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  1. stdape

    Swiss Movement mark

    I looked through quite a few but no Luck. Hopefully will turn up, so many brands with little info is getting annoying !
  2. stdape

    Swiss Movement mark

    Sorry try again https://www.dropbox.com/s/igk8ofdkvmyfenp/DSCN0422.JPG?dl=0 not sure what went wrong but this one goes
  3. stdape

    Swiss Movement mark

    OK picture of the movement https://www.dropbox.com/s/igk8ofdkvmyfenp/DSCN0422.JPG?dl=0
  4. stdape

    Favorite Disco Number

    None !! Thats when music started to go down hill, along with Punk
  5. stdape

    Repairs......how Much?

    More than the watch is worth of course
  6. stdape

    Swiss Movement mark

    I will do one in the morning, couldnt set camera up too much stuff on there lol.
  7. stdape

    Swiss Movement mark

    I have an old Watch which has the movement stamped with an E with a W below encased within a circle. No dial name. All i can add its 15 Jewels does anyone know what the stamp is?
  8. It has got me curious reading Honour's Topics about Stainless Steel and other Materials and Coatings. Could be handy for dating and giving a timeline. So if anyone interested maybe posting a Watch you may have Vintage/Antique with Case Material/Coating we might be able to get a timeline going, on when they were used
  9. stdape

    Vintage watch WWII - Battle of the Bulge

    Could you take a picture of the movement. Most on here can give you more info with that
  10. Just as i thought i got most thing worked out i find a Watch "TUSAL" i need to open check mainspring and replace if need How do i open these? sent a few picks see if anyone can help https://www.dropbox.com/s/24ernt8sifv3g9q/DSCN0421.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/v3d92v4ob2ob29z/DSCN0420.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/w3w7okodzoxon98/DSCN0419.JPG?dl=0
  11. stdape

    Stainless Steel: Born Modern but Long Arriving

    Maybe some Watch Owners can add dates of their Stainless Steel Watches try and get more idea of Approx date. As not all can be dated not going to be easy but any out there with Dates ?
  12. stdape

    Need help finding good quality Services watch

    They also made pocket watches and seem some in very good condition on e-bay. They are not expensive watches so will not have to pay much
  13. stdape

    Stainless Steel: Born Modern but Long Arriving

    Great information, one queation when was Stainless Steel first used on Watches
  14. stdape

    Restoration right or wrong?

    A valid point, but what if the case is in poor condition, i can understand the dial but even they can replaced with an original if ur lucky to find one. A bit of patina is nice, shows the age but if its totally nackered, flaking if plated etc
  15. stdape

    3 Pocket Watches in need of identification...

    Ah right, that's a possibility any photos of him might give a clue

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