buy?' thread

    Are you any closer to the decision .
  3. A2orry

    I just wanted to introduce myself

    Welcome to the forum
  4. A2orry

    What does this mean?

    Charge indicator. Or maybe it's Christmas time.
  5. A2orry

    What does this mean?

    If it was eco drive or solar could be a charge indicator.
  6. What about a nice walking cane embellishment that way you can still touch it. Put it in resin if you don't want to touch it ever again not unless you keep a hammer close by.
  7. A2orry

    Reinvigorating a Collection

    I could actually do that only thing I'm short of is the treasure chest.
  8. A2orry

    Red, Black, or Brown?

    Same as above needs something more modern.
  9. A2orry

    Best TV ad

    Compare the mearcat. IT'S ONLY A FUR WOUND
  10. A2orry

    Reinvigorating a Collection

    I would go a bit further with my dusting them off so to speak. I would have a go at removing eny scratches on the clasps bracelets.rejuvenating cream for eny leather straps.it might help bring your appreciation back for what you have.
  11. A2orry

    Newbie to the Hobby

    Welcome to the forum.
  12. Lovely but what's the 7mins past4 all about just wondering. I'm guessing you just ocd on time keeping.
  13. A2orry


    Yes you are not alone my Seiko gets plenty wrist time and the hands don't even line up properly. It was also the one that got play time today .I removed a shark mesh and put the original bracelet back on.
  14. A2orry

    In the Background

    Should be a Gshock with those trainers.

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