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    Hi Folks I am Andy, currently living in Shetland. I have a relatively recent interest in watches, or perhaps a revival of interest. I have no interest in collecting watches, my plan being to own two, one and a spare. I currently own a Seiko 5, a Traser 6500 and an Omega SMPc 300. The Seiko and Traser, both well worn, will be replaced by a diver, but I haven't settled on one yet. Scurfa looks interesting as do some of the Precista watches. Whatever it ends up being, it will be a spare watch, so perhaps digital is not the way to proceed? I don't want to spend a fortune because I don't earn a fortune. I just work part-time, through choice, so everything of any value is hard come by. Perhaps the ideal watch may appear here, although I prefer to buy new.

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