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  1. My new satelite receiver

    Is that just a poncy way of saying PVD? Or is it a different process?
  2. Just arrived last night. GPS, solar powered, ceramic bezel, sapphire glass, some kind of black-coated steel. Lume is real good, time is east to tell at a glance, nit too heavy... my perfect watch (for now)
  3. They named him, used his photo and voice, and one of their defence arguments is he wasn't personally identifiable so it's fair game? The f*ck...
  4. New hobby?

    If my collections & hobbies have taught me anything it's that if you aren't sure whether you need it, you don't need it. The ones you'll really miss are the ones you wouldn't consider selling in the first place.
  5. New Arrival - trip to the Sorting Office

    There was one, hence him removing the image, and me doing the same once the point was shown.
  6. Learn something new every day!
  7. Do they buff out all the incidental little dings & scratches as part of the service? If so then that's a fairly reasonable deal given the price, I suppose.
  8. How often do you wear it though? I can't imagine a daily use watch looking anywhere remotely like brand new after a decade (crystal aside of course), no matter how carefully you looked after it!
  9. New Arrival - trip to the Sorting Office

    I'd recommend not just posting your address in public like that. This is the internet, after all.
  10. I literally started that paragraph you quoted with "To me, ..." as in, when compared specifically against my criteria, then yes it isn't doing its job. I clearly acknowledge it's not the same for others with different opinions. Well, um.... Victory!
  11. I didn't make that 2nd one, just happens automatically. For record-keeping I assume.
  12. "Don't lick glowy things" is a good rule to live by :P
  13. I've got a physics degree with a specialty in medical radiology. Currently work in an optics development lab.

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