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  1. Ipfreely

    Monday wrist attire

    SARB Mondays
  2. Ipfreely

    Friday's here again...

    Trident Fridays
  3. Ipfreely

    Significant Saturday 9th June

    Quite right, excellent piece. I'm just just trying to decide if I want the CW bracelet as well.
  4. Ipfreely

    Significant Saturday 9th June

    Still on the Trident Vintage.
  5. Picked this up yesterday. Absolutely in love currently
  6. Ipfreely

    Thursdays timepiece assortment.

    SARB on perlon today.
  7. Ipfreely

    BH Saturday..... WRUW?

    Alternating between these two. But keeping in the family
  8. Ipfreely

    Saturday 12th May wrist check

    For Seiko Saturday
  9. Ipfreely

    Ye Olde Sunday Thread _ pre 1990.

    Seamaster circa 1959
  10. Ipfreely

    Sssss Saturday !

    Out shopping with the other half today. Debating purchasing a SARB035 tonight to go with the 033
  11. Ipfreely

    Friday Display~ 27th April.

    Tonight it's my grandfather's Omega
  12. Ipfreely

    Saturday 21st April - WRUW

    Took this up the first Munro of the year.
  13. Ipfreely

    Funtime Friday.

    Earthy tones today
  14. Ipfreely

    Thursday timepieces.

    Diver today.

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